geo a day

100 days of productivity
Map of Europe color coded by ethnicity percentage for Human Geo (may not be 100% accurate but I tried). Mostly caught up from this class from Disney, but no where near fully caught up, nor packed. I’m getting there though. I also attended a district meeting tonight where I was recognized for getting an ap scholar with honors award. 😎


Day 19 of productivity • Geography revision for my exam tomorrow! 

I am three days into exams, four down, five to go. My first two geography papers were good but super long and tedious, my maths papers were alright and my first physics paper was really good. I usually find physics exams terrible, and struggle with every question. However when I did the exam today, I understood them all, and think I answered most right (which is super abnormal). 

The main reason why I think it went good today was due to the fact I have a new tutor, my old tutor was super boring and refused to let me write notes or do past papers- but instead lectured me for two hours. The one I have now writes colourful vibrant notes on the whiteboard and gives me questions to do from each topic (and is also super friendly!). Feeling super happy!!


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