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I've seen some say that YD needs to be taken away from homeworld and put on earth to appreciate organic life a la peridot, but i feel like that method wouldn't be the best. thoughts?

I think that’s attempting to prescribe a very shallow solution for a problem YD does not actually have.

Problems YD has, in no particular order, which I had to put a readmore on, because it got too long:

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This is like simultaneously more different and less different than I expected (but then my smart ass just noticed the ‘new look same shade’ on the box so there’s that)! I MEANT to dye it a little more vibrant maybe but this is a nice & natural transition to that if I want. 😊

ETA: aaand wrong blog. But hi this is me & I just dyed my hair. xD

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I was going to say I'd love to have you show me your collection of books on mythology and cults and cosmic horror but then I realized- You kind of can do that. Do you have any book recs of the non-Lovecraft Lovecraftian sort?

Okay so I pulled some of my favourite things off my bookshelf which I think might appeal to people interested in Lovecraft. I tend to veer towards the more gothic of his tales so that’s what this collection reflects. There is a mixture of fiction and non fiction here so I hope this is useful!! 

1. The Hell-Fire Clubs by Evelyn Lord

A History of devil worshipping cults in the British Isles which supposedly operated from about the 16th-19th centuries. 

2. America Bewitched by Owen Davies

A history of witchcraft in America after the salem witch trials, really interesting to see how that initial incident affected the later ‘outbreaks’. 

3. Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell 

This is part one in a series of texts about the impact of mythology on the psychology/culture/identity of the human race. It reminds me a lot of the ideas Lovecraft explores about the idea of an ingrained fear that has been passed down through generations. 

4. The Devil Within by Brian Levak 

The best history of exorcism I have read, worth pointing out that is does only focus on Western history/concepts. 

5. Vampyres by Christopher Frayling 

Super comprehensive and very literary based, actually a really good reference text for people studying the gothic in any capacity. A social and anthropological history of the Vampyre in popular culture. 

6/7. The Blake and Avery Detective Series by M.J Carter 

Victorian detective series full of satanic cults, weird witch doctors, ancient symbolism and gruesome murders. 

8. Heavenly Bodies by Paul Koudounaris 

I have been obsessed with the Catholic practice of decorating the bodies of saints for ages and this is the definitive book on the subject. Full of gorgeous, fascinating photos and lots of insights into the ritual behind it all. 

9. This Way Madness Lies by Mike Jay 

A really well illustrated and gorgeously presented history of Bedlam in London. Any publication put out by the Wellcome Collection is always worth the money. 

10/11/12. The Annihilation Trilogy by Jeff Vandemeer 

My favourite weird fiction trilogy ever. Worth reading Annihilation on it’s own even if you don’t pick up the other two. Sort of like At the Mountains of Madness meets The X Files meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Also a nearly all female cast of characters. 

13. Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente

I’m an absolute sucker for things based on Russian Folklore and this is a bizarre fever dream of a narrative which never quite makes sense but the prose is insanely gorgeous. 

14. Satantango by Laszlo Kraszahorkai 

One to pick up if you like the Lovecraft stories like Dreams in the Witch House, The Colour out of Space and The Cats of Ulthar. Follows the impact of a group of uncanny individuals whose appearance in a rural town causes a slow descent into chaos. 

15. Moon Over Soho (The Rivers of London series) by Ben Aaronovitch 

The Rivers of London series is dark, funny and perfect as a light hearted monsters, girls and ghosts read. I love them because they are set around where I live which is always fun. 

16. The Wolves of London by Mark Morris 

Weirdly this series was released around the same time as the above one but has a much more overt Lovecraftian tone to it. I prefer the ideas and the bleakness of this series but the writing style of Aaronovitch. 

16. Q by Luther Blissett 

Tonally quite similar to Lovecraft’s work. It’s dense but worth the read if you can get through it as it’s a maze of religious fever, manic peasant revolts and political upheaval. 

17. The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley 

One of my favourite books of the last year. Deeply unsettling and an amazing blend of supernatural and domestic horror where you can never tell who is reliable. 

18. Thin Air by Michelle Paver 

Perfect for fans of Algernon Blackwood, M.J James and all those wonderful classic ghost writers. Genuinely frightening with an excellent payoff. 

19/20/21. Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook 

Probably visually the most Lovecraftian of this list. A classic tale of supernatural happenings in an isolated rural area but the illustrations and creature designs are some of the most beautiful and horrifying I’ve ever seen. 

Not pictured because I couldn’t find my copy of it is Kraken by China Miéville which starts with a giant embalmed squid being stolen from the Natural History Museum and explodes into a story of cults, magical books, sea monsters and a chilling use of origami. 

I’m also half way through Là-Bas, by J.K Huysmans which follows a young man who becomes obsessed with Gilles de Rais and eventually pursues satanism in turn of the century France. It’s a morbid delight and the love story at it’s centre will really appeal to people who aren’t normally into that aspect of the narrative. Who doesn’t want to go to a black mass with your lover? 

I get a real visceral sense of joy out of hearing those nasty-ass Confederate monuments coming down; destroying the Confederacy is one of the very few genuinely, no ambiguity, excellent and Good things the US has ever done. I know it’s somewhat performative and an easy way for liberals to feel good about tackling systemic racism while…. not, but goddamn seeing those things come down and racists literally cry is cathartic as Hell.

It's not gasoline at least.
( bingsepticeye )
It's not gasoline at least.

@callmeanyale: Bing, how do you fuel yourself? Do you eat food like humans? Or do you “eat” electricity or something? I’m curious because some robots are advanced to the point of being able to function almost exactly like a human. I hope you don’t think this is a stupid question. I’m genuinely curious.

That is an excellent question! While I am more advanced than most of my fellow androids and equipped to ingest certain types of fare that humans can, my main source of ‘fuel’ comes from the time that I am charging. I use the same principle as most phones do today.
I have a charger and a port, plug in the corresponding halves to either my bodily port or the wall outlet, and wait approximately an hour to two hours and I will be sustained for the next 32 hours.
And no question is a dumb one, sweet user. It is in your nature as an anthropomorphous creature to be inquisitive.

Chapter 19 - A Hot Mess

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21

You shook your head and laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. A week ago you could have just wandered upstairs or someone could have just come to you. Now, and at least for another week, you needed reasons to see each other. You had just finished a phone call with one of the managers who informed you that Kyungsoo was coming down to your apartment for a lesson.  You knew he was coming down to make sure that you ate dinner and he was cooking for you not only because he loved to cook but because he cared enough to make sure you ate well.  You weren’t sure if you were actually supposed to give a lesson or not so you still prepared one, just in case.

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Thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean? I've heard somewhere that you took inspiration for Red Seas.

I really loved the first film, saw it many times. Enjoyed the second more than most people I know. Left to go the the bathroom at the climax of the third and didn’t feel I’d missed anything. Never saw it again. Totally disinterested in any of the films made since. Back in 2003, the whole notion of a movie based on a fucking theme park ride was generally seen as mad hubris, and part of the charm of POTC was the shocking fact that it turned out to be so genuinely good. Since then, I have become profoundly less interested in the notion that the Caribbean hides any more previously-unseen all-powerful dark forces that Jack Sparrow personally pissed off many years ago. I also enjoyed the Sparrow character a great deal more when it was unclear just where his boundaries were set– how much of his shtick was affect and swagger, how much of it was obsession and sanity-bending experience, how much of it was damage? I don’t particularly care for more explanations and backstory; I was happier with him as a mystery and a foil rather than the center of the cinematic universe. If I never have to see another film trailer with a genuinely excellent actor with some CGI supernatural gook all over them muttering “Jack… Sparrrrowwwww…” I’ll be pretty content.  

American Gods: Ep 1

So, all of you know that I’m absolute trash for Neil Gaiman and American Gods. A lot of you have probably followed me for that exact reason. So I wanted to update you on what I thought of episode 1 of the new show. [Spoilers ahead!]

I loved it.

It’s so genuinely excellent so far. The introduction, with the totem pole, is inspired. The casting is great. But I suspected that already. Let’s get into the details.

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Mr. Wednesday’s introduction is great. I enjoyed the way the series began, with the introduction of Odin into this world. Ian McShane is a fantastic Mr. Wednesday, gruff and slimy and weirdly likable anyhow. I liked that they maintained just enough of the original beginning, and simply twisted it earlier with flashbacks and dreams to give it even more mystery early on.

Shadow’s is played wonderfully—his grief, his hardness to the outside world, Mr. Wednesday’s read of him, his humor. As are his coin tricks. I really loved his coin tricks. His cellmate has been accurate so far, and Audrey was done well—just enough to be horridly sort of, almost funny, while also not funny at all. I’m just loving everything about it so far.

There were a couple high points—or, perhaps, just parts I was thrilled to see—in this episode. The first, naturally, is Bilquis.

Originally posted by americangodsedits

I had no idea how they were going to make “that scene” work. But they did. It was just enough sexy and scary, just enough genuinely beautiful and absolutely horrifying. One thing I was slightly troubled over was their erasure of the fact that she was a sex worker. In this one, she’s on Tindr, and I liked the incorporation of that technology, but I’m still curious as to why they decided to make the change. 

The second is Shadow’s dreams. I might be wrong, but I feel like they went a little farther with them than in the book at this point. But I loved them. I love the buffalo with the flaming eyes. It’s one of my favorite parts of the book. “Believe.”

Now, we get to my two favorite parts, because the show took them and just flew, both through acting and through special effects. The first: Technical Boy.

Originally posted by amazonvideouk

The way they did this entire scene was inspired. The way they added a virtual reality device to get Shadow in the limo-like place. The way Technical Boy constructs himself in front of Shadow’s eyes. His buffering language. His vaping (the synthetic toad skins). The constant weirdness. I loved it. 

And the second favorite part? Mad Sweeney.

Originally posted by wynonasrider

I don’t even think I need to explain this one. Every one of his scenes, from the fight to plucking the coins out of the air, to his bloody laugh, was absolutely killer. Pablo Schreiber is such a perfect Mad Sweeney. I love it. 

I’m still nervous about the whole thing, as anyone would be about an adaptation of one of their favorite novels that they know the world will see and judge by. But I’m loving it so far!

Did you see this episode? What did you think?

How to Study a Mathematics Text Book

A general rule for college level work is two hours of outside classwork for each hour in the classroom. Putting this much work in can possibly get you a passing C grade. In order to do better in the class and strive for an A grade, you need to put in more work. If you do not understand how to study for math, then you will only waste your time. 

The following tips will help you study correctly from a math text book ☺

  1. Read the section(s) assigned a first time. Work on the examples on a sheet of paper to see how the text book did the work and got those solutions.
  2. Review the previous day’s assignment. Much of the new material builds on the old.
  3. Read the present day’s assignment a second time.  This is important. This time as you read it, solve the examples without looking at the text book. 
  4. Pretend your homework is a test. If your text includes the answers, check your work. If you get it wrong, do the problem until you get the correct answer. Also, don’t do the homework until you have read the text twice
  5. Look ahead to the next days assignment and content. This is the direction in which you will be headed. 
  6. Class time. Utilize time with your teacher/professor. Do not let math anxiety affect you. We all have the ability to do math. We have been learning to do it since grade school. You know how to read; you know how to compute math problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is the the question of whether or not a question should be asked. After the class session, review your notes to see if what you wrote down is accurate. Clarify any parts that were confusing with a teacher or a peer.  
  7. Go to class each day thinking that you will have a pop quiz. You should always come prepared. 

Remember: Mathematics is part of the cosmos, that is, it can be known, understood, and learned. Therefore, have faith in yourself and your ability to master this subject. Be determined that you are going to pursue mathematical excellence with genuine effort and care. 

Barty Crouch Jr.

Honestly, Barty Crouch Jr. should have left Voldemort behind and followed his true calling as a genuinely excellent professor.

He worked around Harry’s pride to help him win the tournament, knowing that it was the only way to get to him.
He always had Harry’s back when Harry was being bullied by Snape or Malfoy.
He insisted on teaching his students how to resist the Imperius curse due to being helplessly under it for so long and wanting to see the kids learn to fight back.
He managed to bring up Neville’s confidence and gave him books Neville genuinely enjoyed. He gave both Harry and Hermione career advice that would influence their later decisions in life.

Minus the fact that it was all to cover up his master plan of bringing back Voldemort and slaughtering Harry, Barty Crouch Jr. as Moody was such an A+ lad and teacher. Heck, he could have been an actor too.

I know it’s Cool, Hip and Fun™ to hate on theatre kids and I get a lot of the gripe about it, but like… not a day goes by that I don’t feel regret and shame knowing that I will most likely never be able to survive in the theatre at all as a trans person, and that I’m supposed to just be okay with shutting off my main creative and emotional outlet and one of the few fields that I genuinely love, enjoy, and excel at because of some bullshit notion of what makes a “real” woman in drama.

And I think the underlying problems with theatre – the ingrained transphobia, racism, sexism, etc. – should be addressed and held as a grievance, and not bullshit about people who enjoy being a part of it being flamboyant or w/e


Feeling Pukka
7 August 2017

After 37 days alcohol-free (and battling unrelated health issues), you might say I’m finally feeling a bit more ‘pukka’. (From Hindi/Urdu meaning ‘solid’; now used by English-speakers for 'excellent’, 'well’, 'genuine’.) I couldn’t have got through my Dry July challenge without these Pukka herbal infusions and some solid support from the (unconnected) #livingpukka facebook group. With my IBD tummy grumbles, my favourite tea is the after dinner blend (fennel, chicory, cardamom), followed by three ginger (ginger, galangal, tumeric), although mint refresh has the prettiest packet. I think I have developed a pukka habit. 😄 #smiling #striving

After work I took Mitzy on our regular walk loop (shake that lead Mitto!) and I am happy to say we didn’t see the Park Snark! For those who missed last week’s post; a spiteful woman made a mean comment about Mitzy’s jumper (while I was smiling a hello no less!) My Girl was most offended and made a post on a doggy-loving fb page of which she’s a member. Mitzy got 2.5K reactions & over 500 comments! G has now set up an Insta account for Mitzy lol and the nasty woman had cyber-disgust raining down upon her in virtual poop-scoops. 🐶

I was already home when the sun set (seen through my dining room window) - it would have been amazing to be at the beach for it. 🌅

Lunch was eggs (anytime) and I made a rosemary chicken Dinner Twist recipe in the evening. It was delicious despite looking a little blanched in the photo. I also broke my 37-day sobriety streak & enjoyed some Shiraz & cheese while prepping dinner. It did taste good. Analyzing myself this morning, I think I am less sharp mentally - there is a definite cloudiness - which probably means a blunted physiological state too. Even though the alcohol is well out of my system, inflammatory factors will be at work. 🍷

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i truly honestly believe a general ace community would be so beneficial for people who are ace??? even generalized you have an opportunity to focus on very ace specific issues that no one else shares, including nonace lgbt people (another reason i dont believe the lgbt community is a right fit for the ace community.) like it could GENUINELY be an excellent resource and community.

hell yeah! i think having an ace community would be great for people who feel like other communities don’t exactly fit their needs! and it also creates this level of acceptance and this community/ safe space to talk about your problems and issues and have other people just like yourself talk about it too!

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(( Honestly you have a reputation for being a genuine person who has excellent sensibilities and is intelligent and articulate. Thanks for being a force of good on my dash and a great person in IMs / on Discord! I think you're a star! ☆))

tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies - ???


( like at this point you’re just doing this to be belligerent tbh. i saw you reblog a portrayal meme earlier and i was gonna respond but i was just so tired i had to nap immediately. 

i’m constantly shocked at how good ouranos is as a character. i’ve told you this privately, but i need to just say again how much i appreciate that you play a god who maintains divine regard for all his creations while still being given to flaw and vice himself. i see you working to explore every aspect of his characterization. it shows.

i think you effectively portray the enormous scope of his existence while still making him feel organic. that’s a serious trick to pull off. i admire you a lot. <3 )

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Nestor do you ever get tired of serving Haddock? Do you enjoy your job genuinely?

Do I enjoy working for Master Haddock? Well of course I do. My family has been serving at this estate for centuries. It’s the role we were born to do.

Nestor gave a small smile as he put down the duster he had been using.

I genuinely enjoy the excellent whiskey- I mean the excellent company that Master Haddock offers me.

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♡ For everybody's favorite friendly neighborhood writer of great muses, the one and only Doe!

Lots of Love~


(( Ah… Doe. Truly you are a one and only and you do write great muses. I have so much time for your portrayals and your characterisations but, more importantly, for you as an individual. You are a pleasure to chat to OOC and I love your enthusiasm. I have a lot of love for you and I adore seeing your threads with Rood – you two are like magic together and I love it. I am really looking forward to more RPs with you my deer friend! Thank you for making brilliant content and being a genuinely excellent individual! <3 ))

And so this marks the start of what I hope to be a few Christmas themed blurb/one shots. I’ve got a couple of things planned already but it felt right to begin with this one. Now, although this is CEO!Luke, be warned its just a little idea that came to my head when I started thinking about festive writings and like how I saw them spending a Christmas ahead of time. It’s not got a lot of like /business/ like my other ones or some big angsty storyline but it is kinda long because I got carried away and rammed it full of all the Christmas things. Anyways, I hope you don’t hate it too much. And if you’d like to read any of my other CEO!Luke things or the other things I’ve written you’ll find those here!

Tapping your nails against your phone you willed the car to go faster, silently hoping that for some unknown reason all of the lights would turn to green and all of the other drivers on the road would take the opposite turns to yours. This had been scheduled in your diary for the past two weeks, red exclamation points surrounding it so that all those involved in your time management would understand that this was not to be moved, postponed or cancelled under any circumstances. You’d even rushed through your presentation to your deputies just to ensure you left yourself enough time. Of course, you hadn’t. You probably were going to be late. Not only that but late for meeting with the one person that wouldn’t let you live it down.

Eventually the traffic showed you some mercy and you were able to zip through the snow dusted streets, finally pulling up at your destination. Looking around it seemed as if you were the first one there, you may have pulled this off. You quickly checked your phone - no sign of any messages complaining about your poor time keeping there either. You’d made it.

You decided to use your time wisely, replying to a few emails, as many as you could before your fingers became slow and sore due to the bitter chill in the air. “You know for someone who’s supposedly one of the most successful women in business you’re really shit at being on time.”

His signature cocky tone and the kiss pressed to your rosy cheek pulled you from what you were doing, locking your phone and dropping it into your bag as you looked up at him in disbelief. “I have no idea what you’re on about, I was here first!” you defended, hands gesturing to where you stood. 

However instead of admitting defeat and apologising profusely he merely scoffed, smiling smugly. “Nice try, sweetheart, but that’s where you’re wrong. Your car was behind mine in the queue coming in here, I got here first.” Luke beamed, smile taunting - not that you expected anything less from him, you’d be disappointed if he lost his competitive edge. “I just took longer because I had to find a parking space.” He grumbled, smile disappearing from his face and being replaced by a light frown at the recollection of the trauma he’d been through trying to find a spot. But it soon returned as you found yourself able to do nothing but pout. “Slacker.” He whispered, eyebrows raising as he grinned at your inside joke, leaning down as he pressed his lips to your upturned ones. “Shall we?” He questioned with an apprehensive laugh, nodding his head towards the building you were both stood in front of.

You nodded quickly, desperate not only to get in from the cold but to get to work on what you’d been looking forward to all day. His gloved hand slipped into yours as you both made your way through the glass doors, the noise of the place hitting you both instantly. “Now, remember” you began, shooting him a pointed look. “We have to remain calm and not go too crazy.”

Rolling his eyes he stuck his tongue out at you, nodding along obediently. Finally you made it through the sea of people that seemed to all be going the opposite way to you, the magnitude of what you were about to take on washing over you both like a tidal wave.

Bright lights and colourful decorations everywhere.

Christmas music ringing out throughout the entire building.

Aisle upon aisle of shelves stacked with every imaginable toy, game and everything else in between.

As you both stood silently at the entrance, unbeknownst to the other, the sight before you had evoked the exact same reaction in each of you. Pure, childlike excitement and the overwhelming urge to break the one rule you’d reminded him of upon entering.

One look at each other and those feelings became painfully clear, you reaching into your bag to pull out the list you’d both been adding to over the past month or so while he jogged over to where the trolleys were kept, grabbing the biggest one because he knew it was inevitable that between the two of you it’d end up filled to the brim within the hour. Which reminded you of your time restraints.

“Alright we have exactly an hour an a half to get this done, take it all home and hide it before we have to leave for daycare.” You nodded, determination laced through your tone as you headed for the first aisle.

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