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Summer Favorites: Fiction Editor, Geoff Mak (@geoffmak)

I don’t know that Beloved is necessarily about summer, but I associate it with summer. Maybe because I read it one steamy and lethargic summer in New York. I remembered mostly the way Morrison writes about bodies–breathing, dying bodies pushed the human limits of extreme hunger, extreme thirst, extreme lust. You hear all sorts of legends of travelers in the desert, hallucinating, and there’s a hallucinatory splendor to Morrison’s prose. It glimmers in the heat.

Speaking of the desert, I’m reminded of Underworld, and that one chapter about the summer of rooftops. I was talking to a friend recently, who said that was the worst chapter in the book, because nothing happens, and I said that was the point. Nothing happens in New York during the summer. You just get drunk on rooftops and kind of talk about art, kind of don’t.