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The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.2 (Earth)

Taurus - Molly Prewett

Molly is the third child of the Prewett family. She has two older brothers who she loves unconditionally. Molly learned early on to love life, to protect her family, and to take care of those she loves. Her mother taught her about taking care of the home and to enjoy gardening. Molly is known as the motherly type and she is not afraid to show her true feelings and emotions. She is funny and energetic, but can easily get angry over acts of stupidity. Arthur Weasley was her first and last love. They met each other in Hogwarts where they were pretty much inseparable.  

 Virgo - Lucius Malfoy

Lucius was born into a very old, wealthy and gentry wizarding family and was taught from a very young age that his heritage is special. He is very intelligent and seems to be a born businessman. Lucius has a smooth and charming manner that enables him to read peoples and he usually gets what he wants. He is calculating, intuitive and strong. Lucius seems to be very cold, but his greatest strength is probably his ability to love. Unlike most of his Slytherin friends he puts his family first. Lucius seems to be assured of his own superiority over the rabble surrounding him, but has a warm and caring heart which he hides from nearly everybody.

Capricorn - Arthur Weasley

Arthur’s mother (nee Black) was disowned for marrying a “blood traitor” but nevertheless she kept her ideals and raised Arthur to be a tolerant and open hearted person. He is strong, caring and hard-working at the same time. His favorite subject is Muggle studies. He is curious about any and everything, especially certain Muggle junk. Harmony and love is most important to him and when he found this traits in Molly he quickly realized that she is “the one”. His main strength is his affable, calm demeanor and also his compassion. Arthur feels that everyone should be given a chance which again shows his fierce tolerance and big heart.  

Autumn: Gram V

Mirijam’s wish for a party was fullfilled. Comfort soup for everyone!

Ejnar and Sille are best friends now, even if didn’t take a piture of it happening.

Thea and Sebastian are friends now. The gentry family really needs a maid. Maybe Thea will be willing to hold this appointment?

In fact Thea has many friends and a great reputation. Perfect for her aspiration score.

The party was a roof raiser. :)

The benefits of beeing sick...

I have a flue and was home the whole week.

  • Cons: I felt miserable (now it’s better.)
  • Pros: I was at home the whole time and nobody wanted me to leave the house. Like this I was able to re-play my autumn rotation and stack up my queue. :D

I visited my tax-sim. At the end of autumn there are 41 women in my hood and 72 men. This is a little bit off to say the least. XO

And the funds reached 19,880 simoleans (because I was kind of cheating), which means I can create 1 yeoman family and 1 merchant family for the next rotation. (again)

If I add a foundling home and a charity hospice, I can also add another merchant family and a second gentry family in spring. I would instantly move up to Level 3: The village.

And now a picture of my tax-sim, because she is way to cute, to not appear. ;)
Jane Austen's music collection made available online - BBC News
About 600 pieces of music that belonged to Jane Austen are made available online for the first time.

The Pride and Prejudice author, who also played piano and sang, copied music by hand into personal albums and collected sheet music.

They were digitised by the University of Southampton’s Hartley Library.

Project leader and professor of music Jeanice Brooks said they would help to explain the “musical environment that fed the novelist’s imagination”.  

She added that the novels were “full of musical scenes”, and the collection would provide music historians with a “unique glimpse of the musical life of an extended gentry family in the years around 1800”.


I haven’t forgotten about Blake Gentry. Here’s what he and his roommate er well now fiance, have been up too in a nutshell.

And oh Gigi comes and visits them and scares the pancake mix out of me by sitting in front of their house all creepy like. Remember Blake and Billie (that’s her name) are still in college. They both have a strong love for money which is what sorta brings them together. xD