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Hey guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of people (mainly by people I see day-to-day) asking why I’ve chosen Geology as a major.

Before this, I spent 4 years pursuing various certificates and degrees in the medical line of things. I started off pursuing a chemistry degree with the intention of becoming a pharmacist, then moved to a pharmacy technician, then medical billing and coding, and was considering also doing a technical course for medical office assistant.
I chose these because my entire life I had it pushed down my throat that the medical realm was the only way I was going to be successful. I chose that based on the whim and encouragement of others, really before I knew myself.

I started out loving the pharmacy tech position when I did my internship, but when I got an actual position, I immediately knew it wasn’t for me. I’m a very anxious person and I’m not exactly the best people person - I can deal with friendly people or even slightly crabby people - but sick crabby people and the downright scary angry customers I just … no. Absolutely not. Some people are born with a knack for handling difficult people…I am not one of them. I started getting discouraged because I had spent so much time (and 5/6 of my financial aid!!!) on a career path I not only didn’t really want, but one that didn’t fit me.

After searching my college’s catalog I pushed aside everything everyone told me and asked “if you could work in any of the fields offered, which one would it be?” I immediately landed on geology. I noticed there were only a few classes I needed to complete a major and one was a five-week field course in Colorado over the summer (THIS SUMMER ahhhhh).

I wanted a major that would offer the most bang for its buck. With geology, there are so many options. Not only that but no customer service. (Well…no retail customer service anyway)
I wanted a career that I would love and thrive in, but also something that would allow me to make some kind of a difference.

I grew up obsessed with rocks (no really, my sister got a box of rocks for Christmas one year as a joke and I cried because I was jealous…I also ate them) and curious about why rocks in the hillsides were sideways or diagonal along the road cuts (I was a dorky kid leave me be 😂).

With medical I felt stuck and constantly like I was selling my soul. With geology, it’s the complete opposite. I feel free. (A little worried with current events but afterwards we should have plenty of job openings)

I like to tell the students of our outreach program that there isn’t anywhere in the world you can’t go where geology can’t be used. WV? Yah. Alaska? Yup. Greenland? You betcha. (My friends are going this summer after field camp believe it or not).
And you can be outside most of the time.

Like volcanoes? Geology.
Like water? Geology.
Like earthquakes? Geology.

Want to work with crazy complicated looking equipment and feel like a mad scientist? (Look up electron Microprobe or look down in my posts for example) Geology.

I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do specifically (land use planning maybe, conservation, or remediation) but I know I can find something I’ll love.

I know this is wishy-washy and biased, but I’ve never felt more confident or more excited for the next chapter.

Even if geology or geoscience isn’t for you, don’t worry about going through different majors. Sometimes, like in my case, the one you end up really digging (shameless geology pun, I’ll not apologize) is the last one you ever consider.

And that’s my little infomercial/shameless plug for geosciences for today ;)

~🤘🏻Rock On🤘🏻~

mr ed “i want you to suffer as ive suffered” nygma

sir when have you suffered in your life, ever. oh boo hoo, i killed my girlfriend then chopped her body into pieces, poor poor me. my new plot point clone girlfriend i knew for a week got killed but oh i loved her sooooooo much. pity me, i deserve soo much SYMPATHY

Hey Sugar Bitches,
These are a few apps that I use when I’m sugaring. Majority are self explanatory. I do recommend that you’ll get the EXIF Eraser app. It basically removes all of the data from the photos you take. Im not sure if y'all are aware or not but each and every photo you take with your phone is “geo-tagged”. This means your LOCATION is attached to it…(along with some other stuff) It’s important that you use this in order to limit the exposure of your identity.

I know my folder is slacking so if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know.

- Gia


hannibal season 3 finale + tumblr text posts (oops)

my geo homework: describe the subregions of russia

my geo textbook: this is the slavic countries subregion :) it has lots of oil and [thick discussion of foreign politics i do not understand, followed by economic terminology and frighteningly businesslike acronyms) :) also fishing is an up and coming industry !

my descriptions: fuck dude they got fish oil


Why he so gorgeous? Ok so someone tell me, is Dudart AOMG or AOMG headquarters located on Rodeo? Because this guy says he always runs into Jay in Rodeo, and his geo-tag is at The MIN’s, which is Changmin from 2AM’s cafe. I’m just tryna not get all wrapped up into thinking he goes to Changmin’s cafe. ONEDAY❤😢


Meta category: “Homage to Paul Jaisini” Art Series Collection. Gleitzeit International Group.  Art Project Titled “Art About Art” Started 2013 - Ongoing.

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Paul Jaisini Invisible Paintings


Cube 2

Paul Jaisini He Paints Invisible Paintings Since 1994

20 years ago Paul Jaisini destroyed all of his critically acclaimed art.

Cube 3

Paul Jaisini Invisible Paintings


Cube 4

Paul Jaisini He Paints Invisible Paintings

Cube 5

Paul Jaisini


Remember when eleanor was flown to Australia and papped with louis a month before the break up was announced?

Remember when Eleanor geo-tagged her location on ig to actually inside Louis’ house in London a week before the break up was announced?

Remember how eleanor was following louis’ co-workers and friends on social media and liking manips of Elounor on ig a few weeks before the break up was announced?

Remember all that? Remember how the break up was announced VERY PUBLICLY despite alllllll of those things that indicated it wasn’t ending soon?


i don’t know why i’m suddenly remembering this but, the first time i took my driver’s test i got so anxious that i dissociated and missed a left hand turn lane and automatically failed the test

still to this day i do not remember there being a fucking left hand turn lane there