Styled by Gents: The Made-to-Measure Suiting Experience

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a stylist is seeing a client’s reaction when they step into their exclusively tailored, 1-of-1 suit for the very first time. Not only was Todd here blown away by how the suit looked and fit, but he looked so great and confident that I had to invite him for a feature photo shoot. 

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The Good, The Bad and The Man of Steel: Part I

Stars from the upcoming film “Man of Steel” took to New York City last night for the premiere at Alice Tully Hall. As for the menswear, some wore nicely tailored suits, some violated the most basic rule of suiting, and one tied a Windsor knot so big that only the Man of Steel himself could pull off.

We’ll start with the good. Christopher Meloni kept it all business with three difference shades of blue and added a pop of color with a red pocket square. Everything fits nicely, and while this is very safe, it’s still well done.

Then this happened: Two stars of the film, both of whom are no strangers to red carpet events, committed the same Cardinal sin of men’s suiting. 

Did you figure it out yet? If not, here’s a hint. Russell Crowe was two steps away from making this a classic look - undo the bottom button of the jacket and add a solid white pocket square. Simple - sometimes all it takes is a little effort.

After three years of working as part of one of the best dressed ensembles in all of television, Boardwalk Empire, I was shocked to see how Michael Shannon showed up to his own movie premiere. Even though it’s not a tuxedo, the visible white dress shirt below the bottom button of the jacket makes it look sloppier.

Next up: The Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill.

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