geograph seal

Seal on whale

By Robyn Malcolm,

In this photo taken in Australia in September 2015 is seen a seal surfing on the back of a humpback whale. Scientists are not sure what happens after this unusual behavior. It’s possible the seal is just having a good time, says Michael Napier, an animal expert at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Stage 1
Hiroyuki Saegusa
Stage 1

Geograph Seal (X68000), 1994
Hiroyuki Saegusa

An important title in the history of Japanese 3D gaming that I imagine many more people have heard of than played. Before Super Mario 64, before even Jumping Flash!, there was Geograph Seal.

Mr. Saegusa also directed the game, which is not the sort of thing you see outside of very small teams. Endearing.

I love Exact’s UI art. I have a thing for custom fonts.

I don’t love how grainy the X68000 sounds. Oh well.


I feel like my motivation/inspiration for my next game project got a major boost after watching this.