gentler shop

Behind the Mask

Uta paced the mask shop. Why had he called Kaneki over? Simply because he wanted to find out more about the half-ghoul and why he caused these feelings in him? This really wasn’t the best course of action. He sighed, and pulled out a mask to work on, taking a deep breath. One could never hurry art, and an unsettled heart would not help him here. Once he was calm, he began stitching the edges.

He wasn’t sure what to make of his feelings for Kaneki. Oh, he knew exactly how the male had become a half-ghoul. All of it had started because one of his underlings had caused the metal beams to fall on Rize. He’d shrugged at the thought, and realized how enjoyable it could be to watch a human suffer so much, knowing they’d have to leave their former existence behind. 

But then he’d actually met the half-ghoul. Something had stirred in him that day, something he couldn’t name. The male had been so innocent, so gentle. It almost pained him to think of causing the black-haired male any pain. He’d enjoyed the small bit of fear he’d gotten from scaring him, but anything bigger than that he couldn’t even fathom doing.

What was this? He was Uta, leader of the Pierrot, enjoyer of tragedies and misfortune, and here he was, falling for some created ghoul. And now he’d called the male over, because he couldn’t get him out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. He had to explore this, had to have him over here to see if this was really just a momentary infatuation or something more. 

The maskmaker set the mask he was working on down, and ran a black-nailed hand through the long part of his hair. It was currently down; he was letting it dry after his recent shower. He’d have to put it back up before Kaneki actually got here. But he’d leave it for the moment. Leaning back in the chair, he closed his eyes and gave himself a moment to simply be calm.


This is the video Arin mentioned in tonight’s grumps…in case any of you were as curious as I was.