Spider-Man Kiss - Tom Holland Imagine

A/N: Hello my lovelies! This imagine is based on a dream I have had since I was a child and I decided to share that dream with you by making it an imagine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had writing it. Lots of love x

Word Count: 1232

Warnings: None

Summary: You tell Tom you want to kiss him upside down and afterwards he has a surprise for you.

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Sweet Nothings

REQUEST: could you write one of just lying in bed with Harry, just talking about the future and it’s all fluffy with a bit of smut? Thanks💗💗

REQUEST: could you write an imagine/fluff about pillow talk, like what you and harry would talk about after making love and the sweet nothings he would tell you 😊

Decided to combine these two. I’m not a huge smut writer so there’s not much smut but there is plenty of fluff! Hope you enjoy! x

Lazy moments with Harry were definitely at the top of your list of favorite things.

The two of you were lost in one another, both of your legs intertwined and covered in the pastel pink sheets of your bed. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs, the tattoos on his body illuminated only by the (many) candles that he’d lit earlier that night while you were preoccupied in your office. You were wearing an oversized shirt that you’d stolen from him months ago, a black button-up with “Styles” embroidered over the breast. Your arm was thrown across his chest as your head nestled into the crook of his neck, and his arm was wrapped around you, his hand settled at the skin of your waist as he traced circles against your skin.

The two of you had just spent a while being intimate with one another, which was evident by both of your horrendous sex hair and the blissful afterglow that the both of you carried on your features. You’d been together for almost half a year now, and in that time you’d spent countless hours fooling around between the sheets—Harry connected with you like no one else ever had, and he knew it. The two of you had a more than active sex life, but it wasn’t only about the sex, it was about the moments.

It was the moment after you scream his name, when he leans over to press a soft kiss to your temple. The way in which he never lets you forget that you are safe, that you are in control, and that he loves you.

It’s the moments where he looks at you—I mean, he REALLY looks at you. Head to toe, as if he’s trying to commit your every dip and curve to memory, even though he probably already has. It’s the way he lets out a small sigh and a goofy smile once he’s gotten the chance to see every inch of your skin, as if your body was the answer to all the questions he’d ever asked.

It’s the moment after it all, after you’d scampered into the bathroom and the both of you had slipped into something to cover your skin from the cold air. Moments like right now, where the two of you were absolutely content with tucking yourselves into one another and pretending like both of you were the only people in the world. That’s certainly what it felt like—you felt his chest rise and fall slowly, and the feeling of his lips at the top of your head made you smile.

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I placed the burger on the ground gently,

and I remembered


These used to make you very happy.


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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice for someone whose really tight on money? I have a part time job but it's not enough and I have bills. It's becoming a lot to handle.

Hey darling 💕 I sympathize with your current situation; you’re definitely not alone. Money stresses are unfortunately not uncommon, and heavily impacts both our mental and physical health. It’s important to concentrate on self care and positivity through this time.

  • Avoid negative thinking. I know I always say this but it’s crucial. When times are tough, it’s easy to get carried away with the negative voice inside our head. Instead of focusing on the bad or putting ourselves down, try to concentrate on the positive. For example; be extra proud of all the hard work you put into your job.
  • Set a budget, or go over it if you already have one. Having an organized spending plan will give you much more control. The three biggest money stressors are: spending more than you make, living paycheck to paycheck, and / or owing money. Face the issue head on and start building your plan.
  • Reach out to a trusted family member or close friend that you can vent to and share your honest feelings. Being able to talk openly about your troubles will help reduce stress, and they may be able to give you some helpful tips.
  • Know that seeking medical help is another good option. Having that support from a professional can help tremendously. I don’t mean to cause stress, but I think it’s important to be aware of the possibilities and the reality of being affected by stress. Anxiety disorders and depression are the most common mental illnesses caused by financial troubles. Insomnia, eating disorders, and many more serious physical illnesses are also common. It’s important to reach out when things become overwhelming.
  • Start an emergency fund. Keep a jar or an envelope in a safe place and start putting away small amounts when you can. Every penny counts, and having that extra bit saved allows you to be proud of yourself, have an extra option when money gets tight, or even when you want to reward yourself for all of your hard work.

Heres a few tips to save money where you are now:

  • Shop smart. Use any coupons you can for groceries and sign up for email newsletters because they usually contain sales and secret deals. Free reward programs are another amazing way to earn and save grocery money!
  • Save on your energy bill. Get used to turning off lights, unplugging appliances, turning off the tv when you’re not using it, etc. Being more conscious of your water usage is another good one.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time and try to cook at home when you can. Don’t be afraid to do some research for inexpensive but tasty meals.

There are also quite a few ways to make some extra crash but they will cost you time. These are just some ideas that might be useful.

  • Walk your friend’s or neighbour’s dog(s). This is a really fun, quick and underrated way to make money and spend time with a good buddy.
  • Use advertisements on your website with Google Adsense.
  • Consider opening up a free store online or selling to friends and the community. If you have any good quality outgrown, gently used or unused clothing that you rarely wear or don’t want; consider selling them. Old jewelry, furniture, books, and other things just taking up space are good to sell, too.
  • Use your artistic hobbies or take up a new hobby that can pay such as: photography, knitting, baking, cooking, drawing, painting, sewing, woodcraft, writing, digital artistry, calligraphy, jewelry making, papercraft, etc. Freelancing in makeup artistry, hairstyling, nail artistry are other great ways to make money. Even though they are highly competitive jobs, there is a large and constant demand.

Recommended Websites:

Etsy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.
Storenvy - Sell everything from clothing, accessories, interior design, etc.

TeePublic - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing.
RedBubble - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.
Society6 - Upload your artwork and sell it on clothing and more.

PoshMark - Sell your clothes.
ThredUP - Sell your clothes.

SkyWord - Get paid to write.
SliceThePie - Get paid to review music.

ShutterStock - Sell your photography and stock photos.
iStockPhoto - Sell your photography and stock photos.

Amazon Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
BestBuy Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
Gazelle Trade-In - Sell your old or unused electronics.
ItsWorthMore - Sell your old or unused electronics.

StudyPool - Get paid to tutor online.
Chegg - Get paid to tutor online.

InstaGC - Get paid to answer surveys.
Ipsos ISay - Get paid to answer surveys.
OpinionOutpost - Get paid to answer surveys.
Toluna - Get paid to answer surveys.

Recommended Apps:

iPoll (IOS)
Qriket (IOS) enter 57F794 for 25 extra spins
AppNana (Android)
OpinionRewards (Android)
GrabPoints (Android)
PerkTV (Android)
SlideJoy (Android)
S’more (Android)
Swagbucks (Android)
QuickThoughts (Android)

I really hope at least one of these tips can help you out. Remember that your present situation is not your final destination. This will pass. You will get through this. Good luck and stay strong angel. 🌻💕

⇨  Intro

Howdy everyone! I’ve decided to do a give/away of stim toys so anyone who needs them might be able to get a few. Please note that a few of these items have been gently used. The winner will be picked randomly. This give/away ends on June 19th, 2017.

⇨  Prizes

♡ 1 tin of Thinking Putty in the color Precious Gems: Ceylon Sapphire (please note that the tin is a bit banged up, but the putty is fine.)

♡ 1 black and green fidget cube

♡ 1 green stretchy string

♡ 1 glitter jar that I will custom make for you. You can choose the color, size of the jar, and type of glitter.

♡ 3 stimboards of your choice which I will make for you on my stim blog, @mudkipstims.

♡ Not stim related, but as a bonus I will also buy you 1 Pokemon card of your choice from amazon.

⇨ Rules

♡ You don’t have to follow me, but I’d really appreciate it if you checked out my main blog @octillary and/or my stim blog mentioned earlier.

♡ Please be neurodivergent in some way. I would rather these items go to someone who would use them to help function instead of someone who just uses them as toys. (Note that I have no problem with neurotypicals normalizing stim toys however!)

♡ Have your ask box or PMs open so I can contact you for your address to ship these to. Be 18+ or have parent’s permission to give me your address. I will ship internationally. 

♡ Reblog once for one entry and like once for another entry. Reblog to only one of your blogs (unless you want to signal boost on one blog and enter with a different blog). If you are signal boosting, please tag that you are.

♡ Don’t tag as give/away (without the slash) because I’ve heard that can cause problems.

⇨  Good luck!

prompt response to: andreil trapped in a small space scenario

As much as all these late night practices aided Neil in strengthening his form, some nights he felt so incredibly drained of energy that by the end of them he almost cursed his own resolve. 

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Feed The Alpha

Originally posted by agsztrashbouquet

Derek x Reader

Warnings: +18 gif under cut, oral, Dom!Derek

“(Y/N) could you…” Derek trailed off and sighed when the books he’d been holding out to you fell to the floor where you’d been stood with a loud smack.

When he glanced over the room he found you’d wandered off to sit with Scott and Lydia while they talked quietly. Derek cleared his throat a few times in hopes of getting your attention without causing a fuss but his attempts ended as a growl which made Stiles jump as he plodded into the room.

“What’s up buddy?” Stiles teased with a grin as he glanced over at you. “Aw is someone jealous?” He said in a tone you’d use to talk to a puppy.

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Heyyy I know being interrupted is really annoying, and it’s totally understandable if it makes you frustrated, but please PLEASE be understanding with your ADHD friends/acquaintances when they blurt stuff out.

When you have ADHD it literally takes 100% of your concentration (ironic I know) on everything that comes out of your mouth to keep yourself from blurting stuff out without meaning to. Usually you don’t even notice when you interrupt someone.

We don’t mean to do it to be rude, nor does it mean we aren’t listening to you. If we do interrupt you, please gently let us know and unless we’re an asshole we’ll be apologetic and let you continue!

If it really bothers you that much please understand constantly surveilling our speech is both exhausting and extremely stressful, and even then intrusions slip out.

Signed someone with adhd/autism who accidentally interrupts all the damn time only to realize that I’m even talking ten seconds later.

GOD if everything in the party scene had significance then this

is really sad. we’re on our backs with Damien worried and gently patting us on the cheek, terrified and worried.

our death was predicted with Damien being the only one who truly cares

i used to be from a place
all the poems were about
but now i look around me and don’t
recognize a thing.

i miss the possibility of being somewhere the
people who understood me best could reach
me, could find me if i needed to be found.
i miss recognizing the way home, knowing
which turn is the wrong one.

and okay so yeah
sometimes now i walk into a room
and think
the movies were right after all.
there is light in everything.

but mostly it’s just hoping.

i had a dream but it wasn’t a dream really.
it was a memory remembered half wrong.

i wrote to a friend
that i stopped looking at the sky so much
and she said the sky back home is
unreadable lately,
one minute sun and the next,
no memory of it.

i said i have moments like that.
sky or no sky.

and i left my plants behind because
they couldn’t make the move
but i’m counting on someone
to water them, to make sure they stay
growing, to make sure they’re looked after
even when i buy new plants here and forget
about the way the light looked in
that old house

and of course someone else will make
memories in a place that once carried us
from a terrible war
and they will call it home
and we will understand
what a borrowed word that is
after all

but mostly we’ll just find a way to look at the
sky again

and maybe someday even forgive the

—  Y.Z, A Place I Can’t Return To

the-glass-heart  asked:

What is the average low, average, and high cost of a skating costume? And/all interesting things of mention that might pertain therein?

Skating costumes early in your career tend to be much less expensive, in the $200-$1000 range, depending on if they’re custom made, what fabric is used, how complicated the design is, and amount of beading. Younger skaters often buy gently used costumes at club-sponsored sales, because they grow so fast.

Olympic/World-class skater’s costumes range from $1000-$5000 each, depending on what designer, how complicated the construction of the costume is (fabric, mesh, weird design etc). and of course, how much beading. So, skaters are dropping about $10,000-$15,000 USD on costumes for every season (gotta have that exhibition outfit too!)

Designers often work with skaters to create a costume. After listening to the music, they sketch a few designs. Every skater has preferences (separate pieces, body suit, skirt fabric, sleeves, no sleeves, gloves etc). and costumes are constructed to fit exact proportions with seams that are reinforced to be flexible AND especially durable. 

Sometimes a designer is NOT the person/team that actually sews your costume, so if they have a team of stitches, your costume is going to be more expensive. 

Here’s an article from the last Olympics that talks about costumes and has an interview with one of the popular designers. 

Fun Costume Facts (A Lot are Ignored by Ficcers):

There are actually ISU regulations regarding costumes. And you can lose points for violating them. I wrote a post about them here. (Memo: Yuuri and Victor must be much more clothed than they often appear in some writers descriptions. Yurio couldn’t wear his exhibition outfit for a competition).

Almost all mesh is LINED to prevent it from warping and stretching when it is professionally cleaned. Men sometimes get away without it, but tend to have it anyway…it’s COLD out there. So, no, Yuuri probs doesn’t actually have his skin showing under that Eros mesh…but he might.

Men wear dance belts under their costumes to support/secure their junk. None of the male characters are going totally commando under their costumes, regardless of what you want to happen afterwards. Women are wearing tights, but often wear no underwear (or a thong), because the panty line would show and they have “bras” built into the costumes. 

Skating costumes can get wet (almost all bases are waterproof material due to those falls) but they aren’t machine washable because of the beading. Beading is applied BY HAND. And most of the money is going to the time spent by the designer/stitchers laying down your crystals. If they are Swarovski rhinestones, you are racking up a huge bill (i.e. probably Victor). 

The warm-up jackets are used to keep the skaters muscles warm, since it’s bad for you to warm up, skate and then let your muscles “get stiff” and “be cold” suddenly. But they jackets are ALSO used to protect their costumes. It’s why you rarely see a skater walking around without one at a competition before or after they leave the ice. Smelly sweat is easy to clean out…stains…not so much. Also: you really wanna have to have those rhinestones replaced?

Exhibition costume aren’t always made by designers and skaters often wear old costumes or put something together themselves that fits the routine, depending on what they are skating to. 

Gloves used to be frowned upon and considered ugly because they ruin the line of your hand (and they do and they are). They became more common with the advent of the CoP because elements with blade-grabbing earned more points. 

Hope that helps!


Ivar x Reader

Warnings: Alluding to abused Reader, Protective!Ivar, Posesive!Ivar

“You, where is my daughter!” Your mother bellowed, looking up at the Ragnarssons as they lazed about outside the main hall. Ivar could hear Sigurd snickering next to him as the angry woman glared at him.

Everyone knew Ivar was fond of you, in fact no one dare came near you or lay a hand on you lest Ivar find out, which amused Sigurd because anyone who wanted you would simply look for Ivar.

“I do not know where (Y/N) is, perhaps you should keep a closer watch over her.” Ivar drawled and your mother turned a faint shade of red.

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Look these are all gonna be late unless I combine them I’m sorry my august is busy :U 

@miraculousfluffmonth days 1 and 2, Blush and Goodnight Kiss, respectively. I’m dithering on whether or not I want to do all of this in greyling au or not, but I’m sort of thinking the au could use all the fluff it can get. So… yeah.

The scant lighting in Adrien’s room seems to emphasize the quiet as Ladybug lets him back into the space, the sound of his feet hitting the floor feeling more like gunshots than the soft taps they are. She lingers in his window a moment, seemingly unsure of her next movement. She has a thoughtful air about her always, but her gaze is less a demand and more a question in this moment. Adrien opens his arms in a gesture of invitation back into his space.

“I should be going,” she says as she tilts forward on the windowsill, “…but one more minute won’t hurt.”

Adrien would be willing to bet money on magic being the reason her footfall is nearly nonexistent, but he’s not about to say it out loud when his heart is already roaring. One might think he’d be desensitized to close proximity with her considering he was just clinging to her as they swung around Paris, but the fact of the matter is that it’s somehow worse now. She doesn’t have to be close to him and yet she steps forward and lifts herself onto her toes to throw her arms around his neck.

Adrien is about to reciprocate the hug but then feels her hoist herself up and instinctively wraps his arms underneath her instead. The position feels somehow compromising and he can feel his face go aflame at the thought. Ladybug seems to miss this entirely and instead begins brushing Adrien’s bangs away from his forehead. She gently uses her free hand to guide his face upward.

“I’ll see you again soon,” she says as she plants a soft kiss to his forehead and releases herself from his hold.

“Goodnight, hotshot.”

Adrien can’t even manage a reply as he watches her smile at him, eyes glittering, and vanish into the night.

His whole face feels warm and he thinks he feels a tingle where her lips touched his skin. Nooroo comes out from his jacket and gives him a knowing smile.

Marinette sleeps easy that night.

I Would Never Hurt You

Request:  Can you do an imagine where Harry Hook and a VKs daughter are dating and they get into a fight and Harry raises his hand to run it through his hair or something and she flinches because she thought he was gonna hit her.

^Not my request but was leant to me by an amazing writer @stevebuchananparker267 to help me with my writing so shoutout to her xxx

Pairing: Harry Hook x reader 

A/N: This is my first ever imagine, I hope you guys like it x


The sun had just begun to set over the devastating body known as the isle, the gravel let out an audible crunch beneath my feet as I made my way down the path towards the docks. Finally being able to see my amazing boyfriend- Harry Hook. Last time I had seen him was early this morning, before role call for the other members of the crew and dishing out the daily chores.

The short trip to the docks was surprisingly peaceful for the prime time among the isle, as I reached where I call home, I was met with the gentle bobbing of the docked ships on the dark ocean. Each meagre wave reflecting a moonlit glow as it travelled ashore, before crashing into the wooden structure and scattering, leaving light ripples across the dark water.

Today has been utterly exhausting, as Gil and I decided to continuously train, growing stronger and sharper with each session. Gil may not be the most intelligent pirate that we knew, nor have the strategic value which most pirates utilise. But Gil was definitely one of the strongest, trustworthy people in Uma’s crew and it is important for him to continue with what he is known for- also with me giving him tips on his sparring.

All I want to do now is meet with Harry and lay with him, catch up on how his day has been, sit in serenity for once before having to go out to complete some more tasks for Uma.

I made my way up onto Captain Hook’s ship, he doesn’t mind me anymore seeing as I practically live here with Harry instead of at Bargain Castle due to my Mom practically throwing me out once I started dating Harry, she told me how he isn’t good enough for me. That I am one of the daughters of ‘the fairest of them all’ and that I deserve a rich, pure prince from Auradon- just like my twin sister has, little did she know that Evie is dating the son of a dwarf and not prince charming.

I let out a light knock on the door before entering the room, to announce to Harry my presence,
“Who is it?!” Harry’s voice rung out, his thick accent always seems to send shivers down my spine, but today- it was different. It’s like his voice was laced with anger? Frustration? What was there to be mad about? All Harry had to do all day was watch over Uma’s ship due to our chores not needed to be done until sundown where we can do it together, me and him.

“Babe? I’m back, you alright?” I pushed open the door, glancing around the room to see my boyfriend, pacing forwards and backwards past the same two portholes. Once he noticed that I was back, he turned around to face me, his usual sky blue eyes seemed more of a cloudy sea blue and his features held a stern tone to them.

“Had enough of Gil have you?” He snapped, throwing his body onto the rough mattress of his bed, he looked like a mess and there were subtle grazes across his right knuckle likely from hitting something repeatedly.

“Harry, what are you on about?” He knows Gil and I are just friends, I’m with him and not Gil but right now, he isn’t in the right mind and it’s honestly freaking me out. Harry is strong and he doesn’t allow people to talk out of things, especially once his mind is set.

“Only how you have been with him ALL day!” He didn’t say this outright but murmured it under his breath as his bruised knuckles became white from clenching his fist together so tightly.

I walked a few more steps into the room, gently pushing the door shut behind me  “And what is wrong with that?” I questioned, crossing my arms across my chest and raising an eyebrow at his words. What exactly was he getting at?

“It’s unfair”

“How is it unfair?! We’re just friends, Harry. You’re just over-reacting” I countered as I began to walk over towards the dresser

“That’s crap, I’ve seen the way he looks at you, y/n. Don’t tell me you haven’t, that you’re just. Friends” He exclaimed, practically spitting out the last word as if it was poison.

He doesn’t trust me, he really thinks that I would go behind his back like that? And with one of his best friends? 

“You know that isn’t true” my soft voice spoke, not expecting it to be as quiet as it came out as.

I turned back around to face Harry who had began to stand up from his place on the bed, I took a shaky breath as I noticed the anger spread across his features and the deep blue in his eyes. Trying not to watch him striding across the bedroom, I turned my gaze towards the ground towards the right of his body but as he got closer to me, causing me to instinctively take a step backwards, I was swiftly met against a dark, wooden dresser and was unable to move anymore.

He let out a deep sigh and glanced somewhere across the room before his eyes met my own minuscule frame, everything happened in slow motion. The cold glare on his face, each swift movement, his towering body above my own, he raised a single hand into the air and mine instinctively flew to my head as I wrapped them around my skull as if I was to soften a blow.

“Y-y/n?” Harry stuttered, in shock that I even thought he was to hit me, glancing upwards I noticed that he only had run a hand through his dark, chestnut hair of which was now sticking up, freely.

I let my arms drop down against my sides as I felt myself tear up, of course, he would never do that to me, he has always protected me, he loves me and I love him so why would I think that he would do something so cold as to hit me?

My mind went numb, yet at the same time was racing in circles, unable to make sense of what was happening…was this real…it couldn’t be real, wake up, wake up. I slowly slid against the dresser so that I was sitting on the cold, wooden boat flooring.

Holding my palms up to my face to try and disguise the shame that I was feeling from Harry when I felt two large arms snake their way around my torso and pull myself into his chest.

“I’m so sorry y/n. You know I would NEVER do that to you” His now soft and calming voice mumbled into my ear, causing me to gently nod as I returned the favour and wrap my arms around his neck, burying my face into the crook of his neck and pouring my soul out to him.

We stayed in the embrace for a few moments, before he lightly helped me to my feet and held me at arm’s length so that we were face to face.
“I would never do that, you know?” He explained to me once more, apologising for an action that he never committed
“Gil and I are just friends, we would never do that to you. I love you” I murmured as I glanced up to meet his now baby blue eyes,

“I love you too, y/n” He replied, leaning in so that our faces were centimetres apart, before closing the gap between us and connecting our lips. The kiss was passionate and well needed- for the both of us, gently pulling back from the embrace, he lead us over to his bed to lay in a loving serenity until we were needed by Uma.

Moon Phases 🌙

The Moon’s tranquil waltz around the Earth is divided into eight equal and rhythmic parts according to how much light the Moon receives from the Sun. After being gifted sunlight, the Moon gently offers us her reflection from up above. These are called Moon Phases and they’re an essential part of natal charts in the sense that these phases represent the intimate relationship between the Sun and the Moon in a certain point in time.

Because the Sun symbolizes consciousness, creativity and individual purposes in life, and the Moon represents our inner, emotional and subconscious selves, the analysis of the Moon Phases of a chart gives some insight into how the personality works towards its ultimate goal, which is often achieved by fulfilling the Sun’s purpose.

Each lunar cycle lasts about 28 days, and the Moon Phases are 8, so each phase lasts around 3 to 4 days. And because so many people are born under the same phase, the interpretation of the Moon phase in a chart assumes a universal or general meaning. Although accurate, the interpretation of Moon phases does not offer specific details.

Each Moon Phase can be also correlated to one of a cycle of eight reincarnations, which generally point to some recurrent lesson that must be learnt within these eight reincarnations before inaugurating a new cycle, a new lesson, a New Moon.

To figure out which one of the eight phases blessed you at birth, you should look at the distance, around the Zodiac, that separates the Sun from the Moon.

1. New Moon (Moon from 0° to 45° ahead of the Sun)

A New Moon symbolizes the moment when the Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth. Illuminating sunlight is filtrated through the Moon’s scintillating waters, which become warm and fertile. Lunar seeds and sunny expectations pour onto humanity, symbolizing the beginning of a new experience; a celestial representation of opportunity. This also symbolizes divine unity between conscious and unconscious. People born under a New Moon are generally spontaneous and lively. Their sense of realization and creativity is linked to their unconscious habits and feelings, producing a charming and instinctive individual. Those born under a new Moon are on a quest for finding their true selves and for expressing themselves genuinely through being dynamic and experiencing new things in their lives. New Moon people are considered quite “lucky”; it’s as if the universe were able to adjust itself, often placing these people at the right place at the right time. Good or bad, life-changing experiences happen as if by divine providence, without conscious intention. The individual can be self-centered. A new seed is planted.

2. Crescent Moon (Moon from 45° to 90° ahead of the Sun);

Growing roots break the seed’s shell. A Crescent Moon symbolizes the manifestation of the will to live that is needed for surviving. Here, the Moon’s only starting to light up, symbolizing the first difficult steps we must take towards our goals. People born under a Crescent Moon must find a way to be assertive, confident and decisive. They’ve got what it takes to let go of the past, but moving forward can prove challenging. They’ve already understood their New Moon personality; in the Crescent Moon, they’re trying to project this personality forcefully and also making their way to their independence.

3. First Quarter Moon (Moon from 90° to 135° ahead of the Sun);

After breaking the seed’s shell, roots must let the initial seed behind and fight their way through the ground, creating a stable and reliable structure upon which the plant will be able to grow. People born under a First Quarter Moon are energetic and have a strong force of will. They often find themselves in crises that demand letting go of memories or destroying past and useless things in their lives, creating space for what’s to come and expanding their horizons.

4. Gibbous Moon (Moon from 135° to 180° ahead of the Sun);

When the roots are already stable, it is time to focus on producing beautiful stems and leaves in order to accomplish one’s purpose. People born under a Gibbous Moon are perfectionists. They look for meaning and usefulness in all things through analysis and, when they do not find it, they question such a thing’s existence. This process is generally turned inwards, so the individual may be constantly questioning themselves and their motives while in search for their true purpose. They’re constantly looking for signs that they’re on the right way.

5. Full Moon (Moon from 180° to 135° behind the Sun);

Gorgeous flowers blossom from the meticulous and careful stems. The Earth is placed between the Moon and the Sun, so it is now filtrating sunlight and returning the Moon’s seeds and dreams back at her in flowery forms. The Moon receives the Earth’s flowers and the Sun’s light, achieving complete understanding of her intentions under her initial New Moon form. People born under Full Moons are relationship-driven. They generally have a deep understanding of the world and know that there’s more to human relationships than only “good” or “bad”. They’re often able to consider multiple perspectives, opinions and points of view. This is a reflection of their important polarization towards their two selves: emotional (Moon) and conscious (Sun), which often manifests through their relationships. These people, much like the Moon, overflow with enlightenment and comprehension, but they may lack drive or ability to materialize their knowledge on Earth.

6. Disseminating Moon (Moon from 135° to 90° behind the Sun);

Eventually, those marvelous flowers turn into sweet fruits, which can serve as nourishment while assuring the progression of the cycle. People blessed by this phase often have the ability to consciously materialize their knowledge, which wasn’t quite possible on previous phases. This means they’re focused on distributing their observations and theories, helping other people grow by offering advices or teachings. The nutritious fruit is what gives material and practical value and meaning for a beautiful flower.

7. Last Quarter Moon (Moon from 90° to 45° behind the Sun);

Fruits perish and die, all the while being completely conscious of their drowning state. Those born under this phase are blessed with the ability and purpose to undergo radical transformations in their consciousness and way of thinking, constantly changing their perspective towards life. This individual presents himself as more sober than most, for they’re continuously letting go of previous beliefs and past achievements, creating space for something greater, yet intangible, in an ethereal future.

8. Balsamic Moon (Moon from 45° to 0° behind the Sun);

A decomposed fruit places a hopeful seed on the ground. This phase symbolizes the completion of karma or the end of the cycle. People born under this phase are future-oriented and have a subtle, but wide understanding of their life’s purpose in general. Generally considered to be wise, these people are now completing a task, so they may feel as if they were constantly putting the finishing touches in many aspects of their lives. Often considered to be quite sensitive or eccentric, Balsamic Moon people excel at interpreting hidden meanings which may be inaccessible to others, reproducing spiritual and universal information in order to heal or transform other people.

MBTI-School Supplies

Types as school supplies:

Trusty ruler you’ve somehow managed to hold onto for the past 8 years.

The wonderful oversized eraser that has saved you from some of your worst mistakes. Bonus points if it cute or has something written on it.

The watch you use in classes where the teachers won’t let you check your phones, and everyone is forced to turn to you to tell them their fate for the next 45 minutes.

The stylized planner/journal you carry around in your backpack in order to manage and organize every occurrence and assignment present in your life. Bonus points if it’s a billet Journal…

The personal stapler that saves time when an entire class is scrambling to use the only 1-2 that the teacher provides. A rare™, but practical tool.

The gently used colored pencils that help make even the most boring projects a little more inviting.

Favorite book you are currently reading (probably overdue at the library). It’s probably on poetry, art, romance, or death. Bonus points if it’s all three. Thank you for giving us a place to turn to for safety.

TI-84, colored graphic calculator. High tech, efficiently, and probably consists of a download application for flappy bird, Tetris, or Pokémon.

The brightly colored scissors that are fun to use, but very easy to mess up with because you got a little too scissor-happy… there so fun and common, that you often forget to be careful around their sharp edge.

The bright highlighters that jazz up your notes, and mark up your favorite lines in otherwise boring articles and excerpts. They make a statement, and they’re not easy to hide if they mess up…

Crayola markers, that need to be used skillfully in order to not make your work appear to be done by a 3rd grader, but can look bomb when you nail it. Bright, creative, and playful.

White-out. Always trying to fix other mistakes, but kind of can’t fix their own. Actually really helpful sometimes though. If used wrong though hey can make everything worse…

Those authoritative blue and black pens that draw up outlines and make final revisions to move you on to the finished, polished piece of work. Help keep standards and order, but still easy to get along with.

Sticky notes! Memorable, incredibly helpful, and used not just on campus. These are the notes you use when you want to tell the asshole who parked wrong exactly how you feel. You use them to save yourself when writing essays on books that you borrow from the library or from a class. They remind you of life’s most important necessities, and you’d be kind of lost without them.

Paper clips, the staple substitute for when you need to keep your life together for at least a few more hours. They keep you organized and able to get back to enjoying the fast paced life around you, but don’t let them in on the fact that they may not be fixing everything forever….

Don’t be fooled, these binders get shit done. An entire years worth of class can be neatly organized in these often massive, storing devices. They’re like your textbook, but more personalized. Full of notes, tests, and assignments. They know your mistakes, but they also store some of your greatest achievements.

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malec + "are you drunk?" please! :)

The booming bass was moving through him like a thunderous sky, and Magnus took a moment to bask in the vibrations wandering over his skin. Pandemonium was packed, bodies upon bodies enjoying the electrifying atmosphere. They had come here for a night out, the place familiar enough to allow all worries to sink into oblivion.

He felt the haziness dig into his mind, the drinks they had consumed earlier finally making themselves known. Alec had been in a particularly adventurous mood tonight, asking for a taste each time Magnus ordered another cocktail while refilling his own glass of champagne over and over again. When Alec had suddenly jumped up and tugged Magnus to the dance floor, he knew the limit had been reached.

“Alexander,” Magnus laughed, “are you drunk?”

Alec shot him an offended look. “No. I didn’t drink that much.”

“You’re a bit of a lightweight, babe,” Magnus reminded him, resting his hand on Alec’s neck.

For a moment, Alec looked ready to defend himself before his gaze drifted from Magnus’ eyes. Raising his hands to his boyfriend’s face, he gently used his thumb to wipe away a smudge of makeup on his cheek. “Have I told you how much I love your face?”

“This would be the fourth time tonight, Alexander.” Magnus’ voice was dipped in fondness, and he let his own hand drift from Alec’s neck, down his arms, and to his waist. The beat was still heavy around them, magnified by the pleasant cloud forming over his thoughts. One song turned into another, and Magnus used the transition to tug Alec closer by the hips.

“Well I do,” Alec insisted, lips moving against Magnus’ cheek, “it is a very lovely face.”

Scrunching up his nose, Magnus leaned forward to press a kiss to Alec’s jaw. “Oh, is it? I can see an equally lovely face right now.”

“Impossible.” Alec said, “But just to clarify.. do you love that face?”

Dragging his nose up Alec’s cheek, Magnus couldn’t help the smile that spread on his face, “Of course I do.”

“Good.” Hands smoothing down Magnus’ back, Alec pulled them closer together. And under the neon lights, bodies pushed against each other, heartbeats aligned, and their lips met in a kiss.