My 1993 Geo Metro Convertible. She gets 60 MPG, with a 8 gallon tank, runs on 3 cylinders of power. She can go 0-60 in 20 minutes. She has a beautiful metallic purple paint job, with a stock radio that doesn’t even have a tape player.

aka my baby.


Clamp characters I think we should talk more often part 3: Geo Metro

Yes I have soft spot for manly looking guys who are nicest guys around. 
Geo practically exists to be worried about Eagle. When he is not worried about Eagle DYING he is worried about Eagle’s feelings being hurt because of Lantis. Or he is making sure Eagle is properly dressed (like in that color pic up there, also in scene of manga).
He held Eagle’s hand when this was having bad dream about Lantis.

My point being that this is super masculine dude with very caring and kind personality and I like that sort of thing.

He has X shape on his chin and funny eyebrows. 
How is that not awesome?