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Hello! Hope you're having a nice day. :) Can I get reaction headcanons from tfp Soundwave and Predaking and rid2015 Grimlock for a musical human s/o? One who's always singing or playing an instrument like a violin or something? Thank you!

Thank you! I hope you do too! Sorry this is so late! <3

TFP Soundwave doesn’t outright react to your musical interests most of the time, although sometimes hell play clips of applause once you’re done. He might also record you so he can listen to it later. 

TFP Predaking enjoys listening to you, and will sometimes ask you to play or sing for him while you’re both relaxing. His compliments are always encouraging and genuine.

RID2015 Grimlock practically gushes the first time you play or sing for him. He thinks you’re amazing and has no trouble telling you this. He gets really giddy if you do it again.

VIXX Leo 'The Price of Admission'

@jirachoi93​ asked: Hi :3 I see that Drabble expansions are open :3 can I have a Leo expansion to accidentally texting their s/o about something he definitely wouldn’t say to them ever? I don’t know what but you can pick :)

A/N: I stuck with the first date idea because it can be so much more embarrassing to do something like that with someone you don’t know as well. Especially for Leo. I hope you enjoy! ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.  

“C’mon, tell me.”

Leo could hear amusement in N’s voice but genuine interest as well. It was just too embarrassing to say these things out loud even if it was to one of his closest friends. “Why can’t I tell you tomorrow?”

“Because I’ll die of curiosity by then. It won’t kill you. Use your words,” he teased. “Did you have a good time or not? What did you notice? Did your heart skip a beat?” Now he was cackling. In the background Leo could hear other people.

“Fine! God you’re annoying. I’ll text you but only so you shut up. Hyogie might overhear you and then I won’t get any peace for days.”

“All right, all right, text me. And good luck with your rehearsals. See you tomorrow.”

Leo hung up without answering. It was his passive aggressive way of demonstrating his resentment towards N for always sticking his nose in his business.

He slowed to an amble and starting typing a text to answer Hakyeon’s questions in succinct fashion.

‘I had a really good time. What I noticed most were the eyes. Kind, gentle eyes. I can’t wait to see them again.’

Flustered he hit send and sped up his pace, happy the nagging would be over. His friend never backed off, but a part of him was grateful. He needed to be pulled out of his shell at times. Hearing a chime he pulled his phone out of his pocket to see what Hakyeon had to say.

‘What? Lol, are you trying to ask me out for a second date?’

That…didn’t make sense. He checked the sender and felt his heart seize in his chest. He couldn’t breathe. He’d sent the message to his date instead of N. He wanted the ground to open up so he could crawl in a hole. Why did these things happen to him? Who had he been in a past life to deserve this?

Shoving the phone in his back pocket he ignored the subsequent chimes as he made his way to the line reading for his latest play. Each one he heard made the bile churn in his stomach.

Once at his destination he knew he couldn’t put it off any longer. Dreading what he’d find he unlocked his phone. Two messages from N and three from his date. He checked the ones from Hakyeon. As expected he was scolding Leo for what he thought was an attempt to dodge him. It was in Leo’s best interest to let him think that rather than have to explain his error so he sent a clipped response that he decided not to share and to leave him alone.

Leo stared at the little number three by your name. He was an adult. He should be able to answer his phone. But what if you had laughed at him? He felt so exposed, so vulnerable. He needed more time to steel himself before he looked.

Two days later he pulled up the texts. To his monumental relief you were asking if he’d been scared off by your reply, but you didn’t seem to think he was ridiculous. Truth be told, he was sorely tempted to just walk away and pretend it never happened. But as he had indicated with his unfortunate text, he really, really liked you. As in couldn’t get you out of his mind. So avoiding you forever wasn’t an option. Leo decided the better part of valor was feigning ignorance and sent a text essentially ignoring everything that happened after the date.   

‘Hey. I have a couple hours free tomorrow night. Would you like to get coffee?’

He didn’t have too long of a wait before there was a response.

‘There you are! I was starting to worry I’d chased you off…’

 ‘Nope. Coffee?’

Leo waited but nothing else was sent. It occurred to him that his social skills had hit a new low by making even texting awkward. He was so nervous he thought his heart would explode when his phone chimed.

‘Ok, let’s forget the past few days and start over. But only because you like my eyes.’

Leo felt a wave of relief hit him. If that’s all that was ever said on the matter, he could live with it.​ Happily.