geographical landforms

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Cafe Asks: jasmine tea & iced cafe mocha :)

Jasmine Tea : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? I think Iceland! It looks really pretty and I’m interested in all the geographical landforms and whatever :)

Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days? Haha to read with a cup of tea and a blanket :) 

Thanks for the questions! :D

A Parent’s Guide to Minecraft

Our guiding principle is that all creative skills are important and our mission is to help people discover the ones that make them passionate.

Many people working in tech today got their start building with LEGO and SimCity. Today there’s Minecraft. Using blocks, kids can build just about anything in a virtual world. It’s being used in classrooms all across the U.S. to help kids discover engineering concepts, geography, architecture, mathematics, as well as critical thinking skills and teamwork. Here’s how:

Build An Epic Base

Kids can explore the fundamentals of architecture by building their own dream home.

Create a Redstone Contraption

An in-game feature called redstone works like real-world electrical circuits and is perfect for showing how electronics work.

Create an Adventure Map

Kids build their own themed game worlds inside Minecraft called adventure maps. They discover variations in landforms, geographical population, and practice their spatial skills.

Host a Minecraft Server

To play with friends on Minecraft, players join servers or make their own! Kids can collaborate on larger projects from roller coasters to Rube Goldberg Machines.

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