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hey! so im in love with @butteredonions fic The Size of Our Actions because the concept of deaged shiro fucking destroys me and there was suddenly a perfectly developped fic about just that, so naturally i HAD to draw how i picture their tiny shiro while im reading (i took liberties w the outfit and made him pouty >‿<) this took me forever but i couldn’t not visualize this 

just..go read the fic yall its….so good


hannibal season 3 finale + tumblr text posts (oops)

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY

Hey Sugar Bitches,
These are a few apps that I use when I’m sugaring. Majority are self explanatory. I do recommend that you’ll get the EXIF Eraser app. It basically removes all of the data from the photos you take. Im not sure if y'all are aware or not but each and every photo you take with your phone is “geo-tagged”. This means your LOCATION is attached to it…(along with some other stuff) It’s important that you use this in order to limit the exposure of your identity.

I know my folder is slacking so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

- Gia


It has been a while since I felt inclined to post something about tales from the crypt, but found myself getting a little snarky over some posts and anon’s, so I decided to let it all hang out on this fine Monday. Fair warning….some things here will not be politically correct, so for those with sensitivities to certain topics, you might want to scroll on by right now.

First…the good stuff. I absolutely loved seeing the IG posts from our dreamy duo yesterday! They looked so relaxed and happy, that I wanted to put on some sunglasses and have some wine in the snow. (We actually had snow here in SC yesterday, so I officially had a snow day, even though nothing stuck where I live!). More importantly, I am simply giddy that they are ensconced in SA, and now hard at work bringing my favorite book in the OL series to life. And, according to our shipper brother MBR….this will be some difficult shooting coming up, so I am ok with a little silence from time to time right now because they are WORKING….so all is good on that front.

Now, on to the tabloid fodder. As everyone knows, I have absolutely zero interest in famewhores….yes, that’s right…fame whores. And, if you watch SM or reality TV, you know who they are. Not a slam, but simple facts. If anyone believes for one minute that these people will fade into the sunset, it just won’t happen. But, how we react to such nonsense dictates how we see and feel about such games, and I laugh and shake my head more than you know these days!

I was not surprised that Sandstorm Skipper showed up yesterday. I don’t follow her, but her IG posts are all the same….and that is hysterical to me. Always Daisy dukes, that hideous hair, arms outstretched….hell,…even I can understand why this career is in the tank! I have more moves getting out of the shower than this poor chick! And, I loved the fact that the photographer outed the location and she went back and geo-tagged her own…..oops!….so much for that SA innuendo! Of course what is a girl to do when your alleged bf is hanging out and drinking wine with his hot costar in an exotic country! Nothing like quicksand to put some pep in your step….don’t you think?!?

At the end of the day, this farce will play out, and believe me…it WILL play out. In the meantime, no more eggshells….call this shit out based on what you see. And for the anon’s and antis who want to admonish the wonderful shipsters here for discussing anything….go f*ck yourselves. The days of hypocrisy are over. Fanning in any format is a two way street, so be careful what you wish for. Of course, they have to be careful as well. I occasionally lurk, and read one “other side” comment that said “they were glad Sam found a girl on his level because Cait was too sophisticated for him”…Wth??? I guess they were implying that Sam was smart to trade in “couture and class” for “kale and kohl”! (Crédit to one of my fellow shipsters for K&K,😚😚😂😂)! And, the implication was that Sam really should stay in the D-List level…..such wonderful support!

As for me, I am all about the luxury liner, and that is Sam and Cait. And, i am sure we will see more in the future, as @fromheretoeternity1121 outlined in her post yesterday. But, it will still be bs….after all, it is hard to get rid of poor on your shoe.

Happy Monday sweet shipsters! Long live all things Sam and Cait….no litter box needed!😙😍😊

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of people (mainly by people I see day-to-day) asking why I’ve chosen Geology as a major.

Before this, I spent 4 years pursuing various certificates and degrees in the medical line of things. I started off pursuing a chemistry degree with the intention of becoming a pharmacist, then moved to a pharmacy technician, then medical billing and coding, and was considering also doing a technical course for medical office assistant.
I chose these because my entire life I had it pushed down my throat that the medical realm was the only way I was going to be successful. I chose that based on the whim and encouragement of others, really before I knew myself.

I started out loving the pharmacy tech position when I did my internship, but when I got an actual position, I immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I’m a very anxious person and I’m not exactly the best people person - I can deal with friendly people or even slightly crabby people - but sick crabby people and the downright scary angry customers I just … no. Absolutely not. Some people are born with a knack for handling difficult people…I am not one of them. I started getting discouraged because I had spent so much time (and 5/6 of my financial aid!!!) on a career path I not only didn’t really want, but one that didn’t fit me.

After searching my college’s catalog I pushed aside everything everyone told me and asked “if you could work in any of the fields offered, which one would it be?” I immediately landed on geology. I noticed there were only a few classes I needed to complete a major and one was a five-week field course in Colorado over the summer (THIS SUMMER ahhhhh).

I wanted a major that would offer the most bang for its buck. With geology, there are so many options. Not only that but no customer service. (Well…no retail customer service anyway)
I wanted a career that I would love and thrive in, but also something that would allow me to make some kind of a difference.

I grew up obsessed with rocks (no really, my sister got a box of rocks for Christmas one year as a joke and I cried because I was jealous…I also ate them) and curious about why rocks in the hillsides were sideways or diagonal along the road cuts (I was a dorky kid leave me be 😂).

With medical I felt stuck and constantly like I was selling my soul. With geology, it’s the complete opposite. I feel free. (A little worried with current events but afterwards we should have plenty of job openings)

I like to tell the students of our outreach program that there isn’t anywhere in the world you can’t go where geology can’t be used. WV? Yah. Alaska? Yup. Greenland? You betcha. (My friends are going this summer after field camp believe it or not).
And you can be outside most of the time.

Like volcanoes? Geology.
Like water? Geology.
Like earthquakes? Geology.

Want to work with crazy complicated looking equipment and feel like a mad scientist? (Look up electron Microprobe or look down in my posts for example) Geology.

I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do specifically (land use planning maybe, conservation, or remediation) but I know I can find something I’ll love.

I know this is wishy-washy and biased, but I’ve never felt more confident or more excited for the next chapter.

Even if geology or geoscience isn’t for you, don’t worry about going through different majors. Sometimes, like in my case, the one you end up really digging (shameless geology pun, I’ll not apologize) is the last one you ever consider.

And that’s my little infomercial/shameless plug for geosciences for today ;)

~🤘🏻Rock On🤘🏻~

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Dear DSC, if your going to post an obvious sculpture from the location you're staying, you mine as well just geo tag it. Would make it slightly less innuendo laced. Glad you also don't care much for location privacy! 👍🏻

As embodiments of the spectacle, celebrities necessarily “renounce all autonomous qualities in order to identify [themselves] with the general law of obedience to the course of things.” Their Individuality is sacrificed in order to become a figurehead of the profit-driven system. After all, celebrities not only peddle commodities, but are commodities themselves. 🤜🏻They serve as projections of our false aspirations. 🤛🏻For Debord, this makes them less than human:

The admirable people in whom the system personifies itself are well known for not being what they are; they became great men by stooping below the reality of the smallest individual life, and everyone knows it. – Thesis 61


I’ve said this before in other posts but for quite a while I have not believed Sam and Cait to be together (JMO) but that didn’t matter to me, to my ship, it didn’t make me any less of a shipper, I love the idea of them……what I don’t love is them playing with that idea for whatever means they deem necessary. They’ve used it to suit their agendas, whether that be to deflect from real relationships, promote the show, win fan awards and votes, they kept up the narrative of them as a couple for a reason. So I’m going with the latest narrative that is being sold to me at the minute that Sam is with MM because I feel this is what they want their fans to believe, this will prob change coming up to SDCC when they need to amp up promotion & interest again!!

Now riddle me this, you say you don’t live your relationship on SM….fair game….a wise choice IMO…..I would prob do the same BUT I would still live my life because its mine & why should I live it according to how fans/society see fit because that is just impossible to please everyone when the person you should be pleasing is yourself. So IMO having a relationship is a pretty big part of your life, they are your everyday partner, I get it neither Sam or Cait want to post selfies of SO’s probably to protect them and they shouldn’t have too. Now Cait kind of gets to slip easily by because if she is with Tony, he has no SM presence, she’s not as lovey to Sam on SM, still doesn’t excuse her behaviour over the past how many yrs if she is with T?? I’m still giving her major virtual side eye!!

Now Sam meets a girl who has been in the business since childhood, chasing the star dream, she moved quickly on from her ex-husband to boyfriend Billy & she didn’t hide it, they lived their lives posting selfies, having fun around the world and you know what fair fucks to her, she was living her life regardless of judgement from her fans or even Billy’s & they seemed equal, when I look at pics of them I see a partnership, a duo, I see a team, I actually see happiness.

Then she meets a guy who so fiercely wants to keep it off SM, she was sent the memo & she respects that to a degree, she doesn’t post selfies with him not like with the previous one, doesn’t post any pics of him so yeah she’s obeying the rules right?? Nope instead she posts odd one eyed innuendo laden pics geo-tagged to a tee from any place Sam Heughan so happens to be. She didn’t get the memo after all. And now Sam knows what she posts, he follows her, he sees it, he’s ok with it to some degree, he has to be…..maybe he thought ppl wouldn’t put two & two together, he’s being so private….but fans do because they are fans & it’s the digitally era where information is so readily available and well a shit storm erupts on her posts, now if this happened on 1 or 2 posts & then died down fair enough but nope EVERY single post it got worse and worse & even ones that had nothing to do with Sam she got abuse for.

Now you two are in a relationship, you are a team, a partnership, you care for one another, protective of one another….no….am I wrong…..SO’s are meant to give a fuck right….so you sit down TOGETHER as partners, one says you know what I’m not comfortable with putting out a selfie & being photographed together, retweeting your achievements and heaping praise on you & being supportive in public…the other would go fair enough….not gona lie, that would hurt me and sting a lot but whateves his choice…..but then he understands that she wants to post scenery pics and show off her adventures to everyone, live her life…..fine but you should then TOGETHER for the sake of protecting ONE ANOTHER, turn off commenting at the least or if you truly need all those positive fan comments then delete negativity, delete and block the trolls saying shit about you, shit about your man & shit about your man’s best friend/co-star, its disrespectful to yourself, to him & to his best friend. If he wants to intervene like he did before on the Christmas tree pic then fair dues, he should, if that’s his SO, protect her BUT she should do the same in return. It’s not like she is getting thousands of comments, a few hundred from the same accounts being fake and ass kissing to “fans” policing her page to trolls starting an idiotic war. But this should be a team effort, of two ppl who are in a relationship together, one of which is being trolled for it & the other judged for it, have each other’s backs, you are both accountable!!

I said yesterday on another post about Cait’s birthday pic, that I didn’t recognise Sam or Cait in it & so many times when there have been “SO’s” in attendance I haven’t recognised the easy, relaxed, fun loving, flirty duo I have come to know and love but if this is their true happiness with these SO’s, my opinion on the fact will have no impact on them.

I’ve read that Sam has finally started to block ppl, some unfairly but still at least he’s slowly starting to take much needed action in this fandom because he contributed to this shit storm, both he and Cait…… and MM and Shatner and Anti’s and shippers and trolls and unhinged “journalists” and the drivers and certain crew members and so on and on….so many are not blameless, I’m not to a degree, I bought the obsessable campaign, I bought the SamCait dating rumours, I bought into the ship and I own up to that but I won’t apologise for that. I didn’t bully, troll, spread hate, invade, data mine or cross any boundaries other than follow two actors on SM and reblog pics, gifs, quotes & info they put out there…..there’s nothing to apologise for!!

Today I’m a little less of a fan of the both of them than i was yesterday and i’m not sure if i will truly be that same fan again, but i’m tired and over it all, whatever is going on, if these are their SO’s its turned into a shit show, if they are not their SO’s it’s turned into a shit show….either way its a shit show no one can or should be proud of.

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I'm not familiar w/ Instagram. But, Could S's driving photo be from last weekend or the one before? It's not a long drive from CT. And, if that is the case then all this he and she is staying / location wise can not be proven by photos alone. And, the place C is supposedly staying is really really expensive. A place you would probably split or combine w/ your follow partner. Someone who income is similar--don't your think?

Yes, you could post a photo at any time and with any geo tag. You don’t have to be at the specific location and the photo does not have to be real time.

I would assume both photos were current since they have been posting a lot of photos during the prior weekends and probably didn’t have time for a get away before now.

Sam and Cait have plenty of money. Between Outlander, endorsement deals and Cait’s modeling career, they can afford a weekend at a location that we cannot. And good for them. They should be enjoying life while they can.