The Future of ISIS by Gazeta Oriental

1 - After ISIS conquer Kurdistan thwey will invade Saudi Arabia.

2 - Israel to protect themselves invades Jordania, Lebanon and Gaza

3 - Iran invades South Iraq or put more troops in Iraq.

4 - After the Conquest of Saudi, the Islamists of Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia join to Islamic Caliphate.

5 - Israel one more time invades Sinai and Syria to protect themselves.

7 - The Islamic conquer Egypt.

8 - Peace between Iran and Islamic Caliphate against Israel, the same enemy. NATO declare war against Caliphate.

9 - War between Islamic Caliphate and NATO and allies. They won and conquer Turkey and Pakistan. 

10 - Battle of Israel. All Islamists of the World attack Israel.

11 - Defeat of Israel. Shoah and Exodus.

12 - Islamic Caliphate declare War against Iran.

13 - Defeat of Iran. Shiist Genocide or mass conversions to sunnism.

14 - Islamic Caliphate invades Europe, Ethiopia, Central Asia and India.