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Fun Fact 144

Australia is found on the world’s fastest moving continental plate and the entire country moves around 7 cm (2.7 inches) north every year. In the last 50 years Australia has had to update the coordinates of everything in the country four times to keep up with changes resulting from continental drift. At the start of 2017, Australia again updated its coordinates to move the entire country 1.8 meters (6 ft) north to realign GPS coordinates.

Here’s a selection of Massachusetts towns invented by a neural network.

To add a bit of a twist this time, I’ve also thrown one real Massachusetts town into the list as well, because it was included in the neural network’s output. Can you identify it without cheating and checking Wikipedia?

  • Prankic
  • Fallhard
  • Mockton
  • Dudefirle
  • Belchertown
  • Brewstork
  • Wrang
  • Duster
  • Hanesbury
  • Bestharp
  • Newford
  • Chilmont
  • Handingham
  • Stewhaver
  • Bycket
  • Hollington
ID #48521

Name: Bianka
Age: 17
Country: Romania

Hello! Soo, umm, I am really bad at describing myself but I really want to find myself a penpal so…here I go! I am Bianka from Romania, a country not most people know about, but I can guide anyone through it. I am a dog ethusiast, I love animals in general, but no, I am not vegan, though I wish I could pull something like that off. I can’t. I can be a fun person, I love good sense of humor and I love memes and good jokes. I love being friendly, I love when people open up to me and I really aspire to have long, deep conversations. I am not a judgy kind of person, I love knowing random stuff about people and their experiences.
I have two sisters, one is older and one is younger. In highschool I am specialized on philology, meaning less math and more languages, history, geography. In the future I wanna study norwegian or swedish at college and maybe move out of the country, travel as much as possible.
I love TV shows a lot. Some of my favourite ones are : Sense8, Breaking Bad, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, How to get away with murder, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Suits, CSI:NY, The mentalist and a lot more. My favourite artists are : Halsey, Years&Years, The neighbourhood, MO, Tove Lo and a lot more. ( I love listening to music and also memorizing all the lyrics to all my favourite songs… not weird ).
I really really want to create a strong connection with someone sooo, I am open and I can’t wait to find my pen-mate! Yay.

Preferences: I think I would be more comfortable with a guy, but if that’s not possible it’s okay! I don’t mind if it’s not.


what do i say help

Hey! My name is Ayana and I’ve had this account tucked away for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to make an introduction post!

I’m in ninth grade (freshman year of high school) and I am thirteen years old. I’m from India and I am trilingual (English, Hindi and Punjabi)(even though i’m not the greatest at hindi and punjabi). I’ve been trying to learn Japanese too! (i want to watch Yuri on Ice without subtitles). 

I am a Ravenclaw and according to most tests I’ve taken I’m either a daughter of Athena or Apollo. I’m learning how to play the guitar and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had.

I’m really into kpop *cough*this is supposed to be about your productive side Ayana*cough* and I absolutely ADORE reading anything that has a storyline. (who am I kidding I’d read a toothpaste tube’s ingredients)

I really enjoy Maths and Science, but my Social Science(History, Civics and Geography), while fun, is challenging for me to learn for tests. My Hindi REALLY needs some work and I can’t wait till eleventh grade where I can choose my stream.

I’m not the most artsy person so even though I enjoy doodling in my bujo to make it look nice I’m afraid I’m not studyblry enough but I’ll try my best!

And now I’m going to tag all the studyblrs that have inspired me:

@studyblr @sirius-studying @halseystudy @hufflepuffwannabe @obsidianstudy @iprocrastinatedib @calligr4phy @grangergrades @studyeols @studyquill @lemonscholar @studytherin @studyign @emmastudies @athenastudying @studybystarlight


The Roshar Project

The Alethi Princedoms 

Alethkar is the largest and most prominent of the five Vorin nations on Roshar. It is split into ten princedoms, each with its own highprince.

Fun Fact 80

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was not colonised by Europe. In the Thai language the country is called Prathet Thai, which translates to something similar to “land of the free”. 

Sixteen more towns across the United States that do not actually exist, but probably ought to exist according to a neural network:

  • Village Knord, AL
  • Mallsport, NH
  • Heatchus, PA
  • Tray, SD
  • Maqualand Beach, FL
  • Ferra Ridga, KY
  • Hixton Ispent, FL
  • Grand Mans, TX
  • Warnester, NY
  • Yurlil Park, CA
  • Yuckys, NM
  • Edgewicutc, WI
  • Del Lake Prairies Lakes-Hiddle, MS
  • Cheatacks, PA
  • Manafayockatowkes, FL
  • Vampairia, IN


Zone word #77
Lighthouse: well known places such as old motels and warehouses throughout the zones that act somewhat like a safe house, offering shelter to those on the run and sometimes food when it can be spared

“There’s a lighthouse just a few miles north of here, I think you’ll be safe there for the night”

Special Instructions

For the anon who asked if I could write them some fluffy Destiel that somehow incorporated The Great Gatsby. [read on AO3]

The first time Cas sees Dean Winchester’s name it’s on the receipt for an online order. One double steak burrito with extra cheese, pinto beans and just a drizzle of hot salsa. He works almost on autopilot, scooping out the correct portion sizes and trying to keep his eyes away from the line, which nearly wraps around the drink station. It’s always stressful to work on online orders when the customers in the store are getting impatient. Cas rolls the burrito deftly and he’s about to deposit it into a bag when he notices the special instruction section of the receipt.


Cas does a double take at the words. Usually people abuse that section of the order form to ask for extra guacamole or meat because the system won’t charge them automatically. Occasionally he sees someone request light cheese or beans as a side so their burrito doesn’t get soggy, but he’s never, in his four months working here, seen someone ask for this.

He glances up again and sure enough, the line is still growing. He sees girls shifting uncomfortably in their high heels, dressed to the nines in short sequined dresses. He can actually smell the alcohol wafting off most of the people in the store and, for the millionth time, he regrets agreeing to work the Friday closing shift. He doesn’t know why he reaches for the marker, he’s way too busy to be dealing with this shit, they’re completely understaffed and the unwashed masses are murmuring unhappily but Cas sets to work anyway.

He pauses, the tip of his Sharpie just barely hovering over the foil wrapping as he contemplates what to draw. It’s a split second decision to go with the bumblebee, but he doesn’t regret it until he starts sketching it out. The curvature of the burrito makes the drawing difficult and when he’s finished he’s only pretty sure it looks like a bee, so he draws an arrow to it and helpfully writes ‘bee’, just in case there is confusion. As an afterthought he adds a little speech bubble coming from the bee that says ‘Enjoy your food!’.

Castiel glances at the name on the receipt again and finds himself wondering if Dean Winchester likes bees.

The first time Cas hears Dean’s voice, it’s just laughter. He isn’t even on the assembly line at the time but his friend Balthazar is working the cash register and calls him up from the back.

“It seems this is for you,” Balthazar hands him an online receipt with a smirk and Castiel furrows his brows in concern. They’ve got another order from Dean Winchester. It’s the same ingredients, but this time he’s ordered a burrito bowl. Cas’s eyes immediately flick to the instructions.


Cas doesn’t know why he’s fighting a smile, he knows nothing about this person. Well alright, he knows they appreciate his, ahem, artwork…if it can even be called that. And of course, he knows that Dean has nothing better to do with his Friday and Saturday nights than order almost the same food online. Then again, Cas has nothing better to do than be at work, and he’s pretty sure there’s something there about people in glass houses and stones…

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Fun Fact 140

The Japanese word for Japan is 日本, which is pronounced Nihon or Nippon in Japanese, and translates to “the origin of the sun”. The English use of the word “Japan” actually comes from Chinese pronunciations of 日本: Zeppen in the Shanghainese dialect or Japun in the Fukienese dialect.

find-me-at-ebonblades  asked:

What tips do you have for formulating a campaign? Do you prefer pre-made modules or home few?

Pre-made adventures or campaign settings are only useful if A) they’re easier/faster than coming up with something yourself would be, or B) you have a lot of free time to read a game book and memorize all of its details.

My advice?

1) Have your first session start with the players waking up in a dungeon you made. No other details, no plot, no story, just “We’re stuck, we need to work together to get out of here”. This way, you don’t need to come up with a whole world before playing your first game. If you have some campaign ideas already, you can pepper them in throughout the dungeon crawl.

Don’t let not having a whole campaign ready to go stop you from playing D&D. Chances are your players won’t care.

2) Take a 8.5x11 piece of paper. You’re gonna use it to make a map.

3) Roll a handful of dice onto the paper. Four d6′s, two d10′s, a d20, and a handful of d4′s work best. Make sure they’re kinda spread out when rolled. If they’re too bunched up, roll them again.

4) Now…each dice and their number rolled corresponds to a location on your map. d4′s are ruins, d6′s are dungeons/strongholds, d10′s are small towns, the d20 is a city. Now you have a bunch of places for your players to go to.

5) The number rolled on each of the dice determines the specific  type of location it is. They break down like so:

Ruins (d4):

  1. A razed village, burned to the ground. 50% chance of their being treasure under some floorboards.
  2. A centuries old elven landmark. 
  3. A centuries old dwarven landmark. Buried treasure.
  4. A broken obelisk of almost alien design. Either portal to another plane, or a camp for important monsters.

Dungeons/strongholds (d6):

  1. Old tomb. Undead.
  2. Basement of ruined castle. 
  3. Abandoned and cursed temple. Weird cultists.
  4. Arcane Tower. Crazy old wizard.
  5. Old Fort. Full of monsters or jerk humans.
  6. Death Trap. Has a lich. Leads down into a bigger megadungeon.

Towns (d10′s): 

Multiply the roll by 20. That’s the population. The roll is also the level of the highest level NPC in that town.

1-3. Agricultural town. Everywhere nearby is good farmland.
4-5. Fishing/trade town. A river runs through the town and through the map.6. Lake town. Same as above, but the town is in the centre of a huge lake. Rivers extend from it.
7. Gate town. Sits at the base of a mountain range. Is a gateway to a mountain pass.
8. Cut-throat town. Full of shady thieves and villains. Basically a town-sized dungeon crawl.
9. Demi-human town. Run by mostly good halflings, dwarves, or elves.
10. Monster town. Town run by monstrous people like orcs, goblins, skeletons, etc.

City (d20):

This is the biggest settlement in the immediate campaign world. It is generally a place the players will want to get to, as it’s the best place to sell treasure, buy dog armour, and get curses removed. The roll x100 is the permanent population, but it’s probably double that with visitors. The roll is also the level of the NPC in charge of that town. If it’s really low, that person is either a simpleton or a child.

1-3. God fearing city. Leader is a theocrat. Magic is treated with more hate than usual. Temples are abundant. Brothels and Festhalls also abundant, but hidden.
4-5. Slum city. Leader is a thief/despot. Collection of shanty-towns. Full of shady characters. Great place to fence goods and buy weird items.
6-8. Villain city. Leader is a campaign villain. She/he keeps the common people downtrodden and will try to exert her/his authority over the players in petty ways. 
9-11. Monarch city. Leader is a noble (viscount, duke, baron, etc). Peace is kept with a town guard. Knights are common and welcomed here. Adventure hooks can be passed down from the monarchy on high.
12.  Ruin city. Leader is a mayor. Buildings are a collection of towers built on top of a much older ruined city. There’s a dungeon below.
13. Magic city. Leader is a magister. Home of a magic college or ruling wizard class. Anything can be bought/sold here. Oddities and strangeness are abundant.
14. Elven city. Leader is a high elf noble. The campaign map is under elven rule. That rule may be waning. Lots of trees, stained glass, dueling in the streets.
15. Dwarven city. Leader is a cabal of dwarven trade concerns. The campaign map is under dwarven rule. That rule may be waning. Partially underground, great armour, maybe lava flows.
16. Halfling city. Leader is a halfling matron. The campaign map is under halfling rule. That rule may be waning. Lots of hills, all the buildings are meant for shorter people, the food is great.
17. Invasion city. Leader is a foreign invader. This native city has been seized by a foreign power and is in the throes of occupation/rebellion. The players can pick a side if they want.
18. Devil city. Leader is a secret devil prince/princess. Clearly full of evil creatures and bad folks. Not hostile, but evil. Trade is great. Brothels are excellent. No non-evil temples.
19. Giant city. Leader is a frost giant prince/princess. The city is built and intended for giant creatures, but open to smaller folk. Trade is ridiculous.
20. Ghost city. Leader is a lich. Built on top of an ancient mausoleum. Ghosts and humans interact normally, using each other for mutual gain. Everything is spooky.

6) Now that you have all your locations, connect them with roads, rivers, and paths. Fill in empty spaces with forests, deserts, coastlines, etc. The types of towns and cities you rolled should dictate the environment.

7) The dungeon that is furthest away from the city is the one your players woke up in. That’s where they start on the map.

8) Come up with names for all the locations. Fill in the details. Adjust to your own tastes. Now you have a ready made campaign world with an implied history and geography. Have fun watching your players systematically dismantle it in the most ridiculous ways possible.

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Fun Fact 151

There are only six countries with continuous borders that span more than one continent. Egypt has territory in both Africa and Asia, and Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are found in both Europe and Asia. Iceland is also regarded as a transcontinental country because it is found on the fracture line between the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates.