geo lense


Holding him as I took this selfie. Hahaha! This is my older sister’s dog, I’m puppy sitting. Lenses in my bug eyes are Geo Medical: BIG Grang Grang in Choco~! 15mm! Seifu is from Bodyline. ♡

Went for a less scary look today. Softer brows and bit lighter eye makeup!

Eyeshadows from Kat Von D Shade+Light eye palette, liner is Ink liner by Kat Von D, foundation from Natural Code By Lumene and the lippie is “Brick” by Dose of Colors.
Lenses are Super Nudy Blue by Geo Coloured Lenses, necklace is from Pill Jewelry and jacket is from Sheinside.


GEO-3 Tone Green (Korea)
A very natural effect that brings out the darker circle around my eye and also makes everything a pretty green shade. They are very comfortable, I’ve been using them at work without any problems. Mine is with -06.00 power and the sight correction works just fine. They are good everyday lenses for more natural styles, not something I would use for say cosplay… But I’m in love with them! Only thing is I would probably have gotten ones a little bit bigger. Fast delivery and great service! Also they’re one year disposable and that I really like 5 out 5 🐵

(Also I will probably use this seller more, getting my hands on some makeup such as étude house!)~

My friend said I look like Hiro from Big Hero 6 *HEAVY BREATHING*
I’m actually so happy with how this costest turned out! I lowkey improvised with the makeup and managed to make myself age in reverse! I added a bit more shading around the eyes and normally I conceal my lips with foundation but this time I used nude lip gloss and I prefer it way more!
Also, it turns out I really like cosplaying happy characters?? It’s a lot easier for me to pose in photos and I just really like my cheekbones and my gapped teeth!! (*¯︶¯*)
☄Lenses are GEO Bella Green BS-203 from @ilovecirclelenses

Feeling witchy!
Eyeshadows from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs LLC Zombie Defense palette, glitter liner is Lit Cosmetics Rich & Famous, falshe lashes from Oh My Lash, foundation, contour and eyeliner are by Kat Von D, lipstick is Bellatrix liquid lipstick from LaSplash Cosmetics.
Wig is Salem by Geisha Wigs, necklace is from Dahlia Deranged and contact lenses are from Geo Coloured Lenses

anonymous asked:

NO NO NO NO PLEASE DON'T EVER RECOMMEND PINKY PARADISE. Just look up Jessica Lynn and her 90% corneal abrasion caused by Pinky Paradise contact lenses.

Here is the deal: ANY contact lens you buy that is not given to you by your  eye doctor or does not contact your eyedoctor to validate your prescription is generally not considered FDA approved in the US and can be unsafe for your eyes. ANY time you do not properly inspect, care for, insert or wear your lenses you have the risk of damaging your eyes. From my understanding, no circle lens is considered approved for the united states and are considered illegal because of that.  Corneal abrasions are commonly caused by wearing contacts. 

This site is dedicated to information about contact lens safety and I recommend every cosplayer read it:

Anyone who is interested can read Jessica Lynn’s account here:

Edit: Pinky sells brands of contact lenses, they don’t produce them. Even though they sold the lenses to Jessica I think it’s important to note that the BRAND was Vassen and that the brand is available through other sellers as well.

I suggest all cosplayers do their research on lenses before wearing them so they know what the risks are. Go to an eye doctor for your first pair, learn proper care/storage/wear/removal, understand why they aren’t FDA approved and check that if it’s a korean brand (EOS, GEO etc) are at least KFDA (Korean FDA) approved.

You’re sticking plastic in your eyes, be as safe as possible about it. 

The reasons I will suggest Pinky are: It’s very commonly used with few horror stories (that I have seen), Encourages you to talk with your optician for diameter / base sizing (FAQ section), Gives instructions for wear and removal, They support checking GEO codes for fake lenses, Has a New User guide which also encourages you to contact your optician. States that all their lenses are KFDA approved - this is not USA FDA approved. 


marshmallowfeferi said: Geo Medical is actually US FDA approved now so if you want to be save that’s the best bet

Just double checked this and they are! [source] [source]  and approved by Health Canada ;) 


Yesterday’s OOTD & details.

Photos by @heathornton

H&M camisole
H&M hooded cardigan (my fave; I love it more with every rip it gets in the bottom)
Ellazhu harem pants
Dr Martens Jadon platform boots
Vintage gold leaf aquarium necklace
Mishu men’s warlock utility belt

Urban Decay Ammo Palette eyeshadows
Geo Princess Mimi circle lenses in Apple Green
Ardell Wispies false lashes
MAC fluidline eyeliner in Blacktrack
MAC Russian Red and Smoked Purple lipsticks
Beauty store bindi