geometric print sweater

how 2 dress like bangtan
  • jin: simple geometric print sweaters and dark skinny pants. spend more time on your hair than on your outfit.
  • yoongi: bare face, massive scarf, massive jacket, skinny jeans, sleek hat, black shoes, eye bags bigger than your scarf and jacket combined.
  • hoseok: tank top, sweatpants, maybe a button down shirt. sponsored by huf. weed print everything.
  • namjoon: you know that one drug dealer at your school who is actually really peppy and nice and outgoing and tries to make friends with everyone and knows you by name? dress like him.
  • jimin: dress like jin but on a smaller scale. add sunglasses. a protein shake is your best accessory.
  • taehyung: roll out of bed and put on a blazer. lick your lips a lot.
  • jungkook: go to the mens section of forever 21 and get every single piece of black and red clothing. add timbs.