jeff/annie appreciation week – day two: best j/a season arc

“When you feel the way I feel about you–.”


Here’s our next post! This is essentially everything you need to know about geology and geography in a nutshell, minus erosion. Next up is my favorite: making believable life forms! *SQUEEEE!!!*
Below are a BUNCH of links regarding what we’ve discussed above. Hopefully these, as well as the comic, can get your ideas pumping! Thanks for checking it out, and happy worldbuilding!

Seasons on other Planets:

Worldbuilding Society:
Simulating Continental Drift:

Plate Tectonics Explained:
How tall can mountains be?:
Why are Deserts?:
Why Rivers have Deltas:
Why Rivers Curve:
Why are Clouds?:
Rain or Rainforest?:


A couple more shots of Gros Morne (the mountain) from the car window while driving The Runner and The Optometrist to the airport. Gros Morne is the mountain we hiked around a couple days ago. It’s made up of really sharp rocks that were left untouched as the glaciers moved through during the ice age. It’s also home to the most-southern Arctic landscape.

According to Hanna-Barbera, Holland is...

1. A place where giant apes ride on windmills

2. A place where tulips shake like an earthquake for no reason

Wow, I can’t understand why the Hanna-Barbera Geography 101 course never caught on….