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Bria’s Interlude // Savon
Focus // Dpat x H.E.R
2AM // CHE
Come Over // Aaliyah
Yeah I Said It // Uncle Flex x Rihanna
So Anxious // Genuwine
Persian Rugs (slowed) // PARTYNEXTDOOR
Always On My Mind // SWV
Hold Me // Phazz
A Night Off // Drake x Lloyd
Sex So Good // Jazquees
Cry // Nehzuil
Lovers & Friends // Lil’ John x Usher
Don’t know how // PARTYNEXTDOOR
Trading Places // Usher
Dance For You // Beyonce
Woosah // Jeremih
One In A Million // Aaliyah

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I’m genuinely ready for the deep, intellectual conversations. Not the ones that only happen at night, but the ones that happen in the middle of the day; in the morning. Where you can spill out whatever it is that’s been going around and around in your mind to the person that’s right there with you. I cannot wait to find that extremely special person. I know that they’re definitely out there, somewhere.

Don’t burn the pictures.
Don’t rip the handwritten love letters up.
Don’t destroy the memories that made you the happiest; because time heals but also brings regret.

Because you can’t go back & you’ll never have another 1st love. Years will pass & you won’t remember the color of his eyes in detail quite like you did. And it’s going to break you down because you’ll find yourself in bed at 2:10 in the morning trying to remember the way his lips curved when he smiled but it’s been too long & all the pictures you have with him are gone.. And you’ll start to think that maybe you shouldn’t have been so fucking impulsive.

Put everything in a box & only open it after you’ve moved on & want to revisit a time that was filled with genuine love & innocence. Because despite what you’ve been told, you can let go without forgetting.

It’s okay to trace the poems he wrote you in cursive with your fingertips, remembering what it was like the first time you laid eyes on him.

It’s okay to smile at the pictures of you two kissing; after all, his lips were the ones to show you how it was done-
it’s okay if your eyes well up because you can still feel him holding your shaking hands. It’s okay if you laugh at the promise of forever that two kids made because even though it was too big of a promise at that age, it was admirable.

It’s okay to close that box & put it back under your bed or in the back of your closet to collect dust for another 6 months while you live & fall in love again & again.

You will always remember him, with or without the pictures but having them makes it alot easier when you’re no longer a kid & you’ve loved a handful of men after him & the color of their eyes are mixing in with his & all you want is to be sure. When all you want is to remember a time where love was him walking you home from school kissing you on the cheek. When love didn’t mean doing drugs or getting undressed.
—  I wish I could remember the exact color of his eyes & what it felt like to be pure again.
Anyone can tell you the words you long to hear… that is easy, but it’s also meaningless. They have nothing to lose as long as they continue to spin your mind around pretty words and pull you in. It takes vulnerability and a great deal of love to tell you the difficult things you would rather not hear… and the ones that do, they are genuine, for they have everything to lose…
—  © Rebecca Grace 2016
Weirdness is why we adore our friends…weirdness is what binds us to our colleagues. Weirdness is what sets us apart, gets us hired. Be your unapologetically weird self. In fact, bring weird may even find you the ultimate happiness.
—  Chris Sacca

Imagine a AU Thor where instead of Odin finding Loki, it’s the father of Fandral that finds him and raises him along Fandral, this obviously causes Loki to develop a more flirtatious and more confident personality, being close with his brother Fandral, often competing with each other to see who will win the night’s conquest!

And due to the fact that Thor didn’t grow up with Loki, this causes the two to not get along as well either, often trying to one-up the other, no matter what they’re doing, but it’s all in good fun, they’re still friends.

Except the day when both Thor and Loki show interest in the same girl, everyone thinking that Loki simply wants her because Thor does, to spite him. But for once, Loki has actually developed a genuine crush and has trouble being his usual confident self, considering that he is now competing with the Prince of Asgard and not his brother.

For once, Fandral is lost between his own brother and his best friend, having never seen Loki act so unlike himself, Fandral wishes to help him, but he also doesn’t want to hurt his friendship with Thor.