Request: Can you gif Ryan’s reaction to Griffon asking if they want to die “here” or in that other room? I love his face when he’s truly laughing. Really any gifs if Ryan laughing would make me so happy! 💚 -@acheemient

Heroes and Halfwits: The Search for the Spy Master #21

anonymous asked:

I'm no homo, but your videos have really inspired me and shaped my sense of humor. Who are some of your biggest comedic influences besides Tim and Eric?? Have u seen wonder showzen, that is a funny fucking show and I think u would get it. Keep up the good work my man

heres a list off the top of my head in no particular order


-tom green

-good neighbor

-derrick comedy

-alot of things i saw on adult swim growing up

-milliondollarextreme (fuck ur meme ive been with these boyz for years)

-bill burr

-mitch hedberg

-dave chapelle

-aunty donna

-sick animation

-neil cicierega

-balloon shop


-geoff the hero

-big money salvia

probably forgetting sum shit but there u go


Geoff: Uh, no, we would use the term ‘liberate’. We’ve heard stories, uhh, across the seas of your oppression, and we are, uh, soldiers of peace, and we, uh, cannot let that stand, we don’t abide by people being oppressed or downtrodden, so we have come, uhh to vanquish the people in the evil city, and to liberate you, of, uhh, their oppression, and, uh, your worldly possessions.
Jack: As a matter of fact, our bard here will sing us a song, that will explain what’s going on.