Here’s a lil’ something for you~

I-I hope it’s not too weird or anything, I’m rather interested in Ezra for some reason aha so yeah! ;;

My precious bby ~= u=~ <33

You’re so awesome, Geo! Thank you so much!!

Ezra’s got a pretty interesting past before he arrived at Tao, so I’ll do my best to flesh him out! >x3

I apologize beforehand for ruining everyone’s Pokesonas and for not realizing earlier that I was s'pposed to draw Naowott not Chibuiren agh ;;

I couldn’t fit everyone in the end like I wanted to buuuut you guys are all just really cool and very nice people ok? S-So here’s to y'all, as cheesy as it is, you deserve it~

… A-And I think I deserve rest for a bit myself, been working all day. G'night! *crawls under a rock*