I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

M/M romance recs

Here’s a list of my favourites! Organised by genre, with very broad summaries. All of them have HEA, all the m/m romances are the central ones. 

Names in bold have POC protagonists, names in cursive have disabled protagonists (be it physical disability, mental illness or chronic illness). In series with multiple couples, it’s usually one or more.

Feel free to ask me about triggers for any of them!


  • Soldier’s Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian

Disabled regency war vet aristocrat decides to hang around a self-proclaimed ex-criminal helping those who need help. Said ex-criminal tries not to be charmed, ends up catching feelings instead

  • The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian

Confidence artist grows a conscience and angers dangerous people, so he needs to pose as a secretary to a scientifically minded, but eccentric Lord. Really beautiful portrayal of people on autistic spectrum and anxiety.

  • The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian

Posh and straight-laced gentleman has to help a famous scoundrel aristocrat to restore his image after a raunchy novel supposedly based on his exploits gets published. Contains ridiculous amounts of adorable kittens, tasty pastries and also wonderful portrayal of chronic illnesses

  • Sins of the Cities by KJ Charles

Trilogy set in victorian London, during the horrible London Fog of 1873. Three wonderful and diverse couples (one is half-indian with dyspraxia, one is non-binary, one was born with partial arm, one is near-sighted), murder mystery, fake mediums, lost earls, intrigue! It’s so good 

  • Wanted, a Gentleman by KJ Charles

A delightful and frankly hilarious regency romp through British countryside. An unlikely couple of men need to travel to Gretna Green to save a young girl from potentially dangerous marriage. One of the protagonists is a black ex-slave merchant and the book touches upon his experiences (very respectfully!)

  • Society of Gentlemen by KJ Charles

A Society of gentlemen who like other gentlemen, centered around Lord Richard Vane and his friends and acquitances. Set during the radical uprising during the Regency, it has everything- friendships and families, sedition, intrigue, bookstores and good wine, valets being the mightiest strategists and amazing lovable radicals. This trilogy is honestly my favourite thing EVER.

  • Think of England by KJ Charles

Wounded during the Boer war, seemingly because of treason and betrayal, Archie Curtis sets off to a countryside mansion to get to the bottom of the matter. Completely unprepared for the task, he teams up with Daniel da Silva, the elegant jewish poet, who is much more capable than he seems. Absolutely delightful <333


  • Whyborne and Griffin series by Jordan L. Hawk

The adventures of a shy sorcerer linguistic nerd, his detective husband, the most badass lady archeologist (the actual love of my life) and more, as they save the world from otherworldly beings bent on destroying it. Will make you cry about found families, strong and wonderful friendships and broken people finding strength in each other. Has magic, archeology, monsters, reluctant travels, lesbian warrior fishes and the best ginger cat in the world.

  • Hexworld series by Jordan L. Hawk

Turn of the century New York witch detectives and their familiars must fight to uncover a conspiracy plan to change the world. Really amazing worldbuilding, the magic system is very cool and it will make you furious about the treatment of familiars. The familiars are, generally speaking, fucking hilarious.

  • A Charm of Magpies by KJ Charles

Filthy-mouthed dominant earl falls in love with a stubborn and heroic wizard, together they create magic. A lot of people want that magic though, and it gets ugly. First KJ book I’ve ever read and I fell in love instantly. Has two more books set in the same universe with different protagonists and those are also amazing. (Rag and Bone is the one with black protagonist)

  • A Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold

University-era friends need to figure out their confused emotions, while investigating a murder that brings out bad memories. Very good and soft, with even a better sequel

  • Downtime by Tamara Allen

When in London for a case, FBI agent gets sent back in time to Victorian London. While there, he finds out magic is real. Decides that since he’s there anyway, might as well investigate who Jack the Ripper was. Very sweet and soft

  • Restless Spirits by Jordan L. Hawk

A medium and a scientist bent on proving said medium to be a fraud get chosen to be in a contest to prove which side is better. They end up having to team up to save lives of people around.

  • The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles

Journalist and writer Robert Caldwell has been a close friend and lover of ghost hunter Simon Feximal for years and has been chronicling their adventures. Now, he finally writes the true story of their life together. Warning: this book will absolutely ruin you for years to come. You will be a mess whenever you think of the book and you will enjoy every second of it.

  • Green Men by KJ Charles

Set in the world of The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. Only few years after WW1, Britain is still recovering from the war. Having lost an entire generation of youth and most of the sorcerers the country had, those left are completely unprepared for what’s to come. Wonderful characters, the softest romance I’ve read possibly ever and beautifully melancholic. Best KJ book, in my opinion.


  • Shadow of the Templar by M. Chandler

FBI agent and his team are tasked with catching a famous international art thief, they end up kinda sorta accidentally adopting him instead. One of the funniest series I’ve ever read, honestly.

  • Cut&Run by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

The incredible adventures on an unlikely pair of FBI agents go from enemies to lovers. Includes serial killers, undercover luxury yacht trips, tiger trafficking, drugs, marine buddies and one of the genuinely best character developments I’ve read. Warning, the first book is a bit shit. The rest is absolutely incredible though.

  • The General and the Horse-lord by Sarah Black

Retired ex-military lovers need to figure out what to do with their relationship, now that they’re civillians. A soft look at older gay people still figuring out their sexuality.

  • The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic

Neil Josten is on the run from his mafia murderous father and gets signed up for a professional college sports team, while people are still after him. It’s a really powerful emotional journey, but contains a large amount of a very triggering content, so be safe please.


  • THIRDS series by Charlie Cochet

FBI like team consisting of shifters and their partners must investigate conspiracy and threats against the new shifter population. Ridiculously hilarious at times, absolutely heartbreaking at other.

  • Deep Magic by Gillian St. Kevern

A story steeped in welsh folklore, with beautiful mermaid princes and knights who will save them. Shows the power stories have to change our lives. Plus it’s free so what are you waiting for?

  • Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price

A medium detective and his partner investigate a series of supernatural crimes. People are horrible, corporations are horrible, ghosts are horrible and lbr, everything is kinda horrible, but it gets better.

  • Wriggle and Sparkle by Megan Derr

The adventures of Lynn the Kraken shifter and Anderson the unicorn shifters, their detective careers, and their life together. Honestly adorable. And when I say adorable, I mean sparkles-on-rainbow-filled-cupcake kind of adorable. Also, Lynn’s gender-presentation is fluid and it’s absolutely wonderful.


  • Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Prince gets betrayed and sent as a slave to his sworn enemy, they end up working together to save their countries and fall in love. The best enemies to lovers example. Has amazing and complex politics, unreliable narrator and great worldbuilding. You’ve probably already heard of this book, but if you’re worried about triggers, please ask someone who actually read it, because there’s a lot of misinformation flying around.

  • Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling

The fantasy series of your dreams. There is ancient evil being revived, war is coming, everyone is bisexual and the kingdom is ruled by an ancient line of warrior queens. Everyone is wonderful and charming, characters are complex and the story will make you laugh and cry.

  • The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek

Western-style world, where gods are reborn as humans, and one of them tried to control the whole world. It doesn’t go exactly as he planned.

  • Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale

Teenage genius inventor gets accepted to a prestigious boarding school in enemy territory. His room-mate might be demon-possesed and there’s some evil magic lurking around.

  • Champion of the Scarlet Wolf by Ginn Hale

Somewhat sequel to Lord of the White Hell. Disgraced noble travels to a faraway country, where he saves an injured dog. Turns out the dog isn’t just a dog, magic is everywhere around them and there’s a witch war coming.

  • Fairytales Slashed vol. 1 by Megan Derr

A collection of gay fairy tales. All kinds of stories with all kinds of characters (my favourite one is the one with the jester <333)

  • Dance with the Devil by Megan Derr

Adventures of half-ghost detective, his demon husband, imp partner, witch colleague and a vampire. Really cute and intriguing, with mysteries and conspiracies.

  • Dance in the Dark by Megan Derr

Set in the same universe as Dance with the Devil (there’s an entire series). Human son of a dracula becomes a detective, moves out to the city to help others, and gains a lover who only visits him in the dark.

  • The Rapier Brothers by Megan Derr

A collection of short stories centered around swordsmen. Three different couples, three really cute stories. Love it.


Silas humour (ft. Cyprian)

“The Society of Gentlemen And Also Some Non-Gentlemen Too” is a bit of a mouthful so I guess if you’re a valet or seditionist bookkeeper and your boyfriend happens to be a gentlemen, you count as well.

A followup to my Society of Gentlemen art (x)

BOOKS READ IN 2017: a fashionable indulgence by k.j. charles

“When my namesake, the great Caesar, rode in triumph,” Julius said, “he was accompanied by a slave whose role was to whisper to him, You are but mortal. To remind him he was merely a man who would one day die like any other. If I could, I should have you at my side to remind me that I am alive, because I have not felt alive in so damned long, and with you, I do. No, I don’t want you to marry, any more than I want you to return to your dirty democrats. I want to show you the world, and see you smile, and keep you with me while my soul grows back. Don’t gape like that.”

Harry shut his mouth with an audible click.

“I can’t have that,” Julius said, more moderately. “So I don’t ask. But my God, Harry, if I could I would, and since I cannot, I will see you happy. And that is all we shall say on this.”

This is how Seditious Affair went, yes?
  • Dominic Frey: We must protect Silas Mason at all costs.
  • Richard Vane: Are you fucking serious.
  • Harry Vane: HOW CAN I HELP.
  • Julius Norreys: This is making Richard burst a blood vessel. I am all for it.
  • Gabriel Ashleigh: Huh. What are we doing. I got distracted by something pretty.
  • Francis Webster: What. What's happening. I just won a pile of money and was rolling around in it.
  • Cyprian: I was on it six months ago. YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME.
Richard Vane and his fox portraits

“I write to let you know that your portrait arrived safely. It is a magnificent likeness and Philip is most pleased to have it. He is curious to know the significance of the composition, and indeed nobody here can guess at why you have had yourself painted with a fox on your lap. If you would care to enlighten us, we are agog to know, but in case it should be a private reference, you may rest assured that we shall not raise the subject first.”

- A Private Miscellany

“It was a large portrait, in oils, of an elderly man bearing some resemblance to his host: a big, deep-chested bulky fellow. It would have been much like every other painting of unknown rich people Justin had ever seen, except that in place of the usual spaniel or hunting hound, he had a fox at his feet, its russet coat also frosted white by age. 

Man and fox looked out of the portrait with disturbingly similar expressions of calm determination.“

-An Unnatural Vice cut scene

After the first one done soon after they got together, Richard had another portrait made, in their later years ;____________;

RACEBENT Fancast for the Society of Gentlemen series by K.J. Charles

Julius Norreys - Ruslaan Mumtaz
Harry Vane - John Boyega
Silas Mason - Jason Momoa
Dominic Frey - Jang Hyuk
David Cyprian - Haruma Miura
Richard Vane - Idris Elba

I had actually considered doing this much later, but… meh.  The news has been rough & thinking about K.J. Charles novels is the most delightful distraction.  If I had to cast, say… a broadway play in the style of Hamilton about romance & sedition, this would be my cast.


A Society of Gentlemen is a bookseries with amazing plot and romance and well written characters, and that extends to the side characters whom I love very much. I kind of wish there was a book focused just on Quex and Shakespeare, and Mrs Fleming in general deserves all the ‘screentime’ in the world

MM Book Rec - Society Of Gentlemen


So, after reading all of the Charm Of Magpie Series I basically fell in love with @kjcharleswriter (It’s alright, she knows.)  So naturally my next step was to devourer her other series Society Of Gentlemen, of which there are four books:

The Ruin Of Gabriel Ashleigh (Ash and Francis) (Short Story)

A Fashionable Indulgence (Harry and Julius)

A Seditious Affair (Dom and Silus)

A Gentleman’s Position (Richard and Cyprian)

This London based series centres around Richard and his like-minded friends in the early-ish 1800s, as they find love and face a number of social and political struggles along the way.  It is one continuous story, and each book focuses on each couple getting together.

They are exquisitely written, with fantastic attention paid to historical accuracy, especially in A Seditious Affair where several real-life events are incorporated into the narrative.  The characters are all so well developed and completely loveable (even Silas “FIGHT ME” Mason lol) that you don’t want to leave them behind when the books are done.  As with all KJ’s books, there is also a good representation of POC and even Trans characters as well, which I always appreciate. 

The plots are all very varied and keep you on your toes (and your heart in your mouth too!)  There are themes of PTSD, BDSM, as well as the ever present threat of the hangman’s noose if any of them get caught, but a lot of fluffy feels to keep you smiling as well.  Oh, and they all have that ever important HEA :)

These books are masterful and I promise you’ll love them, so get reading!!

(NB: The aesthetic is by me, though I own none of the images. Featuring Douglas Booth as Ash, Jonny Lee Miller as Francis, Dominic Cooper as Harry, Charlie Hunnum as Julius, Michael Fassbender as Dom, Rupert Graves as Silas, Rupert Penry-Jones as Richard and Simon Woods as Cyprian.

If you want to follow my mm recs, I’m using the hashtag “#helen juliet recommends” - I’ve got a whole bunch more AMAZING books to rec, and I’d love you to check them out!  I will also be saving them on my main page under “MM Book Recommendations”.)

anonymous asked:

I love Tamora Pierce! Do you like her Emelan books as well? I got into them later than I did Tortall, but they're just as good. Also, have you read anything else by K.J. Charles? The Society of Gentlemen series is probably my favorite. Love the list, you've given me some titles to look into!

Yes, I definitely like her Emelan books as well! I wish we were getting more of them after Will of the Empress, prequels and in-between-the-action books rarely work for me (I wish I were more excited for the Numair books, but I want to see the future of Tortall beyond Kel too), but I’ve always been fond, if not as fond as Tortall! I love Sandry and she’s at least part of the reason I do so many threadcrafts now.

“Wanted, a Gentleman” was my first KJ Charles and thus far my only! I might check out some others in the future, though. :)

anonymous asked:

alternatively to being the m/m change u wanna see in the world: u should totally rec us some m/m books to read ;)

well first I’m gonna direct you towards a post on this precise subject by @lotstradamus, grand duchess of book recs. of the ones she listed, I’ve read carry on, maurice, a hero at the end of the world, and call me by your name. all worth reading! and her taste is pretty great so I’m sure the others are too.

if you want some thoroughly charming and well-written m/m historical/fantasy erotic romance, please check out everything k.j. charles has ever written; my personal faves are think of england (currently a standalone) and a gentleman’s position from her ‘society of gentlemen’ series (both of which are cunning schemer/noble doofus pairings, HOW SHOCKING), but I plan to read her other books as well. I am saving them up for rainy days.

I will also mention the charioteer by mary renault; I couldn’t get properly into it because I didn’t LIKE any of the characters enough, but it’s a decent wwii-era m/m story.

the next big one by derek des anges is a medical thriller with a bisexual lead and a male love interest; I was effusive about it on goodreads here and the author is a friend of mine so I will shamelessly say BUY HIS BOOK, IT’S GREAT.

six of crows and crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo are an enjoyable ya fantasy series which feature an m/m pairing within the main cast.

aaaaand that’s what I’ve got for you at the moment. 

Society of Gentlemen by K. J. Charles

hello yes it’s me with another book rec for y’all. so this is a series of 3 books + two shorts (link to goodreads) and it’s HISTORICAL M/M (18+ as usual on this blog my dears)

  • like listen the historical part is so well done bc the plot is deeply steeped in actual historical events and issuses (especially politics, FASHION, class, women’s rights, references to literature e.g. William Blake or Frankenstein - like this one character is like “a woman wrote this book???? what on earth?????” and the other (Silas aka the love of my life) is like //rolls eyes shut up why does it matter, it’s a masterpiece aye?)
  • + the langugage is just. so well done (accurate swear words are very important to me), those books are so well written, the plot gripping, the romance always so amazing (like, come on, it’s K.J. Charles after all) (when i was reading book 3 i wanted to highlight EVERYTHING i’m a sucker for K.J.’s writing)  
  • and it’s diverse. the characters are gay, bisexual, demisexual, trans, POC, there are hints of polyamory, D/s relations 
  • (alright but Will and Shakespeare deserve their own book) 
  • the women are all ♥♥♥  amazing, and honestly it’s so comofortable to read, an m/m book where women are valid and important and treated with respect (Zoe!! and Verona, and David’s mother aka my actual mom)
  • the Ricardians are my loves, all of them tbh, AND SILAS. i hope you’ll all love Silas, my gentle soft radical
  • and David Cyprian
  • ASH (GABRIEL BC HE’S HEAVENLY) my actual fave
  • and honestly all of them
  • i should probably mention it’s very hot (book 2…… my guys……… fire emojis x1000), A+++ sex scenes, very amazing, “I might have an apoplexy” 
  • and it’s just a delightful read. beautifully crafted, interesting, tender and romantic 
  • i’m in love 
  • (i know the covers are a bit ugly but please ignore and trust me)
  • thanks
  • maybe also check out this post which is hilarious but a bit spoilery (like it tells you who is the couple in book 2, but it’s such a delight to be getting hints and actually discover it for yourself while reading book 1) (well if you read the blurbs you’ll also know but shh)