geoff being cute

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Geoff was telling a really long story during minecraft lp and everyone was talking over him and not listening and at one point someone goes 'oh hes still telling the story' and hes like yeah... and michael goes "dont worry, im listening" and i immediately thought of you. During all that chaos michael was still listening to geoffs longass story

stop i know michael literally let geoff know twice during his rambling that he was still with him

Geoff and Millie being cute.

Geoff was playing Gang Beasts with Kinda Funny, and he kept losing. Greg Miller was egging on Geoff, saying he must feel so ashamed to lose repeatedly when his daughter was watching in the audience. In a round where Geoff just gets thrown out of the ring instantly, he gives up and drops his controller and calls Millie over to sit with him.

  • Gavin: So Geoff, while you were away, The Inbetweeners 2 came out.
  • Jack: Oh shit, did that come out?
  • Geoff: Oh, the movie?
  • Gavin: Yeah.
  • Geoff: Did you see it?
  • Gavin: No. I'm waiting for you, I want to see it with you!
  • Ryan: Aww.
  • Geoff: Are you serious?!
  • Gavin: Yeah!
  • Jack: Aww.
  • Geoff: Aw, I love you!
  • Ryan: That's sweet.
  • Ray: You guys are cute.