nice2835 replied to your post “so meta”

I suck at metadata, what’s your trick?

Well I designed a large file geodatabase for an airport system plan in New Hampshire, for their DOT. The idea was to look at various services all these airports offered and look at ways to improve coverage. All states do this here and there. Anyway long story short I’m leaving the firm this week for a new job, so I am going through giving each layer some metadata. Pretty simple in ArcCatalog, just tons of layers. If you work at a firm I’d suggest noting the project name/number and the date created if known. Just quick “this is a point layer, I used it for X maps/analysis” in all the boxes they prompt you to fill out.

It’s no US Census or NJDEP metadata, but it will be helpful for anyone who might use the geodatabase in the future. I’d say consider your audience when you think about how much depth you need to go into. If the only viewers are a few people who already know the context of the data, eh, don’t sweat it too much. If your audience might be clueless or under more scrutiny, be thorough.