geo a day

  • superman: [chewing out young justice]
  • batman: [swoops in] don't you ever talk like that to my son, my son's bff, my son's son, my son's sons gf, my son's bff's gf, my son's angry friend, or kaldur ever again
  • batman: especially kaldur

My geo mock exam is on the same day as my bio mock and I’m just casually freaking out over it, you know, the usual

Day 28 / 100

Song: Power | Little Mix

Mock exams start tomorrow! I have my Bio and Geo exam on the same day! And I don’t feel confident for either :(

This is probably my favourite spread that I spent less than three minutes on :)

Day 29 / 100

Song: Spring Day | BTS

100 days of productivity
Map of Europe color coded by ethnicity percentage for Human Geo (may not be 100% accurate but I tried). Mostly caught up from this class from Disney, but no where near fully caught up, nor packed. I’m getting there though. I also attended a district meeting tonight where I was recognized for getting an ap scholar with honors award. 😎