geomatrical shapes

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Any tips on how to prevent your poses from being stiff ? Where do you get your inspiration? Xxx

 Haha well, i’m not sure i’m good enough with dynamic posing yet to give advice on this ! But here’s something I thought about :

All I know is that one thing that helped me quite a lot is when I realized that I didn’t need to draw some sort of naked body structure when drawing a character with clothes on. It usually made my poses very stiff because forcing some geomatrical shapes on a body with all those straight lines between articulations that are supposed to make your proportions good and your pose “realistic” prevented me from working properly with the shape languages, the curves and the balance of the figure as a whole. I started using clothing in the structure as well.

This must sound a bit vague so here’s an example with the Eponine I posted yesterday :

The first one is what most “learn to draw characters’ books tells you to do. It’s good if you want to draw realistically with good proportion and all that jazz but honestly I think it just makes you character very stiff and usually prevents you from having a nice shape balance. If you want something to be dynamic, you have to consider the clothes from the beginning. Don’t draw a naked character that you’ll "dress up”.

The second one is what I usually do in the first place. it’s a crap example, but it’s just to show what I mean ; work with curves rather than angles, find the correspondance and interractions between shapes. The clothes help a lot to find landmarks on the character’s proportions.

If you’re into animation of cartoon-ish characters styles, the accurate proportions of a human being aren’t really your purpose. What you need to find is something that looks dynamic and looks balanced without being the image of reality. here, even if I stay with something close enough from human, image, it’s all crap. The tibias are longer than the thighs, the head is too small, the shoulders aren’t placed properly, etc.

 As I said, I’m far from being an expert, so don’t take this too seriously, it’s just how I feel toward the whole stiffness and construction thing. It’s super important to build your characters from shapes, but it doesn’t have to be a goddamn skeleton !

Hope it helps ! xxxx