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Julia Baird remembers her mother ironically saying how sorry she felt for Paul having lost his mum at such a tender age. “Can you imagine how that must hurt?” she would comment to John occasionally over tea and toast. “And he’s such a lovely, talented boy. What a pity.”
—  Geoffrey Giuliano, Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney. (1991) [Note: Giuliano is at best an disreputable source and worst… well, but as Julia Baird includes this exchange in her own memoirs and has previously criticised Philip Norman and Albert Goldman for erroneous information and fabricated quotes (respectively), I think in this case the veracity of Giuliano’s source (i.e. from interviewing Julia herself) can be vouched for.]

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Where did you find the Harry Nilsson audio where he talks about the 'I love Paul' button, and do you have any more audio clips of Nilsson?

Geoffrey Giuliano (of sleazy, sensationalistic, and/or at the very least contentious Beatles biographies) released a 5 disc box set of assorted interviews with Beatles and members of the Beatles’ extended circle (including interviews conducted both by him and by other people) as a companion to his book Glass Onion called The Beatles In Their Own Words: A Rockumentary, which is where I found that audio clip from his interview with Harry Nilsson. The box set is fairly affordable on certain leading online auction sites, if you’re willing.

There are a couple of other clips from what’s presumably the same interview, but I’d have to dig up my discs again to confirm what was covered - his Lost Weekend partying with John in general terms, most likely. (Believe me, if the discs had also included audio of that curious “I fell for Paul’s looks” quote, I would have already posted it on @amoralto.) 


“‘John was always generous to a fault,’ Mimi often said when repeating the story of her move to Bournemouth. 'Even as a child, if he happened to have only one small bar of chocolate but two friends with him, then right into thirds it would go without so much as a blink.’ I know how true that was. John’s generosity became legendary. He was too warm-hearted to say No. He was always thinking up ways he could help out once he had the money to do it with.”

John Lennon My Brother by Julia Baird with Geoffrey Giuliano