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Dark growled as he tore down Geo’s pants and underwear, revealing him to the open air of his office. “Dirty little girl…. Daddy’s going to remind you how you’re suppose to have /princess/.” He ran a finger along his entrance before slowly pushing it in. Geo hissed at the dry entering, but still took it nonetheless. Dark noticed his discomfort and decided to play this part a bit nicer. He removed the finger and placed it, along with two others, in front of Geo’s mouth. “Suck them if you wish for this to be less painful baby girl.” The smaller slowly took them into his mouth, licking and sucking away at the appendages. When he deemed them wet enough, he pulled them away and returned back to his entrance. He reentered with the same finger and began to thrust it in and out. He added the second finger before he was ready, and Geo cried out slightly. The same happened for the third finger, and Geo actually swore. “F-Fuck..! Dark, p-plea-!” A sharp smack to his ass silenced him, and his head fell forward. “I don’t believe princesses curse or tell daddy what to do, do they?” Dark gripped the other’s hair and pulled his head back so he could whisper in his ear. “I’ll just have to fuck you until you remember it don’t I?” Dark let his hair go so he could pull away and remove his fingers. He then unzipped his pants and pushed the material clothing his erection down. Without warning, he slammed into Geo, which caused the other to cry out in both pain and pleasure. “D-Daddy, no, ’m not ready!” Dark growled deeply as he continued to thrust into him. “You should have thought of that before you decided to suck me off while I was having an important phone call /pet/.” His tone was stern and fierce as he pounded Geo into the desk. The pain slowly melted into pleasure, and Geo was soon a moaning, writhing mess below Dark. “Look at you… Already wanting to come… Well you’ll have to wait… Daddy has so many other plans for you disobedient /pup/.

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Geo wasn’t having any of it, first Dark tried to play with his hair after he fixed it the way he wanted then he cleaned up his strewn out stuffies and the last one that was the biggest no-no in Geo’s eyes. He cleaned up his dress up area and placed his tiara’s on a shelf he couldn’t reach at all.

So what did Geo do?

He went out of his way to ignore his Daddy, a task incredibly hard for the smaller seeing as he constantly needed love and affection not to mention his favorite seat was curled up in Darks lap.

Now Dark made an irritated noise and Geo felt his bottom lip quiver, his mind making him feel guilty as Dark left the room, in Geo’s eyes the action held more meaning than it actually did since Dark went to get him a tiara and some candy only to return to Geo bawling and clinging to a pillow.

“ ’m sowwy! ’m sowwy!” He sobbed, words slurring together as his mind began to play memories once more, something it had done all day, now he couldn’t tell the Dark was Dark, he saw Taylor and his exes. He pushed the images away and sobbed harder as he was overpowered and crushed to a chest. “T-TayTay I sowwy…. ’m S-sowwy…”

Dark’s eyes widened in realization as he held Geo close, unable to help his little princess through the bad, suddenly aware of the cause for his bratty behavior.

“Hush my sweet sweet baby, It’s me, I’ve got you…. I’ve got you.”

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Hi, so I love this comic and this universe, and I was wondering how the Gentry would react to geology students? Our classes (and dorm rooms) would have halite (salt) and a variety of minerals containing iron, but we don't just use them, we study them. We also have a love for the Earth and her secrets. Would They be bothered by us?

Hi, thank you! Here’s a little bit about geo students! In short, they’d give you a wide, disinterested berth. The secrets of the earth that you’re interested in learning don’t often overlap with the secrets of the earth which they’re interested in keeping. But like many of the science majors in particular, the Forbidden Major has a certain allure, and if you’re looking for secrets of the earth, Underhill calls.