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I laughed out loud at the “I could go for some dessert” part when I first read this.

Blackest Night Part 5

This comic is one of the greatest DC comics of all time imo. You have to read it. Black Lanterns (zombies) take over the DC Universe and its up to a few heroes and the Lanterns to save it.

Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman become zombies! And lots and lots of people gets Power Rings. Like Lex Luthor, The Flash, Atom, Mera and others. They give ‘em away like they’re on Oprah.


With an explosive performance in the finals, Tom Schaar surpasses the field, soaring through the Huntington Beach qualifier with massive heights and incredible speed to take the glory. Schaar celebrates his second podium win of the season after taking Australia back in March, and confirms his position as the number one skater in the 2017 VPS Challenger rankings. Schaar is joined by Ben Hatchell, 2nd, and CJ Collins, 3rd.

Men’s VPS Global Qualifier Huntington Beach Results, August 5

  1. Tom Schaar
  2. Ben Hatchell
  3. CJ Collins

Men’s Vans Park Series Pro Tour Global Challenger Rankings

The top seven highest-ranking tour challengers to advance will join the VPS Select Pros and VPS Continental Champions for one final showdown to determine a new park terrain skateboarding World Champion.

Top 7 Advancing to World Championships

  1. Tom Schaar
  2. Karl Berglind
  3. Murilo Peres
  4. Willy Lara
  5. Tristan Rennie
  6. CJ Collins
  7. Roman Pabich

If you missed the live stream you can rewatch the entire contest Final On Demand at

Photos: @anthonyacostaphoto & @granthatfield


Cherry Park Re-build Grand Opening

Last Friday Zumiez and Vans teamed up to unveil the re-build of Long Beach’s famous Cherry Park skate plaza by California Skate parks. The park opened to the public at 2pm where Geoff Rowley and Daniel Lutheran ripped amongst the locals and broke in some of the new obstacles. Free hot dogs and drinks kept the crowd stoked while waiting in line for the Vans team signing and to top the day off Toronto’s Fucked Up performed a high energy set for the Cherry locals. 

Fucked Up photo via @bikesnhikes


Vans Off The Wall Skate Park Opening Part 2

On Saturday March 22nd the Vans Off The Wall skate park in Huntington Beach, CA officially opened to the public. Here are a few moments from the skate team’s two hour signing last weekend.

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Kwalks, Rowley & Chima are in Barcelona this weekend for Street League and a little side mission of actual street skating. Here Kyle, “warms up,” with a frontside flip. 

Click over to Rowley’s Insta to check his angle and the rest of the line and be sure to watch the boys in the SUPER-EARLY Saturday morning webcast of the Street League Qualifiers (5am PST!!!!) on

Filmed by Ryan Lovell.