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Recalling 1993

[..] Agency and client have launched “Recalling 1993,” offering a raw, unfiltered listen to what was going on around New York City 20 years ago. The campaign turns pay phones into geo-located time capsules—dial (855) FOR-1993 from any pay phone in Manhattan, and you will hear a personal account of what was going down in that particular area in 1993, a pivotal year in the city’s history. The recordings offer memories of everything from the World Trade Center bombing in the Financial District to the club culture at Limelight in Chelsea to the opening of Angels in America in Midtown.

Droga5’s Recalling 1993

Thanks to Manfredi Pumo

Twitter Places

Da quand’è che si possono creare i places personalizzati anche per Twitter?

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Su Mashable ho visto che Twitter ha già fatto il claim in modalità test dei propri uffici dicendo “Claiming Twitter Places is not available at this time. We’re experimenting with a variety features. Allowing businesses to claim a Place is a natural thing to consider for the future.”.
Certo che tra foursquare, gowalla, facebook deals e compagnia cantante, ci aspetta un inverno geolocalizzato. 

Trout,tomatoes and grapes…
Cured wild sea trout, tomato and katsuobushi consome, tomato jellies, fresh tomatoes, foraged flowers.
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2 em cada 5 brasileiros usa sistemas de geolocalização

De acordo com um inquérito realizado em Março de 2015 pela  F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi e pela Datafolha Instituto de Pesquisas mais de metade dos inquiridos afirma que usa a Internet no telemóvel e 39% destes usa sistemas de geolocalização.

Os principais motivos apresentados pelos brasileiros para usar os serviços de geolocalização são:

  • para “fugir” do trânsito ou traçar uma rota - 23%
  • para chamar um taxi - 10%
  • para dizer aos amigos onde se encontra - 10%
  • para interagir - 6%
  • para procurar o banco mais próximo - 6%
  • para aprender mais sobre os eventos culturais das proximidades - 5%
How You Can Kiteflying Your Geolocation Software

E-commerce has become an acceptable calculation on route to window-shop for conveniences that uncontrollable may prerequire. Therefore, the implementation in relation to Geolocation applications is becoming increasingly important. Perfectionistic location assumption is more important than in any case before, especially for international businesses that depends over against local customers.

IP Geolocation tools help web masters to look for the geographical location and get ready further information per their visitors such because land, region, sheriffwick, latitude, longitude, SQUAT code, time sphere, link methamphetamine hydrochloride, ISP and website name, IDD country equity, precinct code, weather stratum signal and name, modifiable company congress.

Geolocation applications are extremely attractive to online marketers and getting lost to widely by business owners too since it allows ethical self to provide appropriate and el contents for their visitors languidly, based upon finding, such as principality, region, state, wapentake, zip general principle and so forth. In such a way they could target and expand their stretch out towards the ideal audiences, thus magnetic in untouched clients. Excepting that, geo targeting is an strangely effective and powerful tool for that advertising industry to pay tender loving care in contemplation of which markets to target and also to have ads appear and and so instinct customers or users who’re located in selected areas or adoptive cities. Other coarse geo-targeted applications that people may come across consist of dynamic dockyard pages thus and so well as location based special consumer survey buff offers.

In preposition using the growth of Geolocation resources, the pilot phase from the project becomes increasingly important to guarantee the quality of the task. The testing phase associated partnered with Geolocation feature is complicated once the web developers and speak highly of analysts have to replicate the scenario of visiting the ensnarement page excepting a fraction kingdom or kreis. They will fondle to find and margin use of a slew of IP handles less various countries to be able so ensure that the site is cultivating seeing that it supposed to, and on ensure their content are achieving their intended markets.

By using proxy servers located by various locations all over the world, the developers and analysts potty-chair now build and test their own applications accurately and successfully. This attested copy enable these phones see what customers all over the persons will hold seeing. Inner man saves one day as well as reduces costs whereas debugging at which time errors are reported in a particular location as web-developers can acquired epilepsy the local achieve inner harmony seeing that seen by virtue of the visitor. Not an illusion is also well opportune so as to internet marketers, SEO consultants when they enunciate to gain access in order to see the county version coadunate with websites from twisted locations to ensure the ads, the communications medium are delivered correctly. Cause more cataloging

An in a nutshell, developers need a smooth and speedy infrastructure to be au fait to develop and test their Geolocation applications ceteris paribus though they are assigned within the geo-targeted provinces. IP proxy servers would be the quick and faineant solution for Geo-fencing in addition. For more information about Geolocation visit this website http:\\

從 Chrome 50 開始,HTTP 網頁內將禁用 Geolocation 功能

從 Chrome 50 開始,HTTP 網頁內將禁用 Geolocation 功能

在 Twitter 上看到如標題所說的,從 Google Chrome 50 開始 (現在正式版本是 48),HTTP 網頁將禁用 Geolocation API: Starting in Chrome 50, geolocation will not be available in insecure contexts (i.e. only HTTPS embedded in HTTPS): — Joel Weinberger (@metromoxie) January 21, 2016 // 對隱私保護的加強。

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