I miss old Fall Out Boy song titles

So I made my own

Irresistible: I Failed My Geography Exam But My Professor Gave Me Extra Credit (The Credit Is Sex)

American Beauty / American Psycho: A Spoonful of Medicine Helps The World Go Down

Centuries: We’ll Grow Old Together in The Light Of Birth

The Kids Aren’t Alright: Jumping Out Of Airplanes With Ripped Parachutes

Uma Thurman: The One About That Movie You Saw Once And Got Really Confused

Jet Pack Blues: It’s Not A Fashion Statement Mom. This is Who I Am.

Novocaine: I Pledge My Allegiance To The State Of Hypocrisy 

Fourth Of July: Sometimes I Feel Like A Plastic Bag, Drifting Through you.

Favorite Record: Raise Your Hand If You’ve Ever Been Personally Victimized By Pete Wentz

Immortals: Mr. Sandman Showed Me His Beam And Now I Can’t Sleep

Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC): One Time I Was Launched Out Of A Hotel Window (Why Was Travie At My Funeral?)


26/10/15 - 17/100

Made notes for biology and geography on my ipad. I used the app paper, I don’t know if it’s also for android. Today was not a very productive day. It was not completely my fault, there were a lot construction workers in our house and there was so much noise. Also I’m a bit terrified for my test week in about two days. I have spent so much time on studying, but it doesn’t feel like I really know everything, do you know what I mean?
Right now I can’t do anything about it, just study according my study schedule, so I will know after I got my grades, if it was successful or not. I just want to get better grades than last year, (when I failed almost every class).

How are you? 🤓💕🦄


Fun History Fact,

The Treaty of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War, defined a part of the border between British Canada and the United States as "through Lake Superior northward of the Isles Pontchartrain and Phelipeaux to the Long Lake.“

In 1820 the treaty had to be revised when a new survey revealed that the isles Pontchartrain and Phelipeaux didn’t exist.
Gigi Hadid's Come Under Fire After Making This Rather Embarrassing Mistake About Zayn
They've been dating for a year now, so you'd think Gigi would know this fact...

14 October 2016, 11:32

They’ve been dating for a year now, so you’d think Gigi would know this fact…

When you’ve been dating someone for 12 months, you would hope you know them pretty well, right?

You may not have been together for 25 years and shared half your lives together, but you should really know the main things about your other half.

Well in a recent interview with Gulf Magazine, Gigi Hadid made a claim about Zayn that was wildly incorrect and no one can deal with it.

Talking about her own heritage, Gigi was quoted as saying, “When someone comes up to me and they tell me, ‘I’m Palestinian’ and we make a connection, it’s beautiful.”

[Zigi pic]

But then she drops the bombshell that has caused such a huge reaction online…

“My boyfriend is also half-Middle-Eastern. It’s just a connection that you make that’s really cool. It’s hard to explain but you feel like you’re amongst [your] people.”

Hang on Gigi.

Did you just say that your boyfriend aka Zayn Malik is half-Middle Eastern?

Well it looks like you’ll have to explain that 'connection’ in some other way as Zayn’s heritage is definitelty not half Middle-Eastern.

Zayn’s mum is English with Irish heritage and Zayn’s dad is British Pakistani, plus the singer grew up in Bradford, so we’re not spotting the Middle Eastern link here.

Pakistan is very much in Asia, not the Middle East, so considering that Gigi is “half Middle-Eastern” herself, we’re pretty surprised she’d make this error.

Fans have been very vocal about Gigi’s embarrassing mistake…

We’re guessing Gigi’s Geography teacher is cringing right about now!
Vancouver loses top spot on most liveable city list

This, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Global liveability survey. Melbourne, Australia outscored Vancouver by 0.3 percentage points after Vancouver was docked 0.7 points for transportation issues, in particular recent closures of what the Economist Intelligence Unit described as the “key Malahat Highway”.  The editor of the survey, one Jon Copestake of the EIU, is quoted as saying:

The Malahat Highway, despite the fact that it’s not in central Vancouver, but it’s obviously in the broader region… that was seen as the best example to use.

For reference:

External image

Note that the Malahat is located on the other side of the Georgia Strait, a convenient 90 km from Vancouver as the crow flies, and from a driving standpoint is roughly 3-½ hours away including a 95-minute ferry crossing.

This sort of in-depth analysis of a city’s liveability is clearly worth the US$265 the EIU charges for its profile of each city in the survey.