fahc blurb #4

[ based on one of @fahc-jerevin’s hcs :) (lmao if you want me to write about somehing just shoot me an ask and i’ll totally write you a thing or two) ]

Alfredo Diaz, a.k.a ‘The Sauce.’

Los Santos’s newest sniper, to replace what the civilians now call The Ghost.

The newest recruit of the Fake AH Crew, and already one of the most deadly. He can take you out from on top of a building, you being four blocks away. The kid had talent, that’s for sure. Ramsey had taken him in after watching him take down three targets in quick succession without making a sound. Diaz quickly melded in, easily becoming one of the pack. He may honestly even be Ramsey’s favourite.

… Buuuut that doesn’t mean he doesn’t screw up every once in a while.

Diaz doesn’t have the sharpest tongue in the world, and it gets him in trouble with the Lads all the time. And they have the worst punishment imaginable:

A dunce cap.

Maybe that doesn’t sound so bad for you, but for Alfredo? Pure. Torture.

Flub during an interrogation? Dunce cap.

Screw up something easy while relaxing? Dunce cap.

Get caught doing something stupid by Ryan? Dunce cap.

Get caught trying to throw out the dunce cap? Fuckin idiot, you shoulda been more stealthy (As stated by Michael Jones). Dunce cap.

It never ends.

Currently, Alfredo was hiding, trying to keep away from the Lads as he had accidentally flubbed three different words during a meeting, and they’d caught wind of it. You could hear them running around laughing and calling his name tauntingly. Alfredo sighed, creeping towards the living room. If he could just make it to his room and lock the door—


Alfredo let out a squeak, scrambling across the floor, running past a concerned Jack and an amused Geoff. Behind him, the Lads were hauling ass after him, the dunce cap in Jeremy’s hands.

‘C’mon, c’mon, just a little bit more–!’ Alfredo thought, before promptly being tackled to the ground.

A lithe body sat on top of his back, pinning his arms behind him. Alfredo thrashed around, trying to break free but to no avail.

“Gavin!! Get your lanky ass off me!!” He growled, trying to flip over.

“Sorry love, but you know the rules. If ya flub ya get the cap.” Gavin grinned, moving back a little to let Michael put the stupid cap on his head. Alfredo groaned, dropping his head onto the carpet of the hallway.

“I hate you guys.”

“We love you too, ‘Fredo.”

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As I’m working on the novel aspect - which involves a lot of editing/renaming/cutting/smoothing/fixing terrible grammar - I figured I’d give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the journey all over again. 

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No shhhh it was lovely. Maybe I can also have a “We can’t” Jeremwood, please and thank you? -Same Anon P.S. I just discovered your blog today and I love your writing (if you couldn’t tell) ahhhhh

(ok i wasn’t going to do more but i did nothing all day and u sent this yesterday so i figured i might as well. glad u enjoy my writing! sorry this is so short)

“We can’t,” Jeremy gasps, but the grin on his face showed just how much he really, really wanted to.

Ryan just smirks, shaking the keys in his hand. “What Geoff doesn’t know won’t kill him. And its not like he’s using that yacht right now.”

“He’ll kill us if he found out,” Jeremy points out, but looked no less excited.

“Good thing he won’t find out,” Ryan hums, pocketing the keys and patting the seat behind him on the motorcycle. “I’ve already packed our swimsuits. I think we’ve earned a small vacation.”

“A vacation on his own property without him knowing,” Jeremy points.

Ryan just laughs, pulling him in for a soft kiss. “Exactly. Now are you in or out, dear?”

“Of fucking course I’m in,” Jeremy grins. “Yacht’s fancy as shit.”

“Then get on,” Ryan says, handing him the second helmet.

Jeremy shakes his head, but takes the helmet and puts it on. “But if Geoff asks, I’m telling him it was your idea.”

“And I’ll just tell him it was Gavin’s,” he chuckles. “Considering he helped me get the keys. Or Jack’s since she’s parking the chopper on it.”

“Is everyone going besides Geoff?” Jeremy laughs, wrapping his arms around his chest as he settles onto the bike.

Ryan shrugs. “What Geoff won’t know won’t kill him,” he simply repeats as he revs the engine and drives off.


Gavin: Alright who did it
Gavin: Who tried to get into my laptop
Gavin: Fess up

Jeremy: Well it might not have been me but I might have been involved?
Jeremy: I was bribed. Blame B Team.

Gavin: Don’t touch my computer set up! Don’t even breath on it, don’t think about it, just don’t. I’ll know. There’s security measures Jeremy. THERES REASONS ITS SET THE WAY IT IS

Jeremy: Then don’t anger Trevor.

Gavin: Trevor now has to die.

Geoff: Trevor is worth at least two and a half Gavins don’t touch a hair on his expensive little head!

Gavin: Well then. See who hacks into the entire traffic light system of Los Santos when you don’t want to hit a red light again Geoff.

Jack: I feel like you’re hiding something, Gavvers. Have you been watching porn? At work?

Gavin: Jack! That is disgusting! Of course not!

Jack: What else would you be embarrassed enough about though?
Jack: Shit, guys, now I’m curious, PM me and lemme know what’s going on with Gav.

Gavin: There’s nothing going on with me I just don’t want you lot messing with my laptop!

Geoff: Every conversation we have I go, “Oh yeah we’re doing that thing.” And Jack goes, “What, what’re you talking about?” And I’ll go, “We talked about this months ago.” And then it’ll get quiet and Michael or somebody will go, “Uh, I do… I vaguely remember that, yes.” I’m like, “Thank you. Close enough.”

Jack: That’s just Michael kissing your ass, that’s all that is.

Lindsay: Yes, yeah.

Geoff: [laughing] It’s not always Michael, sometimes it’s Ryan.

Jeremy: Ryan goes, [with his hands up] “Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”

LIKE ok as much as i criticize the mcu for giving us the same formula and jokes in every movie at least their parent company doesn’t interfere with the creative process and has a set norm/standard; with the dceu its like we have 2 deeply layered movies filled with allegories and iconic imagery that draws paralells to our own world that still ended up being so hit-or miss with people they’re still arguing about it today, 1 flop movie centered on B villains, and 1 critical and commercial hit. 

what made the dceu so different is that it wasn’t afraid to go outside of the box and do something different. but now with justice league, yes it is an enjoyable movie, but flawed in the fact that they’re trying to were trying too hard with the humor, some lines were obviously out there it could only point back to Whedon, the reshoots are extremely noticeable, they removed key characters (more cyborg, barry saving iris, general antiope) scenes that were promised on, etc. i’m extremely disappointed about this, i feel deeply for zack, debbie, kiersey and even ray, seeing as a lot of his scenes were removed. Shame on Whedon, shame on Geoff Johns, shame on Danny Elfman and shame on Warner Bros and Kevin Tsujihara