yuribeletsky Airglow ocean. Majestic view at the colors of the night above Pacific ocean and Atacama desert in Chile. Have a look at this timelapse video. I captured it at Carnegie Las Campamas observatory. The red airglow waves totally dominated the night sky and you can see how they change over the period of few hours. It’s quite remarkable ! Have you seen anything like that ? I hope you’ll enjoy the view ! Music by © Czarek Zieliński. 

the slow pace of geologic time

Title: the slow pace of geologic time
Author: westernredcedar
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply. Aftermath of Bad Coming Out. Unsupportive Parents.
Completed: Yes
Word count: 4258
SummaryJack looks at her and then puts her luggage down and leans in, grabs her into a full-body hug, right there on the sidewalk, holding her so close. She can’t remember when he last hugged her this hard. “He told his parents. About being gay. About us,” he says into her shoulder. “They were awful.”

Most memorable line: “Eric, hearing you say that is my favorite thing in the entire world.”


This is rather neat - in 2015 a couple submarine volcanoes popped out of the ocean to create new volcanic islands. This explorer traveled to one of them for 11 days and was able to videotape the early evolution of this volcanic landscape and capture the beginnings of occupation of the island by plant and animal life.

The Essays that got me into Berkeley: Part 1

PROMPT: Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in many ways: problem solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistically, to name a few. Describe how you express your creative side.
Sitting on my desk in front of me are seven battered Moleskine softcover sketchbooks, each one representing six months of my life in collage, graphs, personal anecdotes, ticket stubs, and thousands of sketches representing thousands of reality-tv obsessions, seasonal decorations, and countless profiles of strangers that I’ve seen in cafes and on trains in the last three years. Not only can I trace my artistic development since my freshmen year, these notebooks also serve as a personal roadmap, tracing the backstory of one [my full name]. Take, for example, sketchbook #7. There is a sticker for a coffee shop in Spokane, Washington affixed to the front and a map of Tahiti’s main island taped to the back. This journal starts in the June before Senior year, continuing on until this very moment. That particular summer was especially tumultuous, with a then undiagnosed mental illness coloring my artwork in chaotic shades of panic, my writing dripping with despair that stumbled into unbridled rage that freefell into hopelessness, leaving me shattered at the bottom of a dismal pit. Really, cheery stuff. But as green watercolor blobs accompanied by white charcoal capsules cut with element number three waltz out of their clear orange bottles and across this depiction of my subconscious, hope emerges. On a slightly less bleak note, #2 contains some portrayal of Jared Padalecki, my favorite actor when I was fifteen, for every day of the year. I was utterly obsessed, given over losing myself in a pop culture oblivion. #4 has more than its fair share of raunchy fanfiction involving Oscar Wilde and Robert Baldwin Ross. My favorite part of #6 is a massive two-page spread that traces the entirety of geological time from the Early Cambrian to the Holocene. Each one is a quantifiable reflection of the hundreds of different people that I have been in the last four years.

If you want to come out as nonbinary and you think it’ll take a “long time” for you to do it, that’s completely fine.

A “long time” is very subjective. In the life of a fly, most of what you do takes a lot of time. In geological terms, your entire existence could be less than a blink of an eye.

Come out when, or if, you’re ready. Your time is the only time that matters.

Reach Up, Grab the Chain

Written for @chargetransfer, who asked for Foggy watching Matt at the gym.

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There was a smell at Fogwell’s that rubbed damply against the inside of the windows and lolled out of open doors like a tongue. Inside, the air had a sort of texture, like all the exhales made by all the fighters like Matt–grunts of exertion, cries of victory, sighs of defeat–never quite dissipated, but hung thickly around in the rafters.  

Foggy had a lever-arch binder open on his lap, a pen in one hand, and an empty paper coffee cup balanced on the face-down pages. He was before a judge in a measly three days, and his trial strategy amounted to little more than pointing at the rich douchebag suing their client, his former housecleaner, and saying, “asshole say what?” So while Matt hit the heavy-bag, Foggy did some legal heavy-lifting.

Foggy had a weird relationship with Matt’s gym time. On the one hand, it took him away from the office and made their respective workloads ever more imbalanced. There were days Foggy didn’t even go to the bathroom because the hits kept coming, and Matt somehow made time to exercise. On the other hand, it helped keep Matt alive when he was out on the streets. It was work–just not billable work.

On yet another (possibly mutant) hand, while it was good for Matt’s continued health and well-being, it was terrible for Foggy’s because it was 3D, surround sound, high-definition, hardcore porn.

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ok so.  the top of my platy tank is entirely duckweed right now.  and im not just talking about a single layer of duckweed floating nicely on the surface of the water, with all its little duckweed roots hanging down.  oh, no.  if only my problems were as simple as that.

there is an enormous, fluctuating mass of green on the surface of my platy tank.  it is about an inch thick, and if you look closely you can see that at any given spot there are three or four layers of individual duckweed plants piled on top of each other, like some kind of slimy, aquatic lasagna.  like you could analyze the geologic time scales of my tank by drilling into this shit.  also, it isnt stationary.  every time the filter spits out an odd bubble, or a fish thinks a piece of duckweed is food and tries to eat it, the whole thing shakes and ripples and thrashes around until it finally settles.  and sometimes it doesnt settle.  sometimes when its angered, it keeps spinning endlessly.  the entire mass shifts, helpless fry are swept away in the turmoil, and a voice roars out from the duckweed, “WHO HAS DISTURBED ME????” 

so yeah.  i really need to get rid of some of this duckweed.

  • It is 1 am, the chat is deserted and quiet. A blonde girl with red glasses steps out of the shadows and only says : “I have an idea”
  • Yet another After Aleph tale is posted. It was already ongoing when you first arrived. You feel in your guts it will still be going long after you’re gone
  • It is midnight. Drama is brewing. The Knights are at the gates. The ghosts of long inactive mods gather and sharpen their claws for the bloodshed to come
  • A new canon is launched. You snicker, looking at the piles of corpses of long abandoned canons. “This place is where writing projects come to die”, you think
  • Someone mentions Agent Agriculteur. Admins fondly remember their first kill. Stories of old times are shared
  • A new After Aleph tale is posted. You faintly remember the last time one was published. It was long ago. You start too feel that the writers rythm of work should be scaled in geological times
  • You have finished your first translation work. You gather the courage to open a thread on the forum. You hope the legends about the guardian aren’t true
  • Turns out they are true. With a tired look they look down on you and utter the words : “Don’t you ever dare submit that piece of shit kind of work again”. You won’t dare
  • Someone mentions Xama or Mortarion. The staff erupts in mad cackling
  • You hear of Marcus. The staff speaks of him with respect. He’s long gone, but you feel like he could still pop on site to ban you
  • Tyzone is on the chat. You make a wish
BTS as things my family has said in our group chat

Seokjin: I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, a cheeseburger and curly fries for lunch, and a chicken quesadilla and carrot cake for dinner

Yoongi: I’m glad I don’t have many Facebook friends

Hoseok: I’m too happy right now. You can’t hurt me

Namjoon: “The effect is of movement and stillness, human time and geologic time, collapsed” 

Jimin: I love the sky, don’t you just love the sky, cause I just love the sky

Taehyung: Dogs are superior to humans and every other creature on earth

Jungkook: I still have to take two math classes *crying emoji* *skull emoji* *coffin emoji*

Six last things

1. The last paper newspaper. The Morning Afternoon, hot off the presses in 2181. So hot off the presses in fact that it was on fire. A micro focus group study revealed that being on fire was actually a highly profitable business in 2181, a year which had got snot on all its best things and made them damp. The presses were closed down and converted into a fire factory, which was a pity because nearly everything was on fire by 2182. But by then the paper was gone.

2. The last desk: interestingly, this is the Resolute desk, currently resident in the Oval Office. Having escaped the unpleasantness in 2179 only mildly singed, it was preserved for a twitchy nation via an advanced plastination technique. Then, when the world was under threat of That Thing, you know, nudge, That Thing, it ended up in the Denali vault with the Antikythera Mechanism and the Winged Victory of Samothrace and a flaky copy of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Lorenz’s The Selfie. And after all that the vault got lost and made its own journey in geological time past humanity’s later foibles, until it was at last thrust up out of the bare rock in the convulsions of an equatorial earthquake. There was an energetic rainstorm and it bobbed off into the ocean where it later sank. The sea had a good go at remaking life out of the accidentally-plastinated DNA of at least six presidents, but the results were not promising.

3. The last argument (translated): You hold it! No, you hold it! No, you.

4. The last book: technically, I suppose, the bible on board the Rand, a neoliberal space cruiser which was tragically elected from orbit by unplanned-for market forces. The ship, which ended up on a heading towards a particularly empty quadrant of space, also contained the last toupee and the last pickled onion.

5. The last fart noise. Actually only fifteen seconds before the final collapse of the Universe. It was the result of density fluctuations in infalling matter. There was nobody there to hear it; in fact, the density and temperature of the Universe at that point did not really admit of the existence of things like ears. So it wasn’t very funny.

6. The last pen. This is more of an evolutionary process. What is a pen? Does it have to be held in a hand and write on paper in ink? What if it were to write on a screen? Or on the fabric of artificial reality? What if it were not ink, but lightly oiled bitcoin matter? Or DNA-transference medium? What if it were held in a spinal cradle, or welded to the user’s fulcrum? What if instead of writing it were to blow small bubbles from time to time? What if it lived in a cave and ate gerbils? All these and more are pertinent questions regarding the future of pens. Disregard them at your peril.


By José C. Cortés on @ryuukibart

Group: Neoceratosauria

Classification: Cellular Life, Archaea, Proteoarchaeota, Eukaryota, Unikota, Opisthokonta, Holozoa, Filozoa, Metazoa, Eumetazoa, Planulozoa, Bilatera, Nephrozoa, Deuterostomia, Chordata, Craniata, Vertebrata, Gnathostomata, Eugnathostomata, Teleostomi, Euteleostomi, Sarcopterygii, Rhipidistia, Tetrapodomorpha, Eotetrapodiforms, Elpistostegalia, Stegocephalia, Tetrapoda, Reptiliomorpha, Anthracosauria, Batrachosauria, Cotylosauria, Amniota, Sauropsida, Eureptilia, Romeriida, Diapsida, Neodiapsida, Sauria, Archosauromorpha, Archelosauria, Archosauriformes, Crurotarsi, Archosauria, Avemetatarsalia, Ornithodira, Dinosauromorpha, Dinosauriformes, Dinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda, Neotheropoda, Averostra, Ceratosauria

Definition: The clade of the most recent common ancestor of Ceratosaurus and Carnotaurus, and all of that most recent common ancestor’s descendants. 

Organisms Within: The clades Ceratosauridae and Abelisauroidea

Time Range: Given this is another node-based clade, we can only guess at when the earliest member of this group evolved. Since earliest known Abelisauroids are from the earliest portion of the Middle Jurassic, it stands to reason that the earliest Neoceratosaur had to evolve before this; the best guess at such is shown below. 

Characteristics: This group contains all the more derived members of Ceratosauria, and they remained as weird and strangely diverse as their less derived relatives. The bulk of this group included the Abelisauroids, which ranged from the huge and tiny-armed Carnotaurus to the small and fast Noasaurids. 


Neoceratosaurs were relatively medium-sized predators or smaller during the Jurassic; however, the later Abelisaurids that would inhabit mostly the Southern Hemisphere got very large and often were at the top of the food chain in their environments. 

By Jack Wood on @thewoodparable

The beginning members of this group would probably have had some feathers, though as Abelisauroids evolved, the derived Abelisaurids primarily lost their fluffy covering. Furthermore, Ceratosaurids probably had osteoderms along their back, though this says nothing about the Noasaurid group, which were primarily small and thus probably retained their feathers. 


Biogeography: It is very uncertain where Neocreatosauria originated, given that Ceratosaurs were very widespread and Neoceratosaurs were also; early members of Abelisauroidea are not helpful, either, as they are fairly widespread. As such, it is unlikely it will ever be determined where this group first evolved. 

Posts about Ceratosauridae and Abelisauroidea to come soon.


Shout out goes to @vikingstar!

Marie Tharp (1920-2006) was an American geologist and oceanographic cartographer who, with Bruce Heezen, created the first scientific map of the entire ocean floor. Tharp’s work revealed the presence of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and revolutionized scientific understanding of continental drift.

Heezen collected data for research purposes and Tharp used his information to compile their physiographic diagrams. During this process, she confirmed previous predictions when she made an important discovery: a rift on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Tharp’s visual interpretations of the sea-floor data contributed to the reintroduction of continental drift theory and the 1960s geological revolution. At a time when most women were excluded from scientific careers, Tharp, initially a research assistant, succeeded in this competitive arena.

Tharp and Heezen published their first physiographic map of the North Atlantic in 1957. Collaborating with the Austrian landscape painter Heinrich Berann, they published their map of the entire ocean floor in 1977. Although for a time Heezen favored the expanding Earth hypothesis, under Tharp’s direction he turned to the alternative theories of plate tectonics and continental drift.

sometimes i start thinking about ‘deep time’ and i get almost vertiginous.

not even geologic time-scales! or cosmic time-scales! just human time-scales!

but there is more time between the rise of agriculture/people in catal hoyuk and the pyramids than there is between the pyramids and now

there is more time between the domestication of the dog and catal hoyuk than there is between the founding of that settlement and now

there is more time between the first anatomically modern humans and the domestication of the wolf than there is between dogs and now

those people who lived 5000, 12,000, 40,000, 120,000 years ago (and even well before) they were people, with inner lives and hopes and fears and dreams and if you took one of them as an infant and plopped them into 2016 society they’d grow up tech-savvy and fluent in fucking internet memes because biologically/mentally they’re identical to current people

the overwhelming majority of human history- just talking about h. sapiens sapiens here for the sake of argument though pre-sapiens homonids were likely also ‘people’ in very real and significant ways -we all lived and died in small bands, told stories, cooperated, fought, muddled along

then some clever asshole(s) figured out ‘hey the place where we keep throwing those waste seeds sure is growing a whole lot of edible plants. HMMMM’ and things started changing.



like, okay, i can wrap my head around ‘humanity is a blip on the earth’s time scale’. An even smaller blip on the cosmic scale. But to a mere mortal shmuck, humanity itself, the tiniest most insignificant blip on the cosmic radar, is vast

fucking agriculture is at best a tenth of human history. cities? More like a twentieth

just… whoa

Humanity’s impact on the Earth is now so profound that scientists declare a new geological epoch – the Anthropocene

Nuclear tests, plastic pollution and domesticated chickens: welcome to the Anthropocene. 

Thanks to striking acceleration of carbon dioxide emissions, sea level rise, the global mass extinction of species, and the transformation of land by deforestation and development, experts argue we’ve created a new slice of geological time. 

Here’s how we fit into the planet’s whole timeline: