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Did you see what DC are doing? Today in Superwoman they implying our new 52 Superman is actually the pre new 52 Superman and he’s with Lois. Like seriously? what are they smoking?  I know what I read for the last 5 years and it is not this crap. Our Clark, who they gave Kryponite cancer, is dead. He was in love with Diana. He had no romance with nu 52 Lois! How can they seriously undermine everything like that in one stupid issue of a comic just to push the old status quo? Nothing is earned and they dump everything to pander to clois fans who already have a Superman and Lois and son currently in the comics. This is not even good writing. It is making stuff up to cover up the glaring plotholes to pander to Rebirth. I came on board with the new 52 and enjoyed the stories. If this is how DC operates with story, and new fans then I can’t be investing my time or $$ to be lied to and misled. I feel disrespected as a customer. Could they not have just ended the new 52 on a high note and give the older readers what they wanted with Rebirth? Least I would have had my stories. I look at the books I have now and I feel so angry. 


This is called hacked writing. 

DC is flat out lying and changing everything at a whim to serve Rebirth. He is with Lois? Look, new 52 Superman was in love with Diana of Themyscira aka New 52  Wonder Woman.  New 52 Superman had his own origin in a company reboot in 2011. He was not pre Flashpoint Superman. He was his own version like the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, animation, movies, tv all had their varying origins but essentially the character being a Superman at his core. DC cannot come now and claim the other guy is him. This is dumb and contrived and yes a total disrespect to those of us  who picked up the books and believed the advertising ie it   was a new verse being developed. In short, DC lied to us to buy a falsely advertised product for 5 years. The guy pre Flashpoint does not have the same origin as new 52. They want to steal and merge two vastly different lives without the groundwork.

It is scathing disregard for new 52 Diana. Rebirth writers treating the character as if she was some sloppy seconds or some dumb mouthpiece to justify the changes . This is the woman who was there for new 52 Clark in the most critical times in his life. Not new 52 Lois who did not earn his love. Nor did she constantly put herself at risk to help him as Diana did. Diana from Throne of Atlantis through to Trinity War, Darkseid War, Doomed, Truth, Rao’s invasion,  Final Days,…was at his side, supporting, protecting, fighting alongside and defending her Clark. She loved him and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Not Lois. New 52 Lois dated other people, saw him mostly as a good friend, got engaged to another man, outed Clark secret etc. And she gets new 52 Superman’s heart based on what? Because they decide to change things at will overnight? Wipe out new 52 Diana and hijack our Clark? And then no doubt change the whole way everyone met and history to pander to themselves. The ironic thing in all this will be the people who hated on new 52 Superman and called him fake will want to say he is real now because he is with Lois. I guess who you bang is what gives you morals and motivates you according to DC. Not your upbringing, choices, heart, honor etc. Diana clearly being with him makes him not Superman because she is … what? Not a good person? Or only Steve Trevor can make her a good hero? Screw all of you at DC who have this idiotic thinking. 

I have no respect for creators and a company who do this. As you say, end a story properly. Make it matter and count. Start the new story and do your thing.  Don’t steal, usurp, undermine stories that came before. Your talent did not create it to just wipe it out or steal it as yours. God forbid all the fans could have something to read and comics be inclusive and appeal to a more diverse readership than only give to the demo that demands nostalgia, rehashes and insist nothing must change.  I feel there is such a level of spite/vitriol leveled at new 52 by some of these so called professionals. I have read what they called fans who don’t kiss their butts and dared to like the changes/stories in the new 52. DC gave us that and they call us “not true fans”, “fake fans”, “haters “etc? Don’t worry your company has ensured many like me will vote with my wallet and give my hard earned money to talent and story telling that is not convoluted, has coherence, not fixated on hating others, and can be understood and isn’t jumping the shark.

We have our ship. We had it before and we’ll still have it. It is growing because people love Clark x Diana. They are a true relationship of equals. Detractors can’t stop that no matter what they try. The fact they have to lie, jump through hoops to do it shows how they have to scrape the bottom of that barrel. 

So to Rebirth, Reborn, Regurgitate whatever  you are.

Yes with Flower Crowns

I love Yes! I love Flower Crowns! I decided it was time to combine the two!
12 Yes members painted in acrylic by me :)
big thanks to @moveslikekeithrichards for their help and encouragement :)

Jon Anderson - Sunflower

Chris Squire - Lotus and Ivy Leaf

Rick Wakeman - Dahlia and Lavender

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“So, Rebirth connives this as wrong? @DCComics @geoffjohns @PeterJTomasi @thedanjurgens Yet you can NEVER kill #SupeWonder #zeitgeist.#equals”

So DC undid everything our fandom invested in for the last 5 years. They lied and connived and cut and paste to give old fans bizarrely a Frankenstein Superman mish mash as the definitive Superman in Rebirth. The guy is not the pre nu 52 or Nu 52. But he takes history. The Rebirth Superman team hijacked even our nu 52 Clark’s uniform…though Jurgens clearly did not like our Superman and then dragged Azzarello’s Diana in though Rucka killed her as a lie…to…I can only assume all this is just to spite our shippers. Nothing makes sense. All of Soule’s  work undermined so Jurgens, Tomasi, Johns and Rucka can be set their table. It is interesting to note they “cherry picked” stories…”the best” according to Jurgens and discarded what “does not work”. 

Our couple’s Vol 1 has great Amazon reviews, and won an Excelsior Award. It has spun off much merch. More than their classic status quo could ever have. It has animation. Does not work? The eff you say!!!???

 I think these people have a bizarre idea of what works. And it’s pretty telling that they kept their stories. Johns said back to basics …he did not care  how…but he keeps his runs. The ego of these creators and treatment of their colleague’s work and customers …  words fail me. Gotta feel for Charles Soule and Tony Daniel. 

But I shouldn’t be shocked. I mean ending nu52 and making it as part of the multiverse is too gracious. Gotta get jabs and insult the fans they made money off. And keep making money off. Nu 52 Lois did not even deserve to end up with nu 52 Clark. They’re different versions that had no romantic development. Diana poor nu 52 Diana. Made into a mad deluded  woman so Lois and Clark can be forced in. 

DC has done some pretty shitty things but this convoluted mess that keeps changing at a whim, destroying good runs so these hacks can claim stewardship is worse than a ten year old writing fan fic. I’m sorry but stand back and look at these Rebirth stories for Superman and Wonder Woman. THEY MAKE NO SENSE.

But I know this they can NEVER kill ClarkxDiana. NEVER. Our fandom is expanding and the world outside of comics also sees them as the epitome of a relationship of equals. They are an ingrained part of pop culture. We’ll keep shipping and sharing our love of them with fans.

So screw you, DC. Superwonder for Life!!! Vote with yr wallets. Don’t give yr hard earned money to the comics division to let them disrespect you as a customer. If there is AU story by a team that have a good story to tell, cares for our couple ( unlike Tomasi) and not hampered by mandates…then support. Supporting merchandise is good but the irony is DC are hypocrites using our couple yet refusing to let them be a couple in canon. Make yr voices heard too. Dissatisfied as a customers (for good reason too)…let them know as they take our silence for indifference. 

Keep shipping proudly. 


On this day in music history: April 19, 1968 - “Odessey And Oracle”, the third album by The Zombies is released in the UK (original US release date is in June 1968). Produced by The Zombies, it is recorded at Abbey Road Studios and Olympic Studios in London from June - August and November 1967. Following their run of hits on Decca Records, The Zombies sign a new deal with CBS Records in mid 1967. Given only a limited budget by the label, the band work quickly to complete their new album. The majority of the project is recorded at Abbey Road Studios with Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick and Peter Vince behind the board. The remaining songs are cut at near by Olympic Studios in Barnes when Abbey Road is not available. However, rising tensions between band members during the sessions and a general disillusionment with each other, make the creative process less than smooth sailing, and lead to The Zombies breaking up in December of 1967. “Odessey And Oracle” is released in the UK in the Spring of 1968 to minimal fanfare, with none of the three singles being released or the album even entering the charts. Initially passed over for release in the US by then CBS label boss Clive Davis, it is issued at the insistence of staff producer Al Kooper. Issued on Columbia’s Date Records imprint, it is greeted with almost total indifference, lying dormant for several months before anything happens. The single “Time Of The Season” (#3 Pop) becomes a surprise hit in the Spring of 1969, and in time is regarded as one of their finest works. Ironically, the success of the record comes more than a year after The Zombies have disbanded. “Time Of The Season” and “Care Of Cell 44” are belatedly reissued in the UK in 1973 and 1974. “Odessey” is reissued as a limited edition vinyl LP for Record Store Day on April 19, 2014, exactly forty six years after its original UK release. “Odessey And Oracle” peaks at number ninety five on the Billboard Top 200.

To answer this I needed to put this together. Thank you for your attempt to try to explain away Superman Rebirth/Reborn. No disrespect to you but I find myself not really prepared to swallow something so convoluted if this is what DC needed to do to pimp one couple over all others.

IMO this is actually a high handed attempt by DC to relaunch AGAIN to compete with Marvel to get #1s in and scrape back some market share. They could not reboot so soon but hey why not backpedal?

DC rebooted in 2011. They advertised it to everyone as a new verse.  A whole new continuity. Old canon having had their time had said their goodbyes. As they should. They had 25 plus years after all. Doesn’t a new generation deserve a Superman or Wonder Woman to grow with? You would think, right?

They rebooted and got good talent. They tooted their horn. They got market share. They got new readers. Then by the time DCYOU hit, they begun to mismanage their line and fell behind Marvel. Then they suddenly pretended …they never meant to reboot…it w as just a scheme of the Watchmen or as you conjecture perhaps Superboy Prime…and an excuse to drag back in pre new 52 to appease the loud hating fans who wanted everything to stay the same. Fans who hated on the new 52 Superman from day one. Fans who refused to buy comics I might add.

And then it seemed pre ne 52 Superman was back. He and Lois and son survived their world dying and came to live on new 52 earth as “refugees”. A guy, if you liked and cared for HIM, had HIS own origins. And they were very different to new 52. It is no biggie to have 2 Supermen in one verse. It happened before with the KC one in the JSA. But he played happy family for 10 years. Never stepped up. They killed new 52 and made his friends and lover mourn him. Then made older guy take his place. Then they made the son meet Damien and blah blah.  

Then we had a full 180. Suddenly they the same man! They were split! The power of Love reunited them. And new 52 haters rejoiced because the guy they hated for his youth, his idealism, his pro activeness,his suit, his powerful girlfriend, they loved. Cuz you know, nothing defines a man than who he bangs. Or the one human he bangs.

Five effing years of fans lives wasted on comics that were a LIE. Comics that deceived us into thinking it was a new verse. Only to have them come in 1 fell swoop to pimp how important one couple is to the universe and  how real their love is never mind they had no reason for us to give a damn when they were younger in the new 52. I’d faster believe he’d love new 52 Lana than new 52 Lois. She never deserved new 52 Superman’s love. Unless love is pining to be noticed by a woman who was blind to you and throwing the woman  who loved you for you and put her life on the line for you many times under the bus. The reality is, it was 5 years of Diana we had in the narrative. Five years of lies if one is to swallow the bull from Dan Jurgens and Greg Rucka, propped by master mind Geoff Johns.  DC must think we are assholes, I guess. 

If Lois and Clark are so great and such true love why did they deceive so many readers? Why the convoluted bull that changes like the wind and ultimately doesn’t amount to squat nor matter because once they forcibly merged them…everything from Convergence to last month never happened.  You’re not getting pre new 52 Superman back but a getting a whole new origin and events plucked from the past to suit Jurgens. Notice his 90ties stuff will be there, other peoples dumped. He hated the new 52 but will poach from it. Superman will be a great old mish mash. Superboy Prime? Dr Manhattan? Really, Johns?  Only a lazy writer could try to dilute a great story  like Watchmen or try to pretend this as what he planned all along.

Where are the stakes in these stories if nothing was real? Where is the consequence? Unless one is  a blind rabid clois shipper this is plot is full of holes. Holes they can’t cover so they wave their wands to make it all go poof. Events should matter. The journey should be the most important part of the destination. Not you jump from A to Z with no rhyme or reason other than to sound self important. 

The explanation is so confusing and so overly messed up and it’s goal was to elevate Lois and Clark? Like really? Without compromise? So no matter who, when,   what and how ? DC has to lump these 2 together and if you don’t buy it or care…then you’re a fake fan, I guess? I mean Jurgens did say so.

Sorry, I can’t begin to even say how stupid this whole thing is.

Good story telling is fairly simple. It’s about consistency, a good plot, good development and a meaningful payoff. Not jumping the shark to pander to one fandom.

Lois and Clark is not love triumphing. It’s about trying to dictate to fans what they should believe. It is about manipulating a story so badly they are willing to dump on good origins and history. It all feels very self masturbatory. 

Love. It’s a word that is often bandied about. But it means different things to people. 

Let me say, in many books I read Diana and Clark, be they friends or lovers their love has been a love that never preened nor pimped itself. It was always selfless and sacrificing and mostly they stayed true to themselves. It was never about his or her comfort. They never stood by and allowed shit to happen to other people because they saw themselves as some superior symbol that defines the universe. They did their duty by each other and the earth.

And before people try to say Injustice. That guy’s love for his  wife was so dependent it is unhealthy. If you love someone, they should make you a better man.No matter what. A testament to their love is you being the best you can be especially in the face of adversity and loss. Superman is not the only man that loses a family in the DCU. Martian Manhunter and his cousin Kara lost more and they don’t become tyrants. So did being with Lois really help him? Don’t dump his douchebag behavior on the woman. Tom Taylor tries to do that just to pimp clois again. So lazy. 

Superman has tried to change the course of the earth/time to bring Lois back never caring about the consequence to history, people etc. He was willing to give it all up to have sex with her. Reeve movies.

He was willing to muscle in on a good decent man who was a father to his child. Superman Returns.

He drops everything to save Lois, a woman he knows all of 2 yrs but can’t save his own mother.Leaves Wonder Woman in the lurch in a deadly battle to go save Lois. Kills a man for her in Africa and Lois found it quite cute. Fact Jimmy Olsen getting shot in the face seemed to be like an aphrodisiac  

He was willing to kill for Lois if anyone harms her but Diana? Willing to condemn and judge her for Max Lord because she tried to save him and Lois and everyone’s life from him!

He stands by and allows the shit to hit the fan just to play happy family. He’s not unhappy , disillusioned, or angry. He just has to be told the obvious to step up and be a hero.

Now they not only kill one but 2 timelines so they could pet themselves on the back on how great they are. 

My definition of love must surely be different. 

Clois can keep their love. I don’t grudge them a place in the multiverse. Reality is they have many places. Clark and Diana only had one in canon, now they can’t even have that. It was stolen. If clois has to be a law in the multiverse then I am glad to be illegal. Love is not what you say but what you do. Clark and Diana embodied this. No imp acting the writers’ mouthpiece is going to dictate to me.


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