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Please: Part 5.

Shawn consumes all the hair inside your lungs.

Surprise, surprise! This is the final part of the series. I want to start posting other drafts I have here, and believe me, I loved doing this series. I never thought it would turn into a series itself but I loved it! I might post other things that might have to do with this series, but for now this is all. Thank you so much for your feedback, I hope you still stick with me and my writings. I hope you love this one! Xxx

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You felt the heat on your cheeks intensify as you let him turn you to him. You faced him, crossing your arms as he wrapped his around your waist, pulling you closer. You bit your lip, your eyes locked down on the floor as he leant in. He let out a chuckle and your heart skipped a bit.

Shawn started to walk towards the exit of the elevator and pushed you along with him. You uncrossed your arms, holding his forearms strongly trying not to stumble over yours and his feet. You kept avoiding his gaze. You still couldn’t believe what just happened. You felt so embarrassed but Shawn loved how shy the whole situation had gotten you. Through his eyes, you looked cute whenever you were clumsy.

He extended one of his arms and your gaze followed his move. His long finger pressed the ‘stop’ button and it felt like you had stopped breathing.

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Please: Part 2.

Shawn and his friends are (pleasant) loud neighbors with a prefect timing.

I wanted to post it yesterday but anatomy kept me up all night and I had a lot of editing to do before posting it. I think it’s a bit longer but I wouldn’t have written it any other way. I hope you like it, honestly!
I have many ideas on my mind for a few blurbs, so tell me what you think or if you want to see anything specific next time. I’m open to any ideas and I want to start posting more. Thank you so much for the feedback! It was lovely. Enjoy xxx

Part 1 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

You stared, rather disappointed, at the end of your mug after taking the last sip of your third coffee. It had passed a little more than five minutes, but, for your surprise, it was all working out. You edited a few slides here and there, and you were done.

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Did you see what DC are doing? Today in Superwoman they implying our new 52 Superman is actually the pre new 52 Superman and he’s with Lois. Like seriously? what are they smoking?  I know what I read for the last 5 years and it is not this crap. Our Clark, who they gave Kryponite cancer, is dead. He was in love with Diana. He had no romance with nu 52 Lois! How can they seriously undermine everything like that in one stupid issue of a comic just to push the old status quo? Nothing is earned and they dump everything to pander to clois fans who already have a Superman and Lois and son currently in the comics. This is not even good writing. It is making stuff up to cover up the glaring plotholes to pander to Rebirth. I came on board with the new 52 and enjoyed the stories. If this is how DC operates with story, and new fans then I can’t be investing my time or $$ to be lied to and misled. I feel disrespected as a customer. Could they not have just ended the new 52 on a high note and give the older readers what they wanted with Rebirth? Least I would have had my stories. I look at the books I have now and I feel so angry. 


This is called hacked writing. 

DC is flat out lying and changing everything at a whim to serve Rebirth. He is with Lois? Look, new 52 Superman was in love with Diana of Themyscira aka New 52  Wonder Woman.  New 52 Superman had his own origin in a company reboot in 2011. He was not pre Flashpoint Superman. He was his own version like the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, animation, movies, tv all had their varying origins but essentially the character being a Superman at his core. DC cannot come now and claim the other guy is him. This is dumb and contrived and yes a total disrespect to those of us  who picked up the books and believed the advertising ie it   was a new verse being developed. In short, DC lied to us to buy a falsely advertised product for 5 years. The guy pre Flashpoint does not have the same origin as new 52. They want to steal and merge two vastly different lives without the groundwork.

It is scathing disregard for new 52 Diana. Rebirth writers treating the character as if she was some sloppy seconds or some dumb mouthpiece to justify the changes . This is the woman who was there for new 52 Clark in the most critical times in his life. Not new 52 Lois who did not earn his love. Nor did she constantly put herself at risk to help him as Diana did. Diana from Throne of Atlantis through to Trinity War, Darkseid War, Doomed, Truth, Rao’s invasion,  Final Days,…was at his side, supporting, protecting, fighting alongside and defending her Clark. She loved him and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Not Lois. New 52 Lois dated other people, saw him mostly as a good friend, got engaged to another man, outed Clark secret etc. And she gets new 52 Superman’s heart based on what? Because they decide to change things at will overnight? Wipe out new 52 Diana and hijack our Clark? And then no doubt change the whole way everyone met and history to pander to themselves. The ironic thing in all this will be the people who hated on new 52 Superman and called him fake will want to say he is real now because he is with Lois. I guess who you bang is what gives you morals and motivates you according to DC. Not your upbringing, choices, heart, honor etc. Diana clearly being with him makes him not Superman because she is … what? Not a good person? Or only Steve Trevor can make her a good hero? Screw all of you at DC who have this idiotic thinking. 

I have no respect for creators and a company who do this. As you say, end a story properly. Make it matter and count. Start the new story and do your thing.  Don’t steal, usurp, undermine stories that came before. Your talent did not create it to just wipe it out or steal it as yours. God forbid all the fans could have something to read and comics be inclusive and appeal to a more diverse readership than only give to the demo that demands nostalgia, rehashes and insist nothing must change.  I feel there is such a level of spite/vitriol leveled at new 52 by some of these so called professionals. I have read what they called fans who don’t kiss their butts and dared to like the changes/stories in the new 52. DC gave us that and they call us “not true fans”, “fake fans”, “haters “etc? Don’t worry your company has ensured many like me will vote with my wallet and give my hard earned money to talent and story telling that is not convoluted, has coherence, not fixated on hating others, and can be understood and isn’t jumping the shark.

We have our ship. We had it before and we’ll still have it. It is growing because people love Clark x Diana. They are a true relationship of equals. Detractors can’t stop that no matter what they try. The fact they have to lie, jump through hoops to do it shows how they have to scrape the bottom of that barrel. 

So to Rebirth, Reborn, Regurgitate whatever  you are.

Please: Part 3.

You and your friends and (pleasant) loud ‘café booth’ neighbors.

So apparently this is turning into a series. This part is soooooo long! I’m so sorry!! I got carried away but I’m SO excited, so part 4? Part 4! I really hope you enjoy it and I apologize for any grammar mistake. Anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask. Also, I’m pretty terrible coming up with names. Hope you like it! Xx

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