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At SciNote, we believe that science shouldn’t just be reading about the ideas of people with PhDs and Nobel Prizes. We believe that science is an active process of asking questions and finding answers.

That’s why we, at SciNote, want to hear from you. We want to ponder the interesting questions you pose and get excited with you over the cool science you see in your world.

SciNote will feature the best of the Tumblr science community, and we will compile and publish the top posts from every year in the form of a magazine available both digitally and in print. Think of SciNote magazine as the Tumblr science magazine.

We hope to celebrate our launch by featuring some of the coolest science from around Tumblr. So before we launch SciNote, we would like to collect 25 science posts and/or questions from you, including:

  • the most interesting science news you have come across
  • questions you’ve always wanted to ask
  • fascinating facts that you’ve learned
  • pictures of nature and/or science that you’ve taken
  • cool research that you’ve participated in
  • any other science-related thing you’d like to tell us!

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Thank you all and happy science!

geogallery  asked:

12, 189, 193 (I might ask you more, there are so many!)

As much as you’d like to ask I’ll answer (as long as they’re not all at once). :D

12:Thing to cook:

I like baking way more than general cooking. I made a little recipe of like spicy fried tuna. It almost takes like crispy chicken. Most of my cooking is boring. Stuff like noodles and eggs. XD

189:Last book you read:

I think it was ‘The Problem With Physics’ By Lee Smolin. Highly recommended if you want to learn about the history of string theory, problems in modern physics and the flaws of string theory.

193:My height is:

Slightly taller than 6 feet/184.15 cm.