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The best quotes of the enemy book in Zesteria

“It’s really neat how they can move around entirely through body-wiggles.”

“I’m curious, but I’m also worried the answer will keep my up at night.”

“The armadillo is famed for its ability to curl up into a ball, but it can also roll up into a ball, and occasionally it coils up into a ball.”

“I will accept as an apology a performance of the normincarena.”

“Oh, and it’s technically winged, but it can’t fly. Loser.”

“A hellionized plant. Beware! Its leaves aren’t just for decoration. It can swing them like arms and chloro-fill your world with pain.”

[Lailah] “Long ago, the whole of the earth was bunched up, until Geo Roller rolled all across the land and flattened it out. Thank you, Geo Roller!”

[Rose] “Yes, thank you, Geo Roller! We owe the very ground beneath our feet to you! ….Wait. You’re kidding here, right? Guys? Lailah’s joking, right?

“It’s a dude. It’s a tiger. It’s… Tiger Dude.”

“Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope. Small ones nope. Big ones nope. Spiky ones nope. Noooope. Nope nope.“

“Your Majesty, I see thou art especially skilled at dodging my attacks. We’re I to charge Your Highness without thinking, Your Excellency is likely to riposte with a most regal counter. Verily.”

“I know what you’re thinking. “I’m sure it doesn’t hurt when that enormous death-spear erupts from the ground and skewers my body. It might be fun.” It’s not fun, supid.”

“Bloodsuckers. They suck your blood. You can try to suck it back, if that’s your thing.”

“A dragony thing that flies!”

Sorey referring to an elephant: “… bizarre face-tentacle…”

“I want a laser eye! Lailah, how come shepherds don’t get laser eyes?”

Rose referring to Ceberus: “Oh no! It’s got two heads. How will they know which one of them is the good boy?”

“If I buy you a plant, will you talk to it instead of me?”

[Rose] “What’s that? They’re talking? They say… ‘Nnnnneither of ussss… Is a gooooood boooooy.’”

[Lailah] “That’s just a cruel trick your mind plays on you! Tell them that they’re smart and creative and-”

The Goblin Cart Saga

Sorey: Oh cool, it’s riding a little cart-thing. That looks fun! Can I ride? Do you think it’d let me take a ride once we purify it?

Rose: Dude, keep away from the machine.

Sorey: It claims to be a sniper, but it’s kinda lacking in the precision department. Maybe it’s having too much fun with that cart thing?”

Mikleo: Your analysis seems shallow, but in further inspection it’s EXTREMELY shallow.“

Sorey: The wheels, the cart, the gaudy ornamentation… I love it! I love it! Ooh, I hope purification doesn’t get rid of all of the cool parts…

Mikleo: Sheesh, I thought this was supposed to be a strategy session, not an art show.

Sorey: It’s gotten better at riding, too, so we have to be more careful with close combat. Gosh, no blind spots and a killer cart to ride around on. I wanna be a goblin! Can I be the first Goblin Shepard?

Mikleo: Unlike the others, the rounds this one fires seems to inflict status ailments on us. But let me guess, Sorey, that’s not what you’re interested in.

Sorey: …Why would I be? The cannon isn’t the cool part. When I’m finally riding one of these, though, I’ll let you be a cannonball if that’s your thing.

Lily’s 150+ followers

Hi guys ! Well as the title says i reached the 150 followers (like two week ago but hush) and I wanted to thanks all the amazing people who helped me get that far (and deep in the fandom hell while at it.) So here i go.~

First, i wanna thanks the people who helped me getting started with my sassy lost child. So a huge thanks to:

@tatsu-rose-bathory : Geo you’re so great and you’re the first person i roleplayed here with , and you also helped me developping my OC. You’re an ammazing friend and your OC is great.

@yoichisaohomo : Kris, i really want to thank you for helping me with my weapon choice and thanking you for being here for me when i had my ups and downs last year, you’re great and deserve a lot of love.

@yuichiroswife : Speka, i guess you already know it but i will say it anyway, you’re ammazing and deserve a lot of love, i really want to thank you for helping me with my OC and giving her a (not so) little brother.

My two dear tumblr fams: 

@lacus-owns-you @lordgeales @bloodthirstylacus I love you very much guys, even if you’re all a bunch of dorks and trolls, you’re still my first tumblr fam ! I hope we will stick together for a looong time and also cracks for a damn while too, and you can totally expect me to keep asking you veeeeery embarassing stuffs.~

@borntobeafangirlxd @fankidstupadinator @owarinosyrup : You’re all my Tumblr fam too, if i remember well it all started with a squad meme, and it sorta derived from here, thanks for all the likes and support. *smooch from the smoll princess*.

Now onto the rp pall: *prays that i forgot no one*

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Okay i think i tagged plenty enough people, to anyone who hasn’t been tagged i love you too !

Geo Beetles of Heaven and Earth Theory

So I was reading that the Earth and Heaven Beetles have been confirmed as corrupted gems.

Yeah, these little guys. D’aw! So cute. So Innocuous. So Precious.

They have identical gems, identical corrupted forms, and seem completely tame. One of them even has a tiny little home with a TV and bongos. Makes one wonder whether they are still sentient.

Now, y’all remember the big bird?

A very similar Big Bird appears in a stylized form in the episode “Maximum Capacity. Similar but different, but so is Rose (Or a probable Rose fusion, given the multiple arms… me thinks it’s the gem fusion depicted by the crystal temple with the mask on).

So we have Big Bird, we have the Crystal Gems all combined, and we have a mysterious green gem fusion… She has a Jasper like nose, but I’m attributing that to the carving style. What’s curious is that she is holding two gems, whose tops could conceivably match up to the Earth and Heaven Beetles. Her forehead marking also shares parallels with the beetle horn. Her coloration is also a mix of the beetle color schemes. Could this be a gem-fusion of gem twins? Could there be such a thing as gem twins? Could Big Bird have been keeping them separated? Making sure they don’t reunite. Could the geo beetles’ uncorrupted forms be beetle sized? Like teensy cute widdle gem fairies with a gargantuan fusion?

Whatever the beetles are… they seem to get very different treatment from the other corrupted gems. It’s as if they are fallen comrades. We now know there used to be more Crystal Gems beyond the 5 we know… could the beetles and/or this green fusion be some of them?

Another thing to note that this confirms that Native Americans had interactions with the gems… but totem poles are from the nations of the Pacific Northwest… totally opposite coast to the Delmarva Peninsula. I’m sure the gems had warp pads everywhere, but it makes me curious what the geographic locations of all the gem locales we have seen are.

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Thoughts on Pink Diamond and Rose’s Rebellion 

This is related to the unaired / leaked episodes of Steven Universe. If you have not watched the episodes or wish to remained unspoiled please don’t read under the cut. This is not a theory just some thoughts. 

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Lush Hacks

I just realized I’ve never done a post about my favorite combos and alternate uses for stuff from work!

The curly swirly: This was actually discovered by a coworker of mine, but I’ve modified it slightly. 2 parts Curly Wurly Shampoo, 1 part Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie, 1 part Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. Optional: sweeten it up with a squirt or two of Snow Fairy or It’s Raining Men Shower Gels, or go full-on rose with a squirt of Rose Jam Shower Gel!

Angel’s Delight soap with Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

Using Lustre as a dry shampoo!

Full of Grace Serum under a fresh mask (I love Oatifix, The Sacred Truth, or Catastrophe Cosmetic). Can also be used to moisturize stretch marks or loose skin. Potassium encourages cell restoration.

Sandy Santa or You Snap The Whip Body Butters used under the arms after shaving. The body butters are fab for deodorizing hairy pits too.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream as a foot lotion. Or as a tattoo brightener!

Fair Trade Foot Lotion on the neck for tension headaches. Arnica is pain relieving!

I Love Juicy Shampoo cleans glasses. For reals.

Ocean Salt a layer of Ultrabland off your face. You’ll feel like you’ve been dropped into Photoshop and had a smoothing tool run all over your face.

Best bath cocktails: Lord of Misrule/Gold Fun, Big Blue/Sunnyside, Butterball/Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Geo Phyzz/Rose Jam Bubbleroon/Floating Island Bath Melt, Dragon’s Egg/Green Fun.