Gentona Typefaces by Rene Bieder

Designed for a wide range of applications, Gentona was intended to support the goals of contemporary design paired with a mostly swiss oriented demand on typography – neutrality. The result is a nine-weight neo-grotesque family ranging from sharp and fine thin cuts to muscle-bound and strong heavy weights. Gentona’s confident and open shapes support legibility especially in small sizes while its alternative shapes and letterforms create flexibility. A wide range of typographic features round up the whole family.

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Gentona - Sans Serif Font Family

The Gentona font family was created in 2013 by German type designer René Bieder.

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A bit of a departure for Rene here, who’s bread and butter has been more tech-geometric fare… It’s nice to see him pushing out of his comfort zone with this latest release!

Gentona seemingly aims to split the difference between similarly structured-yet-approachable sans serifs like Pluto Sans by HVD, or the more recently released Verb by Yellow Design Studio. Though more technical than Pluto and less-so than Verb, the stroke contrast is increased to offset its more square-ish/wide structure. This is most noticeable in the heavier weights, as a friendly appearance is maintained without skewing too goofy or feeling overly bloated.

I could see this being especially suitable wherever one might want to downplay the intimidation, seriousness or big-industry feel of a product, service… Medical, non-consumer tech, or more corporate-leaning  applications could benefit from its character without losing perceived credibility.