It’s a sad day for fans of Star Trek Voyager: Captain Kathryn Janeway herself is lending her voice to a “documentary” about how the Sun revolves around the Earth and how NASA is leading a conspiracy to keep the truth away from us. Oh, boy.

The film, entitled The Principle, purports to be challenging the notion that we as #humans are “nothing special” in relation to the vastness of the Universe. The trailer also features theoretical physicist Michio Kaku as well as cosmologists #LawrenceKrauss and #MaxTegmark. We’re going to hope that they maybe didn’t know they were going to be in a movie that’s also about #Geocentricism, because it’s not until the 1-minute mark that the movie’s principal, #RobertSungenis suggests, “You can go on some websites of #NASA to see that they’ve started to take down stuff that might hint to a geocentric universe.” Uh, what?

You can watch the trailer here, though make sure you don’t have anything breakable within reaching distance, because it’s eventually going to make you want to smash things.


Can we please talk about how Kate Mulgrew and a bunch of scientists were tricked into saying words that were then later cobbled together for a “documentary” about how earth is the literal center of the universe? Because this is one of the most hilarifying things I’ve heard all week and I can’t stop laughing.