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Joker & Harley: “It” Couple of the Underworld

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okay so i just read some headcanons that fake ah crew! geoff is like batman’s number one fan and this popped inot my head.

like the crew has a friend (the reader) whoknows about their life but doesnt really care. 

she is a total sweetheart, all about morals and helping others, god knows how she’s friends with these losers. 

doesn’t tell them about her job or her past but they dont really care. 

then one day, theyre robbing a bank in the middle of the night (for the first time theyre actually stealthy) and a figure appears in front of them and geoff nearly has a heart attack. 

it;s not batman, but y/sh/n (your superhero name) in their signiture mask and their fist raised, telling them to put the money down and leave. 

gavin nearly shits his pants from fear, he had heard stories of you and how strong you are. so he instantly surrenders, 

ray gives up but is also causal about it. “ i got it dude, im settingt he money down, cool mask though , you like pokemon?”

michael holding geoff back from running at you for a picture and an autograph, sure you werent batman, but you were still famous from all of gotham and los santos

jack is merely sizing you up before nodding at ryan who charges at you in a battle. 

geoff wasnt happy “ ryan no what are you doing s’ll kill you! get me a picture!

during the fight your mask falls off and they see that it’s you. 

theyre all totally silent, hard to read their emotions until geoff speaks up. 


*gavin ends up fainting. 

ever sicne then theyve been super protective of you when you fight crime. 

“ jack im okay im a superhero ill be fine i dont need a sweater.”


geoff constantly asks you questions. 

“have you meet batman?”


“ *gasp* do you know his secret identity????”

“ yes.”

“ can you tell me!?!?!”

“ nope, sworn to secrecy geoffy.”

“ but Y/NNNNNNNNNNN!!!!”

you end up taking them with you when you fight crime. you regret that desision. 

“ y/n becareful he has a gun!’’

“ im aware jack!”

“ guys where did gavin go?”

*gavin screaming*

“ ill go get him.”

“ thank you michael.”

youre flirty frenimies with the gotham sirens. when they meet the fake ah crew the guys are dumbstruck by them, jack is protective momma bear when they get too touchy around you. 

“ why is y/sh/n freinds with a gang like you?”

“ why is she friends with a dumb wanna-be clown like you?”

“ umm…guys?”

“ stay out of this y/n, im not letting these bitches touch my babygirl.”

i think im gonna make a ton of little ficlets like this. 

what do you guys think?????

She’s not defined by The Joker anymore even though they have a relationship. Which I really love. In the comics there’s been a lot of different versions of where it’s antagonistic. It’s not a healthy relationship often and this is like Harley and Joker are like Bonnie and Clyde of the DC Universe.
—  Geoff Johns on Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship (x)

Preview to Justice League #39

By Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok

The Amazo Virus” concludes with haunting consequences!

On sale Wed 18th Feb 2015

Big, tasty ‘cots. A heated topic of discussion on Ryan Haywood’s Twitch stream for 10th January 2017.


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