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The 3200 year old tree so massive that it had never been captured in a single image until recently.

This giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and measures 45,000 cubic feet in volume. The trunk alone measures 27 feet and the branches hold 2 billion needles (more than any tree on the planet).

This picture took a team of photographers from Nat Geo, 32 days and stitching together 126 different photos to make.


nikkis-girl-deactivated20150208  asked:

*sobs violently* the AP Human Geo test is in 8 days and I don't know what to study. Tbh I sucked all year (teacher seriously wasn't the best) and now im freaking out because I want to get a 3 or higher. what do you suggest studying the most?

There are certain points in every section that are almost always tested more than the rest, so I’ll try to go through according to each section (because each topic is pretty much weighed the same.) 

The introductory stuff of geography for the most part revolves around knowing how to read maps. If you know that, congratulations, that’s a lot of what they test on. 

When it comes to population and migration, know what push and pull factors are. They’re covered frequently. Know examples for each and those are some easy points, as often times there’s FRQ’s on them and a couple of multiple choice questions. Also, know what diasporas are and examples of that.

Cultural geography mostly revolves around knowing what types of religions there are, and how cultures merge into other landscapes. If they ask you about things such as ethnic neighbourhoods, be sure to know some examples like Chinatown in New York City or Little Havana in Miami. You MUST know the differences between pop culture and folk culture. Understand the dumb buzzword “environmental determinism”. The biggest portion by far though is the language portion, and if you really need to dedicate study time, study the things surrounding language. 

Political geography is really easy surprisingly. Study your border shapes and how borders are formed. Understand the Heartland/Rimland theories. ALSO GERRYMANDERING. THERE’S QUESTIONS ON IT ALL THE TIME. 

Rural/agricultural stuff is really dumb, the questions they ask on it are often ridiculously hard if they don’t revolve around the Von Thunen Model. Ignore it aside from the Von Thunen Model. Trying to remember land distribution/parceling systems is just ridiculously hard (I’m a bit biased though as it was the only question I didn’t know when I took my exam)

Study up a lot on urban geography, such as urban sprawl and such. STUDY ALL THE MODELS. They’re so, so, so important and the FRQ almost always seems to have them nowadays. 

Aside from those things, study your Demographic Transition Model and any other models that you can think of. They’re honestly such a big part of the test. Know your world map. Focus on Asia, South America, or Africa. Ignore Europe or America as they’re not likely to ask you about those places. 

tldr; Study your models. Gerrymandering. Demographic Transition Model. Borders. Language. 

Note that there’s no guarantees that this stuff will be on the test, but after having taken the exam and like 20 practice exams, these all seem to be the most common and most important components of each section and I apologise greatly if for some reason the fuckers at the College Board give you a map of Central Europe. 

100 days of productivity
Map of Europe color coded by ethnicity percentage for Human Geo (may not be 100% accurate but I tried). Mostly caught up from this class from Disney, but no where near fully caught up, nor packed. I’m getting there though. I also attended a district meeting tonight where I was recognized for getting an ap scholar with honors award. 😎

100 Days of Comics! 024/100: Outsiders #9 (1994)

Today’s rummage into the box of 100 mystery comics brings us… … Batman’s backup team that he maintains so that he can quit the Justice League in a huff??

That’s probably not fair or accurate but its the Outsiders! Minus “Batman and the” because this is during the armored Az-Bat Knightfall era and nobody likes the Outsiders.

We jump right in without a recap page because that was advanced technology, mostly unknown in the 90s. I’ll have to infer what came before using my reasonings.

But the plot starts off with Halo living a nightmare. Apparently she died. Or her body did. And now her mind and powers are in the body of Marissa, Technocrat’s wife and person who tried to kill the team twice before. So its awkward. First, she has to convince Technocrat and Katana not to kill her. And then she has to live the rest of her life in the wrong body and suddenly being years older.

Anyway, this is all Faust’s fault. Darn magic guy.

Anyway, Halo-in-Marissa has to attend her own funeral and watch her dead body be buried. That’s messed up.

The rest of the team is not having any better of a time. Following a fight with Az-Bat maybe, Geo-Force (brother of more infamous sibling Terra), Wylde and Faust are arrested by the police and thrown in a prison for supervillains. With collars and wrist-thingers that zap them if they use their powers.

The prison scenes all really remind me of that Young Justice episode where Superboy and Miss Martian went undercover at a super jail disguised as twins and then made out in front of a disgusted and confused Icicle Jr. Not because of any kissing but more the kind of prison atmosphere and looming escape attempt.

Of course throwing a known superhero in jail is a good way to get them dead. What with all the supervillains in there.

Anyway, the Masters of Disaster make an escape attempt. By forming a circuit through a glass wall separating the men and women, they overload their various restraining devices and go on a rampage.

In addition to breaking out, Master of Disaster New Wave decides she also wants to kill Geo-Force dead. And she has a type advantage. Water against rock type?

But Geo-Force pulls the same trick the Masters of Disaster and overloads Wylde’s collar and then tricks the ice disaster master into freezing his cuffs so he can smash them.

Meanwhile, Halo, Katana, and Technocrat and infiltrating the prison to bust out their teammates. It helps that Marissa Barron’s company built it. So. Halo’s horrible life circumstance actually helps out here.

Meanwhile inside the prison break, a speedster called Dervish helps out Wylde. She was in the awkwardly titled Jihad super-group that the Outsiders tangled with in an earlier issue. She wants to join with the Outsiders so she can find her… gonna guess boyfriend? Manticore. Which awkwardly was the one Wylde fought and who died. Which Wylde does not bring up. I mean, how do you start that conversation?

Halo, Katana, and Technocrat run into the jail break and then the Eradicator shows up. I think he was one of the fake Supermen during Reign of the Supermen. Anyways, he’s busted into prison to judge whether the Outsiders are innocent or guilty and then to totally eradicate them if they’re guilty.

Geo-Force says they’re totally innocent and that he’ll prove it. So off they go, a big group. Now Outsiders in the sense that they have to go underground because breaking out of jail is super illegal.

And I guess in the following issue, they’re going to the center of the Earth to search for an old teammate who might be a vampire now? Superhero life is weird.

Doesn’t Geo-Force have a country to lead?

I don’t really know the Outsiders very well!