[Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle: page 80]


If that’s the case, tell me beforehand, I say!

The hot-blooded man who serves the present head of the Vision family

The young man called ‘the Vision family’s present head’s best two’ together with Lantis. Because of his impulsive personality, he apparently resists when told about Eagle’s purpose in advance; that is why it has been kept a secret.

When he [for instance] worries about Sakura or gets angry about foul play in chess, he is quite a fine young man.


Even though he’s a child, he has chosen to fight with his own will.

Eagle’s calm, collected attendant

The reticent young man who accompanies Eagle. Not expressing his emotions very much, he is enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere. Comprehending Eagle’s intentions, he pretended to Syaoran and the others that he had the power of dream-seeing.

[Nothing], under any circumstances, destroys his composed attitude. Both when he lies and when he reveals [information], he is indifferent.

This is the Geo metro Convertible.

The Metro was a rebadged Suzuki Cultus (sold as the Suzuki Swift in the US - they wisely decided not to sell a car with “cult” as part of its name in an English-speaking country). However, only as the Metro was this car offered as a convertible. It was pretty odd - selling a subcompact econobox as a convertible. Imagine if there were currently a Honda Fit convertible or Scion xA convertible or Ford Fiesta convertible.

I love this photo - It’s like what the ad agency imagined the ideal Metro convertible owner would look like. However, there’s 4 people in the picture and the car only has 2 seats. Maybe the chicks are going to ditch the dudes and make them walk. Maybe the girl leaning on the car is going to take shetland Donald Trump on a romantic rendezvous in her Metro Convertible to leave ugly-sweater and horse-face to make out behind the Lenscrafters they appear to be in front of. When you own a Geo Metro Convertible, anything’s a possibility!

There’s a lot else I could say about the Metro, but I’ll leave that for future posts on the Metro 3-door, Metro sedan, and Metro 5-door (with maybe a Pontiac Firefly thrown in for good measure).

Geo booth at the1991 Chicago Auto Show

Geo was a new brand at this time so I guess they figured nothing was more welcoming to the youth of 1991 than giant fake palm trees.

I don’t know what the fuck is going on with that purple Tracker but I’d totally drive it. I had a neighbor with a yellow Storm and one day it blew up outside the house…I still want one.