geometric building

Building known as “La huevera” (the Egg-cup), León, Spain.

Photo by Carlos Traspaderne with Hasselblad 500 C/M & Ilford film.

Pucker Up

Matt Murdock/ Reader

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Words: 1,447

Summary: You accompany Matt to a gallery opening by none other than Vanessa Marianna, a key pawn in a bigger scheme. With Fisk’s main man, Wesley, on your trail, you never knew your first kiss with Matt would end up like this.

Request: Hello! I was wondering if I could request a matt murdock x reader with the ‘we HAVE to kiss in order to keep our cover and that’s when we realize we actually have feelings for each other welp’ trope? Thank you!

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Author’s note: au-ish where matt didn’t meet vanessa alone in that gallery. also, why did wesley leave a loaded gun on the table?

The stakes are high in this operation. Matt knows he can trust you as much as his own intuition but the nerves don’t settle down.

You managed to snag two tickets to a highly anticipated gallery showing with none other than Vanessa Marianna. Matt had to find out more information about Fisk to lead him to the bigger operation he runs. With a nice tuxedo for him and a black tie dress for you borrowed from a good friend, you two go over the plan in the cab ride over there.

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