Prefecture in Japan 35 Yamaguchi-ken

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Japan has 47 prefectures.


I’m introducing Japan’s every prefecture and its capital one by one from the north, with some movies.


This time is Yamaguchi prefecture.

〇都道府県(とどうふけん) Prefecture

山口県 [やまぐちけん yama guchi ken] = Yamaguchi prefecture

〇県庁所在地(けんちょうしょざいち) Capital

山口市 [やまぐちし yama guchi shi] = Yamaguchi city

SKY EYE YAMAGUCHI Japanese version ↓

※英語版(えいごばん) English version

山口県萩市(やまぐちけん はぎし) Hagi city in Yamaguchi prefecture ↓

秋芳洞(あきよしどう) Akiyoshido Cave in Yamaguchi prefecture ↓

秋吉台(あきよしだい)サファリランド Akiyoshidai Safari Land in Yamaguchi prefecture ↓

Other prefectures

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Why do we make fun of the fact that so many places in the Middle East have names ending in “-stan”, anyway?

The suffix “-stan” just means “land [of]”.

Do you know how many places in Europe have names that end in “-land”?

England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Finland, Holland, Switzerland, the Netherlands - hell, even Germany’s native moniker is “Deutschland”.

Outside of Europe (and considering only those regions with predominantly white populations), you’ve got Iceland and New Zealand, plus sub-national regions like Queensland (Australia), Newfoundland (Canada), Greenland (part of Denmark), and so forth.

That’s a whole lotta “-land”s.

Bit of a double standard, innit?

16th june 2016 :
[87/100 days of productivity]

taken from my ig: @study.relief // i’ve been a little bored lately and worried about my results, so i’ve taken to doing some extra IB Geography option topics to keep my mind off it and to pretend that i’m still working hard. plus, it helps w/ my university studies 😁 the aftermath of #ibsurvivors amirite?

+ notebook / title / black pen / highlighter ✨✨


07.06.16 {exams}

Pretty happy with how English went this morning, but geography is tomorrow and I’m terrified. But hey let’s just merrily doddle great headers and banners for everything and pretend I’m way more prepared than I really am.

But I’m back in the haven of my family garden and my auntie invited me round to dinner so all is fine.