geogre zimmerman

The slander of trayvon martin

Yes, I was going to make a post about Trayvon Martin, because I am passionate about this case and I am also educated enough not to blame it all on race. As I was going to look for a picture on Google I come across so much ridiculous slander I want to cry 


This is the shit I see!! Now it wasn’t that I was upset that these were up there but it was the websites they were on. The websites that are slandering Trayvon Martin, calling him a punk, using his tweets to demonize him. The amount of people who we bashed him for smoking weed, calling him a drug addict. A drug dealer, a thug, gang banger etc. WHY ARE WE SLANDERING THE VICTIM??? I wrote a editorial for my school news paper about this a couple months ago, the amount of slander Trayvon got even before the trial was vomit worthy.  Rush Limbaugh compared him to the Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Im watching Frank Taffe ask Miss Ali on the HLN panel to bring him “Arizona ice tea and  skittles” that is not okay. This is not okay. I don’t even care is George Zimmerman is convicted or not JUST STOP. Does no one care that he was 17? Walking home in the god damn dark? Wouldn’t you be fucking scared if someone was following you in the dark. I would be scared as shit, Trayvon died scared out of his mind. And while I said I know this has nothing to do with race, people sure as hell seem pretty damn racist. Lolo Jones compared a witness, the last person to talk to Trayvon , to Meada Tyler Perry’s ghetto matriarch character. People are really fucked up, I could live with Lolo’s comment, but can we not mock the dead, the dead who shouldn’t even be dead. Whatever the verdict is I don’t care anymore but let Trayvon rest, this is too much. 

Rest easy,Trayvon <3