geo nudy brown

Quick Review: Geo Nudy Brown Circle Lenses

  1. Enlargement: 8/10
    These lenses have a 14.0mm diameter. Although it wouldn’t be too dramatic for those of you with larger eyes, it’s a good size for those with smaller eyes like myself.
  2. Comfort: 9/10
    I can wear these for about 9 hours without having to put drops in; they do get dry, but it is bearable. 
  3. Design: 8/10
    Very natural! The color and halo effect is only really visible in bright outdoor lighting and in flash photography. Indoors the lens just nicely blends with my brown eyes.
  4. Overall: 8.5/10
    Pleasantly surprised. I expected these to be one of my least favorite (vs. nudy grey, angel grey and brown). The color is so much more natural than the angel brown pair, and doesn’t have that alien affect the nudy grey seems to have.