Watching the Daily Show from outside the US

Every now and then it seems that Comedy Central/MTV/Viacom/The Empire decides for whatever reason that The Daily Show/Colbert Report full episodes shouldn’t be available to anyone outside the US.

It seems that the system is doing some basic IP inspection and denying the service to anyone that does not have an IP address assigned to the US. One solution is to use a proxy server, however the performance hit is usually significant and it affects the rest of your browsing experience.

A more ideal solution is to add a forwarding header to your HTTP request to make the remote system think that your machine is actually a proxy forwarding a request originating in the US. Modifying the HTTP headers that Firefox sends out can be achieved through the Modify Headers addon

To set it up:

  1. Download/Install Modify Headers from (
  2. Select Tools | Modify Headers from Firefox’s main menu to display the Modify Headers ui
  3. Click on the Selection action combo box and select the Add option
  4. In the Header name text field type X-Forwarded-For
  5. In the Header value text field type a US IP Address (eg
  6. Press the Add button to add the rule
  7. Dismiss the Modify Headers UI, navigate to The Daily Show website and enjoy :)


Phat props to saiftk ( and Samy ( for their previous guides on how to do this.