So far in Achievement Hunters Minecraft Skyfactory lets play

Geoff has a chicken farm and bred multiple types of chickens.

Jack has built a mob farm and maintains a regular farm.

Ryan has been maintaining the automations and built various energy sources the most recent being nuclear.

Micheal has done nothing as far as i can tell.

Gavin built the solar panels, and has been assisting Jeremy in whatever he is working on.

Jeremy learns how to do blood magic, alchemy, alter the atomic structure of items, build a death ray…and doesn’t know what to do with it. Right now he’s working on a portal to a magic world and I’m sure he’s not going to understand what the hell to do with it.

~The glass tells a story of a time long past, where kings ruled the world under a golden tower, protectors and great leaders of the realm; they shaped the world as they saw fit and from them all things came to be as they are now.~

Super stoked to show you guys my piece for @officialah and the @ahfanbook zine! This was such a neat project and I loved being able to do something AH related again! :D It was super fun taking something like the bouncy castle and making something fantasy-related about it :P

I found a screencapture I took of Geoff at the Shorty Awards a little over a year ago, so I combined it with a screencap of him now from a recent one-on-one RT Podcast with Burnie.
The difference is incredible. Granted, he didn’t really want to be at the Shorty’s so he looks less than pleased, but everything about him looked sad&weary.
I maybe teared up a little when I put them side by side.