We’ve very sad to report that Geoffrey Lewis passed away yesterday of natrual causes at the age of 79.

Lewis is the father of Juliette Lewis and a genre favorite best known for The Devil’s Rejects. He was also in Salem’s Lot, The Lawnmower Man. Night of the Comet and Trilogy of Terror II.

This is the latest in a string of cult actor deaths, following the loss of Robert Z’Dar, Tom Towles and James Best. Let’s hope this is the last obituary I have to write for a while.

The Bachelor: Pancakes Edition
      butter him up, or you’ll be flipped

After a bitter divorce with his bitch of an ex-wife Eliza, Bob decides he needs to sweeten up his life. After taking a bath in maple syrup, blogging about his sorrows, and binge watching reality tv, Bob has his Eureka moment. Put this shit on television! Watch Bob and all your favorite residents of Oasis Springs and Willow Creek as they battle it out to see who will be the one, and who will be burnt.

The Contestants:
   ◦ Grim Reaper, keeper of the keys of death
   ◦ Geoffrey Landgraab, loving family man
   ◦ Bella Goth, the woman, the legend
   ◦ Eliza Pancakes, bitch of an ex wife
   ◦ Liberty Lee, adorable space nerd
   ◦ Don Lothario, chronic womanizer

starting wednesday the 16th of march
   be there, or be a waffle