lmao my header looks all deep
I’m totally just a really dry person

today in class we were modeling watersheds and flow and stuff
and as per usual everyone was behind and mildly flipping shit because wtf is going on
and the two guys at the end of our row were arguing I just heard “all these maps and you’re still lost”
I almost lost it, I did snort a little
10/10 worth changing majors to geography just for that burn


Fernando Vaz Dourado: Atlas, 1576

This atlas has been attributed to the important Portuguese cartographer, navigator, and illuminator Fernão Vaz Dourado (circa 1520−80), based on similarities between other maps by Vaz and illustrations in this manuscript. Vaz spent his last years in Portuguese Goa (present-day India) and is known to have produced seven brilliantly illuminated sea atlases between 1568 and 1580. His portolan charts belong to a class of late-16th-century cartographic masterpieces, which reflect the period’s rising demand for cartographic works that were both visually impressive and accurate for practical navigation. This atlas, dating from about 1576, consists of 17 illuminated maps, in addition to declination tables and cosmographic rules.