osaka182 by Kazushige Tanase
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Tutenkaku at Osaka city Japan. [MAP by ALPSLAB]


tsu160 by Kazushige Tanase
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The droop plum tree in Yuki Shinto shrine in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. [MAP by ALPSLAB]

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yokkaichi268 by Kazushige Tanase
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Alley in Mie Prefecture Yokkaichi City Higashitomita town. [MAP by ALPSLAB]


So I had a shit ton of selfies this evening. I was convinced I could narrow it down to one to post online. However, upon showing Max the final four and asking for his opinion, he said these two were the cutest. I said that’s not helpful. I needed only one after all. He has solved this by insisting I am too cute not to post both. So here you go. Two selfies of me. Cuz my boyfriend thinks I’m cute and I’m shallow enough to really enjoy that.

American Experience Season 28 1080p Video HD

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American Experience is a television program airing on the Public Broadcasting Service Public television stations in the United States. The program airs documentaries, many of which have won awards, about important or interesting events and people in American history. 

List Of Episode Season 28:
American Experience Episode 1 : Bonnie & Clyde
American Experience Episode 2 : The Mine Wars
American Experience Episode 3 : Murder of a President
American Experience Episode 4 : The Perfect Crime

Girl Meets World [Season 2]