geometric clothing


top row:
john lewis cotton face cloth: 3
john lewis geometric face cloth x 2: 4 (2 each)

middle row:
set of pegs: 4.50
smashbox bb cream: 27
benefit they’re real remover: 14.50
benefit they’re real liner: 18.50
benefit dew the hoola liquid bronzer: 22.50
benefit hello flawless foundation: 26.50
benefit big easy bb cream: 28.50
booktopus (holds books open): 5
skinny dip plushie stickers large pack: 10

bottom row:
too faced chocolate bar: 39
urban decay naked: 38.50
urban decay alice in wonderland: 43
nuuna copper notebook: 16
mt washi tape: 3
skinny dip iron on patch: 5

total: £308.50 // $446


Hey guys, due to recently losing my car in a crash and having to buy a new one, I’m adding some stuff to my etsy shop to help pay for all the expenses. I can’t get to work without a car so I really need to make some extra money. I have prints of my own drawings and one of a kind jewelry that I’ve made, and I’ll soon be adding some vintage clothes and candles, if anyone is interested in helping support me by shopping there, or just reblogging this post. Thank you guys so much.


Dawn Clements ( part of Saatchi ‘Paper’ exhibition)

Alongside the simple geometric patterns I’ve found myself making sketches of room settings, focused around fabrics / materials / clothes with geometric patterns / floral patterns - juxtapositions of colour and pattern - want to make large scale paintings of them - still keeping with my usual theme of patch-working bits of paper across the wall and building / spreading the painting across the wall - expansive - on paper again - fragile - disposable - still enjoy doing messier large-scale paper paintings, but like the thought of having a series of more finished canvases too.