genuine disappointment

I am genuinely disappointed Harry that ended up with Ginny, simply because I’ve never actually liked her (don’t hate me!). Ever since Luna was introduced, I always pictured her and Harry ending up together. Her soft and sweet personality really fits with Harry’s impulsive and dorky personality, and the fact that she never treated him differently because of who he was makes it all perfect in my eyes.

On Sunday evening I was upset, not because Johnlock hadn’t become canon, but because it was just a genuinely bad and disappointing episode, not to mention season finale, in my opinion. There were plotholes and illogical leaps and dropped story lines all over the place, not to mention reverting our beautifully crafted characters back to a level way before this season, despite of the beautiful development we’ve seen in John and Sherlock in TLD.

But now… after seeing people on my dash who are just so crushed because Johnlock didn’t happen… I mean, I was expecting it too, but apparently it meant a whole lot more to some people than it did to me.

And I’d like to tell those people that I’m sorry. I’m sorry we were denied positive, well written representation once again. I’m sorry that the represtation we got was only through villains. I’m sorry they dragged mental health into the story in such a despicable way. I’m sorry all our female characters were reduced to further a man’s story once again. I’m sorry that we were once more let down by two white men. I’m especially sorry we were let down by someone who’s queer himself. I would have expected this kind of horrendous queerbaiting and sexist writing from Steven Moffat, but I am actually going to be blaming Mark Gattiss all the more for it. Because he should know, what under- and wrong representation feels like. He should know. Yet he still agreed to do this.

I don’t care if they Reichenbached their own show. I don’t care whether they think it was actually a great finale. I don’t care whether or not we will get a fourth episode. All I want is some explanation to what they were thinking. Because we’re not wrong. We can’t be wrong. Sometimes the fandom theories are far-reaching, yes. But there is a ton of canon material in the show to support Johnlock. Lines, looks, mirrors, metaphores… things that can’t have been put there by accident. Things that we thought were there to build up to something beautiful. Things that in the end, were dragged through the mud as cheap jokes aimed at queer folk.

I want them to give us some kind of explanation to why all of those things were there and why they would keep going with it, even when they became aware of how much this meant to many, many young queer people. Because they could have stopped giving us hints and teases and more subtext. They could have. But they didn’t. They continued to string us along and get our hopes up. “Love conquers all”. “Sherlock Holmes is in love, but with who?”. Putting the “I love you.” into the trailer. These were deliberate, cruel choices and I want them to answer for it.

I want them to be aware of the way this is affecting young queer people, the way I am aware of it, seeing them on my dash. There is not just confusion and anger. There is hoplessness. There is despair. There is people doubting their own perception and ability to understand a story. There is suicidal thoughts. And it breaks my heart to see this.

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are to speak at the Cambridge Union on the 20th of January. I hope they will be faced with the anger, despair and upset they have caused.

I wasn’t this upset about Johnlock not becoming canon on Sunday. But now I am. Because I can see what it is doing to the people around me. And I’m scared. I’m scared about the number of blogs that will stop updating and about the reason behind it.

But please. Please remember. This fandom has some of the best artists and writers I’ve ever heard of. Some of the most creative and thoughtful and kind people. Don’t give up. If you’re denied representation, go out and make it yourself. Keep writing your stories, keep making your art. Just please keep going and show them how it’s supposed to be done.

ok so andromeda romance spoilers and that

Like I’m genuinely disappointed in how they’ve handled the mlm in this game

Like I thought they’d have learned from ME 3?

But nope! Only 2 human dudes available for a male ryder and none of them are squadmates and Reyes isn’t even on the crew I think?

And from these links to the guide, Gil looks like he’s got fuck all in comparison to the straights ™ and they’ve not even mentioned Reyes at all in any of the official trailers or anything.

Didn’t one of the bioware devs explicitly say that there was a male alien option in the game? Guess that was meant to be Jaal but hey guess they “ran out of time” again. Funny how they never seem to run out of time when it comes to the straights.

I mean faster than light technology? That’s fine.

Telekinetic powers? Also fine

Gay/bi men? lol don’t be silly, only 3 exist (at most) in this entire galaxy.

I’ll still play and enjoy the game but fuck am I kinda let down

honestly i remember back in the days of catch and release i used to literally like shake with excitement at the prospect of someone new joining the cgs!! like i craved each episode?? but now my soul is plagued with indifference and it’s genuinely just really disappointing


“We’re really not that good, but, goddammit, we’re good enough!” 

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Thank you for making that internet support group post, you know a lot of people forget that Dan is very very self conscious about the videos he uploads and everyone hyped this video up so much for something they needed that they are just being kind of rude now that it wasn't what they expected. Like Dan did say the video he was going to make just didn't really fit how he was feeling at that moment. People really need to chill and be kinder.

OH god yeah. i def played into the hype bc its fun but i Always made sure to clarify it was all just fun u know?? isg is one of my favourite dan series?es? and im really happy he uploaded bc i was super sad 2day and he made me smile a lot :(( hes like a big warm hug


10 favorite redheads (as voted by our followers)

[2/10] Emma Stone

“Even as a little kid, when I went to the cinema, I came out of the theatre convinced that I was one of the characters. I’d go to the bathroom, see my reflection in the mirror and be genuinely surprised and disappointed that I wasn’t that character. Even today, I can’t help moving my face - reacting, really - when I watch a movie, because I’m really inhabiting a character. I know this is weird, but it demonstrates what I love about cinema: it allows you to live a different life, to have a different experience, to disappear for two hours. I think it’s wonderful.”


Then again Gotham gives me serious trust issues with dead bodies like how many of those have I seen that end up out and about again as if nothing was ever wrong but also stop it Gotham she is supposed to be an awesome villain I wrote a whole post about it please let me be happy I hate this you’re ruining my life and I’m genuinely disappointed at this cliche you are better than this believe in yourself.


I think ,with the newest Yuri!!!on ice episode out, I felt more of a connection to Yuri Plisetsky (aka Yurio). This is because he felt genuine disappointment in himself with his routine while everyone around him was applauding him for it! The first thing we hear him say while skating is:

“Sorry Grandfather, I’m to busy trying to skate the program to really think about agape at all ! ” ~ Yurio

Now he had dedicated HIS agape to his grandfather and that love is the emotion he was supposed to put into the program. But by saying that he didn’t think about it, he’s basically saying that he knows he doesn’t have the emotion in it. I now direct you to photo 1. You can see where Yurio is angry at himself. He then goes on to say:

“Just end already!”

He knows (!) he doesn’t have the emotion and he is angry at himself and he is angry at the fact that he can’t figure out how to fix it because you don’t get redoes. But the ironic thing is, is that it’s his anger at himself that is stoping him. His agape is a grandfathers love. A love for him and his love for that person. But that memory we are shown also has stems to skating so I can assume that skating had an impact on their relationship but you know what they say about assuming. Anyways back to the point. I now once again direct you to photo two,three,and four. In 2, you see Yurio’s beautiful finish and the announcers bravo for his great performance. But then in 3, you see Yurio saying :

“I’m better than this!”

Not “I can do better than this” but I AM. This points out once again his frustration and he sees his performance as a bad one but the announcer and Viktor (pic 4) and even Yuuri later say his performance was the best they’ve seen from him. This is probably true because Yuri is finally learning that you need to put substance to the emotions you put in something else. You need to give a little before you can give a lot. So his performance has improved because he has realized it. But as Yurio states, he can do better. So now he has so much MORE potential now that he has learned this.
The last thing I want to point out is what I find in pictures 5 and 6. In five you can see his disappointment and anger but in six it’s gone and he is smiling brightly towards the audience. This I find is more heart breaking then anything. I also being a preforming artist (singer and actor) hear complements on how I did sometimes and I know EVERY time I make a mistake. When I feel I did horrible that is when it’s hardest for me to accept any type or form of complement because what does it matter what people think if you can’t please yourself. And when I and complemented on something I feel I sucked on my mood drops dramatically.
So if I think of Yurio thinking in the same respect I do, That his performance sucked and that all the complements mean nothing but he turns and smiles? It almost makes me want to cry. Because that would mean him fighting himself to make the people happy because that’s what he does it for. To make them happy. And to have fun.
Welp that’s the end of my ramble at like 11:50 pm on the new ep of yuri!!!on ice. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you do because it is GAY as hell and the gay animes are almost always better. Lol But seriously it’s a good show 3 eps out new one every wensday. If you like to hear me ramble about some other stuff every now and again just follow my tumblr ( @lizzyisageek & @lizzylovesanime) see ya! 💙

Honestly this fandom is totally trash lmao??? 

Pidge’s voice actor came online to tumblr for the first time in probably weeks just to see how everyone was reacting and the top trending post related to Pidge’s birthday was a fucking klance post

I saw people on my dash genuinely disappointed and angry that it wasn’t a “klance birthday”. This reaction compared to the hype for Shiro’s birthday or Hunk’s birthday (although Hunk didn’t get much either) is kind of distressing.

But who cares who or what gets overshadowed in the process of generating content for your slash ships or sexy faves right?

I’m ridiculously disappointed with how gay mac has been handled by the writers and creators. having him pine after dennis was less iffy in the earlier seasons because dennis was hinting at reciprocation so it was less “gay man has crush on straight friend. its weird” and more “two friends are very very close and probably maybe have feelings for each other” because that didn’t perpetuate anythin harmful, i didn’t see it if there was anyway. but now its just a sort of “wow isn’t mac super CREEPY right?” as if dennis hasn’t been encouraging him. I don’t like how they are portraying him. Of course the whole gang are sad and pathetic but they are making the fact that mac is gay, one of his sad and pathetic traits and thats…. super fucking bad and im genuinely really disappointed and upset like come on guys!! you could make it funny instead of this shit

re: mental illnesses on casualty

I am genuinely disappointed in how they deal with them. Whenever I witness something surrounding mental illness/struggle on _any _programme I get excited. Because I am desperate to see someone bringing awareness and just so I know people understand.

Yet, on Casualty… it’s just not shown well.

Let’s take Dylan’s OCD.

It was not dealt with well at all. And I don’t think any of us will forget when everyone just stared at him when he was having a crisis. Like seriously? If he had just been shot you all would have been there in a heartbeat. 

Then David.

Seriously? Again with the staring? And no-one really seemed to _care _that someone in their department was v ill and instead got angry, didn’t really give him support or try to help him?? (Except Dylan he was pretty good)

And let’s not forget Ethan ‘dealing’ with his Huntington’s diagnosis.

Like it or not, Casualty, drama and comedy might be good for you, but seriously you need to re-evaluate this. If felt like they were almost mocking Huntington’s/any genetic illness/adoption etc. Drinking and partying isn’t dealing with any of that. He had some depression with that whole black alert thing and suddenly all that’s forgotten because once the soap opera storyline (adoption then genetic illness) was over you were done with all that.

You decided to make him ‘more Cal’ and it was all swept under the carpet. Until you brought it back… but only as a gateway into a love triangle that you seemed to put more effort into as well as completely changing the personalities of the characters involved.

It definitely feels like Ethan hasn’t actually dealt with it yet, because he’s been avoiding it. 

Seriously it feels like they use mental illness for drama and soap opera moves without actually considering anything else.

Mental health/illness isn’t a fucking joke please treat it with more respect.