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This video was captured by a guy on his cell phone at Kruger National park. Sold to Nat Geo for 1 million dollars.
One of the best videos for wildlife lovers, amazing stuff.


The King of Fighters ‘94 / ザ·キング·オブ·ファイターズ'94 (Part 2)
(Neo-Geo - SNK - 1994)

Part 1:

The King of Fighters 94-97 Orochi Hen Perfect Art Collection
GameFan 8 - February 2005


Toshiaki Mori / 森気楼, AKA Shinkiro - the early years (Part 2)

1-3) Burning Fight / バーニングファイト (Neo-Geo - 1991)
4-5) Robo Army / ロボアーミー (Neo-Geo - 1991)
6) King of the Monsters 2 / キング・オブ・ザ・モンスターズ2 (Neo-Geo - 1992)
7) King of the Monsters / キング・オブ・ザ・モンスターズ (Neo-Geo - 1991)
8) Eight Man / エイトマン (Neo-Geo - 1991)
9) Mutation Nation / ミューテイション ネイション (Neo-Geo - 1991)
10) Quiz Daisousasen / クイズ大捜査線 and Quiz Meitantei Neo Geo - Quiz Daisousasen Part 2 / クイズ迷探偵 NEO&GEO -クイズ大捜査線PART2 (Neo-Geo – 1991-92)

Part 1:

SNK Settei Genga Collection - The Collection of Drafts About SNK Design Works

Have You had fun in a Jumpsuit yet this Summer?

Jumpsuits come in different colors, different styles and different cuts, but one thing they all have in common is how fun of an OOTD they are. How would you create a look with this fashion piece? Try completing a jumpsuit ensemble with a floppy hat (perfect for summer) or a snapback, chic sunglasses, heels or flats, and maybe a blazer if you want to dress it up a bit more. Another nice thing about jumpsuits? They transition well from the city to the beach, so you can wear them over your swimsuit too.

Ready to get started with them now? Here are 10 jumpsuits you’ll love for summer:

1) Strapless Geo Jumpsuit

2) Surplice Back Colorblock Jumpsuit

3) Knotted Floral Jumpsuit

4) Strapless Wide-leg Jumpsuit

5) Leopard Love Jumpsuit

6) Lace Inset Halter Jumpsuit

7) Retro Floral Jumpsuit

8) Paisley Floral Surplice Jumpsuit

9) Southwestern-Inspired Jumpsuit

10) Belted Floral Jumpsuit

Has your affection for jumpsuits grown greater now? Check out these other jumpsuit styles on Forever 21.

We love #6’s lace inset! It’s definitely one of the dressier jumpsuits you can get right now. Which one did you like the most from the list?

Wantering Editors