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I really wish I didn’t have to work at Lowe’s Mon. - Fri. It’s 4:08 am and i’m up again researching data and lingo for this conservation easement i’m editing for my other job. I love this job so much that i’ve been working till 4 am almost everyday and getting about 4hrs of sleep each day. Right now I have Netflix’s: National Geographic-Appalachian Trail running in the background, I got Kevin Lynch’s site planning book + a Geography book + … shit i don’t feel like naming all of the books sprawled out on my floor right now. It kinda looks like i’m preparing to write a thesis paper. I’ll go ahead and show  y'all a snippet of what I have edited, bc i already know you all don’t want to see all 10 pages/park descriptions + 300 pics of all 8 parks + gps coordinates/ descriptions I have worked on so far.

What I was given.

“Natural Resources Values:  With the adjacent Wetlands Park, this park is comprised with approximately 4,000 linear feet of riverfront property on the James River, at the beginning of the fall Zone.  River water begins to encounter rapids, picks up speed and attracts birds, fish, and other wildlife. Excellent water access, with several water access areas (non-motorized, ie canoe/ kayak/ tubing) and good wading & swimming.  Large gravel parking lots, a nice park building with classrooms, restrooms, storage, etc.  Abundant pedestrian and biking facilities throughout, benches at nice viewpoints. Network of small paths throughout property, with several good fishing areas, and mostly undisturbed plant and animal communities.  Abundant wildlife ! Natural Heritage resources unknown. ”


Final Edit

Natural Resources Values: With the adjacent Wetlands Park, this park occupies approximately 4,000 linear feet of riverfront property on the James River, at the beginning of the Fall Zone.  This corridor of James possesses a current that flows downstream and generally picks up velocity creating rapids. Within the vicinity the river provides several ideal water access areas used for (non-motorized, i.e. canoe/ kayak/ tubing) wading and swimming. The aquatic landscape habitats a diverse community of birds, fish, and other wildlife. Natural resources along the river transpire into on land recreational opportunities for the abundant of pedestrians who visit this park. On land recreational opportunities include biking, hiking, fishing, and benches for observation. The copious amount of terrain along the river supports undisturbed plant life and animal life. Natural heritage resources have yet to be identified and are listed as unknown.   


Can someone just hire me as full time employee and start me off at 70k, so I work myself up to 100k? God that reminds me I need to apply for 5 ArcGIS jobs this coming week and look at more graduate schools. 

The Amazing Adventures of Lewis and Clark: a musical comedy

The Amazing Adventures of Lewis and Clark: a musical comedy

A musical comedy about an epic journey. Join these undaunted adventurers as they travel up the Missouri and down the Columbia Rivers. Sit in as Lewis and Clark hold council with numerous Native…

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I READ A BOOK: ‘Barrier Between’ by Stacey Marie Brown

Hello guys!

As usual very fashionably late but here I am!

You should actually compliment me because being late means I’ve been studying and that is a GOOD thing even if makes me feel like I’m crap LOL

Without further ado…

This book is the 2# in the ‘Collector’ series, a New Adult, Urban Fantasy series about fae that takes place first in Seattle and then takes a little vacation to…MACHU PICHIU. (Hope I wrote it right, geogrphy it’s not ma thinggggggg.)

My ratings: 5/5 stars.

I’m not giving you the plot I’m jyst sending you back to my review about the 1# book City in Embers and you can see what you need to know.

I loved this book and read it in something like 2 days (considering I had to take a lot of breaks for studying that tells you how much I wanted to read it).


-characters development: the book picks up from where left in the first installament and the events flow well, the plot is linear and the characters acts in a way that felt right to me. NO RUSH.

-sexual tension: KEEPS GOING STRONG. This is NA, so YES, I wanted a bit of action and it was well delivered! I wanted quality and I got it. This was not herotica and that’s good because that is not was this book is about but…WELL, thanks the Gods for RYKER. 




-CROYGEN (WOOOoooooO! New Character…Love the Pirate!)

-The ending. GOD the ending.

-THE TRIANGLE GOT SHATTERED. Guys, you may have noticed…not a fan of triangles here…and this one? DESTROYED. Oh the Glory! But it gave us good drama till it lasted…and that is good too.


-Ryker/Zoey. I kind of like that the author at this point doesn’t just throw out of the window all the issues they had in the first book (SPOILER: the whole human/fae thing, the fact that Ryker has a gf somewhere, the fact that Zoey has Ryker’s powers…AND OH MY GOD SHIT GOES DOWN FOR THAT LAST ONE!)

-The pace: first 250 pages of the book are centered on the characters and partuculary on Ryker and Zoey. Yes, this is the LOVE part…and it’s part of the story so get off me, guys, if you read NA you know this always comes and frankly I fangirled all the time!

-After the middle the cast gets wider (2 new characters)

-There was not that much Spring and that hurts my heart, really.

.THE PINING. I’m not really a fan normally, but this was well played and made sense AND was not exaggerated! 


-a “bloody hell and now how do you think you are coming out of this mess” face;

-a “I need the next book like right now” face;

-a “where the freak is the date for next book pubblication” face;

-a “I need my own brooding fae worrior” face;

The answers are: No Idea, Hell yea, No Idea, Hell yea.


I already told you guys, this is not high literature, so when you remeber it.

This is a second book and for definition is in the middle: things happen, the first book gets closure and you open up a new plot line for book 3#.

So yea, that sensation of “…and now?” at the end it’s natural. Remember that too.

This was a good second!


The Bone Season, by Samantha Shannon,1# in “The Bone Season” series (?);

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop, 2# in “The Others” series (currently reading)

Sandstorm by James Rollins, prequel to the “Sigma Force” series (currently reading);

…there could be more, nothing is certain in the world.

bye Guys!